Original Sin (Personal Demons Series #2)

Original Sin (Personal Demons Series #2)

by Lisa Desrochers

Paperback(First Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780765328090
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 07/05/2011
Series: Personal Demons Series , #2
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.36(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.09(d)
Lexile: HL680L (what's this?)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lisa Desrochers is the author of the young adult fantasy novel Personal Demons. She lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters. She can always be found with a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places and then take her by surprise. Growing up all over the United States inspired wanderlust and Desrochers loves to travel, which works out well since she lectures internationally on a variety of health care topics. Lisa Desrochers has a doctorate in physical therapy and maintains a full time practice.

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Original Sin 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
psteinke1122 on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Holy Fricken Plot Twists Batman! I¿m still reeling from this one!All seems to be going well with Luc and Frannie. Gabe has left and Matt is watching her. Luc is doing well as a human¿that is until the demons start looking for him to drag his butt back to Hell to stand trial. But he¿s human and tagged for Heaven so they are out of luck, right?Meanwhile Luc has a new neighbor, Lili¿a young girl who is struggling to make ends meet, that will be starting at State in the fall. Frannie, befriends her, of course, and introduces her to Taylor and Rylee who will be going to State as well. All is going great until Matt sees Lili and decides to befriend her. Their burdgeoning friendship leaves periods of time when Frannie is Guardian Angel-less¿not good! While all this is going on Taylor meets a new guy. And she is obsessed with him¿which leads to another whole set of problems. Plus, there is something not quite right about Lili.OK¿there is so much going on here I just don¿t know where to start. I do have to say that Lisa Desrochers style is such that the beginnings start out kind of slowly. It¿s almost like you are lulled into belief that everything is cool, kosher and copacetic¿then she starts dropping bombshells. First a couple, then a little while later, a few more, then it¿s ¿run for cover¿ time, but she¿s already taken out anything that might have been ¿cover¿ and these bombshells are just raining down on you. I had to put the book down a few times and wait for my heart to slow down. There are times I feel the need to yell at Frannie¿no, I am not normally one of those people who yell at the actors in the movie theatre, but sometimes I don¿t think Frannie hears what is being said. Case in point¿Luc makes what looks like an error in judgement¿but he was tricked into it. People tell Frannie he was tricked into it, but she doesn¿t acknowledge it. She falls for the same trick and acknowledges ¿that must have been what happened to Luc¿. But does she pick up the phone and call Luc and let him off the hook¿NO! This is when I yell at her!I¿m still on ¿Team Luc¿¿he is such a good guy. He makes mistakes, owns up to them, reflects on them, learns from them. Oh and the stuff he says to Frannie! Case in point¿ ¿I¿ve never said it,¿ he says, his voice low in my ear, ¿because it¿s not enough¿those words.¿I flip the last deadbolt and reach for the door handle before I process what he said. I stop and press my forehead into the door, trying to think, to breathe.He spins me, and his hand cups my face as he gazes down into my eyes. ¿God, I love you.¿ His eyes glisten. ¿I love you with everything that I am.¿SWOON!!!! Hello, I¿m melting here! I really can¿t wait to find out what happens in the last book! And I¿m not a patient person! I¿ll be rooting for Luc though! *dons Team Luc t-shirt*
Jibar on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Spoilers ahead!So, it took me a while to get through this one. Mostly, because I had so many Galleys to tend to, but also because the beginning was to slow for me. It didn't keep me in my seat, and that is the one and only reason I'm giving this book only four out of five stars.I loved Frannie's guardian angel from the second he appeared, he just seemed so sweet and sincere! Well, I knew that couldn't last, but it was nice while it did. Frannie annoyed me at times, with her inability to stay put for more than two seconds, but it didn't make me hate her either. Luc was pretty damn amazing, I think he's a really believable character, stupid guy flaws included. And how gruesome was the scene in Hell where he's more or less ... you know, tortured?So, Taylor. She's a pretty big part of this novel, and while I admit to not really liking her in the first book and this one, I can't say I'm happy for what happened to her. I probably wouldn't wish this and my worst enemy, and that's saying something because I really REALLY hate my worst enemy.This book was full of surprises to me personally, because I didn't think it would go the way it did. Also, who wasn't surprised at Frannie's Dad? I did not see that coming at all, nicely played Mrs Desrochers!I'm looking forward to the sequel, because I really want to know whether Luc and Frannie will get their happy ending, because they definitely deserve one. As does Gabe, even though I don't really like him either ... too bad.
AverysBookNook on LibraryThing 19 days ago
***May contain spoilers*** "Personal Demons", the first book in Lisa Desrochers' series of the same name, completely blew me away. It is a book that I know that I will come back to again and again and one that I will never tire of. However, I must admit that "Original Sin" didn't do as much for me as "Personal Demons" did- that is not to say that it is a bad book, it isn't- it is still better than the vast majority of YA paranormal books.I think that why this book wasn't quite as successful as the previous is because where "Personal Demons" was entirely unique and truly marched to the beat of its own drum, this book seemed to more so follow the stereotypical YA storyline (ie. a seemingly perfect relationship does a complete 180 when somewhat random plot elements are thrown in for the sake of creating conflict). Furthermore, I felt that the new characters introduced in this book were a bit difficult to connect to (I am talking to you Lili, you sketchy-from-the-get-go-chick and you Matt, you-selfish-boy-who-blames-others-for-your-mistakes) when compared to the original book's characters.Despite my criticisms I did grow to love the original characters more (well more so Luc and Frannie since Gabe made only a brief appearance at the end of the novel). While I had thought that Frannie had been totally kick-ass in the previous book, it was nothing when compared to this book- her continuously breaking out the Judo? Amazeballs! Ditto for her teaching it to Luc! As for Luc, believe it or not but he was even more so emotional in this book than the last (and as such, even more swoon-worthy).All in all, while this book did not fully live up to my expectations I still believe it to be an amazing book. This book is a perfect combination of romance and (fast-paced) action/ adventure and I highly recommend it- especially to YA readers who are sick of sparkly vampires and underage werewolves ;). I cannot wait to see what Lisa has in store for us next!
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing 19 days ago
