New Ages and Other Wonders

New Ages and Other Wonders

by Marcella Martyn


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Our ascension from the old earth to the new earth is a process unique in the universe. Through faith and knowledge, this transition need not be fearful. Spirit generously and lovingly teaches, guides, and comforts in each moment of every life. These discussions of the workings of the earth and the heavens foster understanding, and understanding fosters peace.

The old earth has served her purpose well; so too shall the new earth serve. The new earth shall be a place of unity, grace, and love. As heaven begins its return to earth, these words of instruction and inspiration offer comfort and serve as reminders of spirit's love.

As these beautiful words from spirit contained in New Ages and Other Wonders pass through the channel to you, may those words that resonate in your heart and your life find their way home. These words came from spirit, but they belong to you.

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ISBN-13: 9781452566030
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/27/2012
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

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New Ages and Other Wonders

By Marcella Martyn

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Marcella Martyn
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6601-6

Chapter One


I am here. It is good to speak with you again so soon. I am pleased that you are ready to begin again. There is much still to discuss.

Let us talk more of the changes being made manifest upon the earth plane. Please remember that the influence of that third dimensional plane extends outside of the solar system of which the sun, planets, and moons are a part. It was necessary at the creation of the earthen physical plane to extend the physicality beyond the solar system because all that could be seen and known from the earth was integral to the workings of the physical energy grids. The earth system was designed both to house and to hide the illusions created.

Each part of the system plays its part in the maintenance of the manifestation of energy as matter. It is a very intricate energy system employing the energies contained in each of the planetary and star bodies, just as each human, animal, or plant body is maintained through the interaction of all of its cells and organs. So it is with the physical plane. Each movement, each ray of energy or light, each position affects the operation of the whole. While it is a complex organization, it is not a static organization. It too carries life or it could not exist. Like all living physical systems, it also is in a constant state of growth and change, with each part interconnected and cooperative toward the same goal.

As change occurs in any part of the unified system, adjustments are then made within all of the other components. This is how those with the knowledge of the workings of the earth and the heavens could read the changes taking place, by watching for the visible changes in the individual patterns, locations, and movements of the celestial bodies in times past.

These memories of the true nature of the suns, planets, and moons shall be returned to mankind with the return of the light. And so shall the knowledge of the living nature of all be remembered. As a result, the honor and respect due to the earth system shall once again be restored. The life essences of the material in all of its many forms shall be also remembered as the unity of all life is again restored. Let us speak further of this next time. I am your friend and servant.

Rashka, September 30, 2011

I am here. I am your friend Rashka. It is wonderful to be speaking with you again. Let us begin.

We spoke last of the upcoming changes to that physical plane. Among the changes soon to be in evidence in that plane will be the overlaying of a unity grid. So much that was necessary for the return of heaven to earth has already been established that it is now the next logical step in that place. The knowledge of the unity of all beings will be essential to the implementation and utilization of the energy changes already placed within the mechanics of the new earth.

As we have discussed at an earlier time, the very nature of the physics of the material plane will be changed from the old system of cause and effect to a new, purer system of cooperation that is much more in alignment with the workings of universal law. It follows, therefore, that the cooperative, connected nature of all things both material and energetic is a key element in the proper workings of the new earth.

As you are aware, under the physical laws of the old earth change in the forms of energy and matter had been affected, for the most part, by the exertion of energy upon a material substance toward a designed goal of converting the status of the material or releasing energy from the material. This system was, at best, artificial and at its worst was contrary to the natural universal law of energy and matter. Outside of the physical planes all such alteration of the manifest form of energy is accomplished by consensus or cooperation.

It shall soon again be so in that plane. I am sure that you can understand that this system requiring cooperation and consent is fully reliant upon the concept of recognition of the consciousness of all energy and matter. It is the remembrance of consciousness of being that shall first be exposed by the unity grid. It shall then be easier to return the knowledge of the interconnected nature of all of life. It then follows that the cooperative ventures between the energetic and material kingdoms can again be implemented. Through the use of this old system, that we are referring to as new, all that is needed or desired will be made manifest without the use of force once again. It is inherent within this system that no thing that does not serve the best interests of all can be made manifest within the physical plane. The consent required to create any thing that serves less than the whole will not be achieved.

Please consider that the ideal state of being under universal law includes happiness, abundance, and fulfillment of purpose, and, therefore, the achievement of these goals for a part of the whole of mankind or any other physical element or kingdom is in the best interest of the whole. The destruction or exclusion of any part of the whole is not in alignment with universal law and consent for a goal of these types will not be given. That is as it should be.

