Like the New Moon I Will Live My Life

Like the New Moon I Will Live My Life


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Like the New Moon I Will Live My Life by Robert Bly

"The most recent in a line of great American transcendentalist writers."—The New York Times

"Bly's poems flow from . . . the great current of longing for reality, true maturity, the devotee's call to the Beloved."—The Nation

"Robert Bly changed the course of poetry in America by opening it up to the imagination and the deep-image aesthetic, he is dedicated to reintegrating poetry with life—daily life, the life of the body, spiritual and political life."—Huffington Post

The Chinese-influenced strain of Bly's work with its room for movement, spontaneity, and openness is celebrated in Like the New Moon I Will Live My Life and most amply showcased in its over one hundred and fifty poems. The poems, collected from out-of-print books, chapbooks, and uncollected work spanning fifty years, form a companion to his recent Stealing Sugar From The Castle: New and Selected Poems.

Like The New Moon I Will Live My Life

When your privacy is beginning over,
How beautiful the things are that you did not notice before!
A few sweetclover plants
Along the road to Bellingham,
Culvert ends poking out of driveways,
Wooden corncribs, slowly falling,
What no one loves, no one rushes towards or shouts about,
What lives like the new moon,
And the wind
Blowing against the rumps of grazing cows.

Telephone wires stretched across water,
A drowning sailor standing at the foot of his mother's bed,
Grandfathers and grandsons sitting together.

Robert Bly is one of the most influencial poets, translators, and editors of his generation.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935210641
Publisher: White Pine Press
Publication date: 03/24/2015
Series: White Pine Press Distinguished Poets Series , #2
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 782,676
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Thomas R Smith: Thomas R. Smith  is author of six books of poems, Keeping the Star, Horse of Earth, The Dark Indigo Current, Winter Hours , Waking Before Dawn, and The Foot of the Rainbow. 
He is a Loft Foreword Program poetry instructor at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.

Table of Contents

Robert Bly's Less Traveled Road Thomas R. Smith 13

from The Lion's Tail and Eyes (1962)

Silence 27

Reading the Translations of William Hung 28

The Grass-Headed Lion 29

Traveller Leaves Appomatox 30

Sparks of the Body 32

Evolution of Fish 33

from Jumping Out of Bed (1973/1987)

Turtle Climbing From a Rock 37

Like the New Moon I Will Live My Lfe 38

Some November Privacy Poems 39

On a Moonlit Road in the North Woods 40

The Walnut Tree Orchard 41

The Hill of Hua-Tzu 42

Chrysanthemums 43

After Long Busyness 44

Six Images for Death 45

A Night in December 46

Sleeping Faces 47

The Creek by the Luan House 48

The Magnolia Grove 49

Another Doing Nothing Poem 50

Walking in Ditch Grass 51

Tongues Whirling 52

A Doing Nothing Poem 53

The Poem 54

Looking at Cloud Banks Below the Plane Window 55

Two Drinking Songs 56

from Old Man Rubbing His Eyes (1975)

October Frost 59

Writing Again 60

Fall Poem/61 Sitting in Fall Grass 62

Night Farmyard 63

Dawn at Threshing Time 64

Reading in Fall Rain 65

Insect Heads 66

To Live 66

Cornpicker Poem 67

Prophets 68

A Cricket in the Wainscoting 69

Digging Worms 70

Walking and Sitting 71

A Long Walk Before the Snow Began 72

A Dream on the Night of First Snow 73

A Walk 74

from The Loon (1977)

The Loon 77

Wind 77

Alone 77

The Car 78

August Sun 78

Near Dark 79

Near Morris 79

Kabekoua Lake 80

Winter Grass 80

Fall 81

Grass 81

Storm Windows 82

Ducks 82

from This Tree Will be Here for a Thousand Years (1979)

