One Law: Henry Drummond on Nature's Law, Spirit, and Love

One Law: Henry Drummond on Nature's Law, Spirit, and Love

by Ruth L. Miller, Henry Drummond


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This latest addition to the Library of Hidden Knowledge series provides a modern understanding of Henry Drummond’s powerful philosophical writings about the harmony between science and spirituality.

Is there not reason to believe that many of the Laws of the Spiritual World, hitherto regarded as occupying an entirely separate province, are simply the Laws of the Natural World? —Henry Drummond

Using spiritual experience to explain scientific principles, New Thought pioneer Henry Drummond’s provocative essays demonstrate the direct connection between spiritual law and natural law to introduce a worldview unbound by conventional thought. Today his groundbreaking observations are as relevant as ever, and in One Law, Dr. Ruth Miller incorporates the modern laws of physics, biology, cybernetics, and ecology with Drummond’s original essays to decode the spiritual realm.

Bridge the gap between science and spirituality and forever change the way you see the world by rediscovering Drummond’s provocative theory that natural law and spiritual law are one and the same.

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ISBN-13: 9781582704210
Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words
Publication date: 06/11/2013
Series: Library of Hidden Knowledge
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Ruth L. Miller served as associate professor at San Jose State University and as Director of Curriculum and Evaluation for Rogue Community College. She was ordained in the New Thought tradition and became the pastor of the Lifeways Center in Portland, Oregon. She is currently a traveling preacher, serving New Thought and Unitarian-Universalist churches in Oregon, Washington, and California.

Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor vii

Introduction xi

Interpretations: Modernized for the Twenty-First-Century Reader

Foreword-Discovering the Naturalness of the Supernatural 3

I The Role of Law in Science (Introduction: Part I) 10

II Many Fields, One Law (Introduction, Part II) 18

III Biogenesis 30

IV Environment 51

V Conformity to Type 76

VI Growth 96

VII Love: The Greatest Thing in the World 111

Notes 135

Original Text: Abridged

Natural Law in the Spiritual World (Published in 1883) 143

Preface 145

I Introduction-Part I: A New Science 151

II Introduction-Part II: One Law 157

III Biogenesis 166

IV Environment 185

V Conformity to Type 203

VI Growth 220

The Greatest Tiling in the World (Published in 1889) 231

Notes (Abridged) 247

Reader's Group Guide 251

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