In the ancient times this was understood and, therefore, permission was always asked of any material being from which a change in form or location was desired. Permission asked and granted was always preferable to forgiveness asked and granted. This change in the operation of all matter and energy within the physical is substantial. I am sure you can understand why the remembrance of this concept is critical to the proper functioning of the new energies that are already in place but as yet unseen and not yet empowered.

Let us speak again soon. Until then, my friend, stay in the light and remember who you are.

Rashka, October 9, 2011

I am here. I am your friend Rashka. I am glad to be speaking with you again. We have much to discuss. May we begin?

Upon the new earth there shall be much of what exists in the higher dimensions that has not been present in that place for very long periods of time. Although it shall, at first glance, seem very unfamiliar, when it is examined by the heart and soul there shall be remembrances brought forth of other planes and experiences that shall very quickly alleviate any anxiety surrounding these new conditions. I know that you have asked about the return of heaven to earth and wondered "what then"? I wish to answer your concerns, as they are based in a human context and even though all souls of the earth shall be ascended and enlightened, they shall still be ascended and enlightened humans.

Although such a type of human has not existed before, they shall still be gifted with the circumstances of heaven and the universal laws while retaining much that is human. They will then experience periods of adjustment to their changed circumstances that shall, of course, vary between individuals, even though they shall also be unified and reconnected to the truth of their beings. In and upon the new earth, all shall be possible and the miraculous shall become the rule, rather than the exception.

Humans worry so about making mistakes. It is entertaining, but pointless. When the energies of heaven return to the earth, all shall see all others in their truth and beauty. All shall see All That Is in its truth and beauty. Under these circumstances of unity and awareness, it shall not be possible to create a mistake or perform a misdeed. When operating from within a mindful or ego based thought process, it is possible to adversely affect another being, although these acts and thoughts have always been only transitory in nature, but when operating from a heart based system the same shall not be possible or even desired. Any interaction between beings shall be cooperative and fully aware. Can you understand how it would not be possible to manipulate or abuse any being while fully aware of their true essence and the interconnected nature of all to each other?

Mistakes and misdeeds are of the old earth and, as such, only occurred out of blindness. All that exists, or will exist, within the energies of the new earth shall be of love. By its very nature, nothing that would do harm can exist in love. However, in an existence based in and created from love, anything that can be imagined can be created, through cooperation of all of the interconnected elements of the dream. Humans and the other elements of earth and the heavens shall find and share great joy in creation, uncreation, and recreation, as it pleases them. It shall seem to be new territory, but only for a very short period of time, after which it will seem as though this state of being and creating is all that ever was upon the earth.

And so, my friend, the answer to your original question of "what then" is ... anything that your hearts desire. That is the way of the universe and so it shall also be the way of the earth.

Rashka, February 18, 2012

I am here. I am glad to be in your presence once again. I am called by the name of Isahal and I am a teacher of the ways of the universe. I come this day to teach and also to learn. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak with you again. You have much on your mind and I am happy to be of assistance to you.

There is much change afoot on that physical plane at this time. I know that you feel the energy changes, as do all upon the planet, at this time. I ask that you be as gentle toward yourself as you are with others. This time, and the times that follow so closely, will be trying, as the necessary adjustments are being made within the physical to accommodate the increasing light energies of the spiritual. Thoughts of peace and acceptance of these changes as a natural course shall bring some ease to the physical and emotional turmoil.

An old age passes away now, as a new age dawns. Remember at all times, if you can, a correlation to the process of birth. Remember the physical changes that led to the entrance into life of a new human upon the earth. Remember how quickly the pain and turmoil passes into joy larger than could have been imagined with the birth of a new child. So goes now the process upon, within, and among the planet and all who call her home. All is as it should be and the reward is mightier than can be seen from within the process.

Please remember that all who cross into this new age chose their participation in this momentous event. There is great honor and greater courage involved in this choice, for when the choice to participate was made the outcome of this adventure was not yet fully formed and complete in its design. Many chose to attempt this ascension merely out of faith and hope, and with no certainty of success. Now it has come to pass that the hopes and dreams brought to that plane have surpassed expectations.

This time upon the earth is like no other in her glorious past, and the energies and souls of the universe are very elated to also be able to participate in this ascension process. Just as many souls chose to incarnate during these times of change, so also did many of the ascended souls and guardians also choose to stand by the planet and her children at this time. They serve and await service with the same faith and hope that inspired the dream from its inception. And so it is that for many years of your time there have been present within your universe a multitude of observers, guides, and masters supporting the progression of humankind toward this very time.

As you know, as the energies of the new earth establish themselves within that realm, many who have served in silence and disguised their presence shall be released and can show themselves in their truth and service. This time approaches rapidly and is cause for celebration among those who wait and those who serve. They have patiently waited for the time when they can be joined once again with the earth and the children of light within and upon the earth. I stand among these souls and also yearn for the reconnections that the lifting of the veil will allow. We are aware that when the servants of the earth are once again revealed in their light bodies, many who have slumbered or forgotten themselves shall remember what they truly are. We are filled with joy at this prospect.