Women We Never See Again 85

November Fog 86

Ant Heaps by the Path 87

Amazed by an Accumulation of Snow 88

Pulling a Rowboat Up Among Lake Reeds 89

Moving Books to a New Study 90

Driving My Parents Home ac Christmas 91

After a Day of Work 92

Walking Where the Plows Have Been Turning 93

July Morning 94

An Empty Place 95

Prayer Service in an English Church 96

Fishing on a Lake at Night 97

Night of First Snow 98

Solitude of the Two Day Snowstorm 99

Frost Still in the Ground 100

Late Moon 101

A Dream of Retarded Children 102

Black Pony Eating Grass 103

The Fallen Tree 104

Nailing a Dock Together 105

Out Picking Up Corn 106

For My Brother, A Year After His Death 107

from Out of the Rolling Ocean & In the Month of May (1984)

Ferns 111

Secrets 111

The Black Hen 112

Returning Poem 113

The Minnow Turning 114

Leaves on the Highway 115

Two People At Dawn 116

from The Moon on a Fencepost (1988)

The Moon 119

Arriving in the North Woods 120

Moon Behind a Cottonwood Tree 121

Driving at Night 122

Outhouses Near Apple ton 123

Error While Driving 124

Spring 125

Windy Night in Summer 126

from The Apple Found in the Plowing (1989) & A Private Fall (1995)

A Private Fall 129

The Call Away 103

Sadness 131

Satisfaction 131

Living a Week Alone 133

Waking Up 133

A Windy Pasture by Moonlight 134

from Angels of Pompeii (1991)

The One Coming Closer 137

The Blue Cube 138

Orion the Hunter 139

from Gratitude to Old Teachers (1993)

A Dream of Williams Carlos Williams 143

Poem for James Wright 144

Wallace Stevens' Letters 145

The Chinese Peaks 146

The Gaiety of Form 147

Early Snow 148

An Open Rose 149

Words with Wallace Stevens 150

On the Oregon Coast 151

The Exhausted Bug 152

from Holes the Crickets Have Eaten in Blankets (1997)

On Assateague Island 155

After Your Death 156

My Dream 157

December 158

The Bear and the Man 159

Lake Sebago, Maine 160

Holes in Our Speech 161

Visiting a Cliff in Smiland 162

The Abandoned Hermit's Cabin 163

Attempting to Answer David Ignatow's Question 164

Frost and His Enemies 165

from The Urge to Travel Long Distances (2005)

Singing Late at Night at Chuck and Phil's Farm 170

Spring Night 171

Saturday Nights in Marietta 172

Summer 173

Gnats 174

The Hills near Darky, Wisconsin 175

A Cold Ram in May 176

Fishing Bullheads with Louis Simpson 177

The Visit of Two Birds 178

Looking at Some Ruts a Mile From Home 179

What Olaf Bull Said 180

October Maples 181

Floating on the Night Lake 181

Talk and Low Clouds 182

November 183

Farm Scenes 184

A Gift 185

Fall Night 185

Feeding the Horses 186

from Turkish Pears in August and other Ramages (2007)

Night in the Garden 190

Women and Men 191

Krishnamurti and His Students 192

The Old Stone on the Mountain 193

"No Begining or End" 194

"Whitman, how many hours I have loved your vowels" 195

Uncollected Poems

Walking on the Shore in Late August 199

The Bear's Tail 200

On the Rocks at Maui 201

Fall Solitude 202

A Moth with Black Eyes 203

Alone in a Blizzard 204

Wild Hay 205

Mornings of Winter 205

Poem in One Line 206

The Land on the Tip of a Hair 206

Poem in One Sentence 207

Waiting for a Ferry in Northern Europe 207

Looking Up at the Waterfall in Lofthus, Hardanger 208

Picking Mushrooms in Late Summer in the Western Half of the Island of Runmaro with Tomas Transtromer 209

Doing Nothing Poem 210

Lying in a Boat, Troubled 210

On Top of a Colorado Mountain 211

Letting My Eyes Fall to the River 212

In a Boat on Big Stone Lake 213

About the Author 215

About the Contributor and Editor 217

Acknowledgments 218

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