Outside of the constraints of time, we know that this time of awakening and communion is now fixed within the plan and the process. I understand that within the constraints of time it will feel as though promises of ascension are not being kept, but that is untrue. We are but a breath and a step away. Your hope and faith have created a miracle. Hold tight to them for but a while longer.

Isahal, March 14, 2012

I am here. I am your teacher Josiah. It has been too long since we have spoken. I am pleased to be with you once again. If I may, I would like to begin the discussion of our next topic.

Let us speak of heaven. Each man's soul holds a remembrance of heaven, which I would prefer to call home for the purposes of our discussion, if you have no objection. Thank you. While incarnate in a physical dimension, or for that matter in another dimension operating in a limited state, very little memory of home is accessible. I am certain that you understand the purpose of this. At any time all souls are welcome at home. Those who choose to send a part of themselves into a limited dimension often choose these planes of existence to experience situations and relationships that are without the unity and love which is omnipresent at home. A series of lessons or experiences are designed within these incarnate lifetimes that express a set or series of desired learning experiences for, with, and in opposition to parts of other souls, who also choose these experiences. It is not at all necessary that these incarnate lives contain, express, or resolve difficulties or conflicts. It is most often the case that these are the exact circumstances chosen, particularly within the physical dimensions, because these types of experiences contain the highest potential for rapid soul growth.

It is precisely because of these types of conflicts and difficulties that memories of home are left behind when souls make these life plans and choices. A memory of home and the remembrance of the joy of returning home would provide a disincentive to follow the course of learning.

In what may seem to be direct opposition to my previous statement, it is, however, often the case that when a life plan is chosen that contains a very high level of difficulty, an incarnating soul can retain memories of home. These memories are generally enclosed inside of extrasensory gifts or are implanted into the life course as experiences that awaken these memories, as a tool to prevent damage to the soul that would necessitate substantial healing because of the wounds acquired in an overly ambitious life course.

Limited access to memories of home is the general rule. Fuller access is the exception to the rule. This has been the way of the old earth. It will remain, in a diminished form, in the new earth. During the transition between the two, much awakening of these memories of home will transpire for a great number of incarnate souls, as the increased level of awakening aids the process of transformation of the physical planes.

Although the new state of the physical planes will allow them to function with more aspects of home in their design, they will not be identical to home. There would be no reason for their existence if they were too similar to home. Do you understand my point?

When it is stated that the new time of the earth returns heaven to earth, it does not mean that heaven overlays earth fully. Earth and the counterparts of a physical nature will continue to exist in form, as its form fits its function and purpose. The change arriving, even as we speak, is monumental and unprecedented. The change will heighten access to heaven from earth and will heighten access to the earth from heaven.

Much, but not all, that was hidden will be revealed. In doing so, heaven allows the functionality of the physical planes to align with the ways of home. Please take notice of my words. I said that access to the ways of home will be allowed. I did not say that they would be demanded.

The purpose and function of the physical planes is to provide a platform for experiencing and evolving of souls. In the new earth, this will allow for the lessons and evolution of souls that are awake to the ways of home to create new and exciting types of life plans and experiences in closer alignment with the universal laws of unity and love. It will be the choice of each soul whether they desire to experience these planes awakened.

Much that exists within these physical planes has remained hidden during the life of the old earth. In the life of the new earth, much that has been hidden will be revealed. Much more that has been hidden will be accessible. These changes will allow for a fuller, more connected experience within these planes. The choice remains, still, with the incarnating souls to access or ignore the increased presence of home. This is as it should be.

Josiah the Teacher, October 12, 2012

I am here. I am your friend and guide. I am happy to be with you and I would also like to share my information about home.

At home all souls exist within the love and the light of All That Is. All that can be imagined or dreamed is possible; therefore, home can be experienced in many ways. There is no single correct vision of heaven, as it is all things to all beings.


Excerpted from New Ages and Other Wonders by Marcella Martyn Copyright © 2012 by Marcella Martyn. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1. Ascension/Home....................1
CHAPTER 2. Pre-Birth Planning....................19
CHAPTER 3. Signs of Change....................41
CHAPTER 4. Soul Groups and Families....................63
CHAPTER 5. We Are Not Alone....................81
CHAPTER 6. Wisdom of the Ancients....................97
CHAPTER 7. Wisdom of a General Nature....................117
CHAPTER 8. Words of Love....................145
CHAPTER 9. An Introduction to the Sources of Information and Teachings And an Explanation of the Process of Channeling....................159

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