To begin with, this book is completely dynamic. Over the top, can't stop reading this book dynamic. Once I started this book and fell into the story, I could not gather myself to get out. I was stuck inside an amazing world that only got better and better as I continued to read!The characters in the book go through some major changes. Lots of feelings changed, secrets were revealed (loved those) and betrayals were made. The main character, Frannie has grown up a lot. She doesn't see the world the way she used to. Her eyes have been open and she is much more weary of things than before. I like that cause now she is not as naive. Both Luc and Gabe played a huge part in who Frannie is becoming. They both made sacrifices to get where she needs to be even if it hurts them.The secrets in this book are so juicy, I can hardly stop gasping. Let me tell you that Ms. Desrochers sure does know how to pull one over her readers head. Never in my life, have I been so shocked by a book before. If you read the first book, these secrets do give some insight on questions I have been wondering. Ms. Desrochers writing is perfect in describing the characters emotions. I love it when an author can pull you into the characters shoes feeling everything that they are going through. The author definitely made the book easy for you to understand as well as get into.There is no secret that there is a love triangle going on here. Ms. Desrochers made it extremely entertaining. It is easy to fall in love with these two boys! Luc and Gabe fight for Frannie. The tension between Frannie/Luc and Frannie/Gabe is so strong, you feel like your in a hot tub. There are some betrayals in this book that I never thought would happen. Friends who aren't what they say they are.A sinfully delicious book, Original Sin will ensnare you like no other book has. With lots of mythological creatures and hot boys, you will fall in love with this book.*sexual tension/sex (implied)*
DamarisGCR on LibraryThing 19 days ago
I cannot write this review without saying WOW about five hundred times. WOW! Original Sin was just...WOW! If you thought Personal Demons was good, just wait until you get your hands on Original Sin. It's definitely for a much more mature audience. I would say for readers ages sixteen and up. I kept reading reviews where everyone basically said how "hot and steamy" this book is. They are not WRONG! I was actually shocked at how "HOT and STEAMY" Original Sin is. I loved it! Every single thing about it! I loved how it was from Frannie, Luc, and Matt's point of view. It was so nice getting inside their heads. I am so TEAM Luc! I love everything about him.There is nothing this book lacked. It gave me every single emotion I look for when reading a book. It was sad, funny, suspenseful, shocking...everything! I read Original Sin in one sitting. I could not put it down. And when I did put it down, all I did was think about it. I am still thinking about it and it's days later. The only issue I had was the love triangle. I wasn't a huge fan of the love triangle in Personal Demons, and I wasn't a fan of it in Original Sin. Though I will say that Desrochers didn't focus as much on the love triangle in Original Sin as she did in Personal Demons. So it was a bit bearable this time. I felt that Frannie was punishing Luc for something she was practically doing too. You have to read the book to know what I am talking about. But their relationship is just so heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. Love it!I am so sad I have to wait til next year to find out what's next! This book is just WOW! One big ball of EVERYTHING! If you haven't read Personal Demons, I recommend you do. Then buy Original Sin and come back here and let's talk sexy demons! This series is A MUST READ!5 out of 5 Stars!
TheRandomGirl on LibraryThing 19 days ago
HOLY HEAVEN ABOVE! Orignal Sin was wickedly amazing. Lisa Desrochers blew my mind with the sequel to her sinfully exciting novel, Personal Demons. Original Sin was action packed, humorous, and deliciously sexy. I devoured each and every page.I have to admit, after reading Personal Demons, I was pretty much set with my decision of who I wanted--Luc, the demon-turned human, or Gabe, the beautiful and powerful angel. I wanted Luc. But oh my goodness, in Original Sin I could not decide where I stood. At the beginning, I was with Luc as I had been in the first book. But as the story progressed I began to miss Gabe more--more than I should. It was as if there was this emptiness that only Gabe could fill (wow). Then on the other hand, there was Luc. Completely Human and utterly in love with Frannie. Up to this point, I'm still as torn as Frannie is between these two gorgeous men.The characters Lisa created, all had their turn of making me jump from side to side. Trust or not? Like or dislike? Matt, Frannie's brother and current guardian angel, was one of those characters. As well as Lili, innocent and shy Lili. Oh gosh, she had me jumping until I was dizzy. Taylor, Frannie's best friend, pretty much pissed me off most of the time, but her presence in the story made it more intense. At the end though, these were the characters who I know I stand with or against.Lisa Desrochers plot was genius and came at me with full force, knocking me off my chair. I couldn't have enjoyed it more. And man, Original Sin upped the level of sexiness. This book was hotter, steamier, and sexier than ever. Now, that has me wondering...what does Lisa have planned for Last Rite (formerly known as Hellbent)? Not to mention Original Sin ended with some pretty intense stuff--especially since it had me stupidly screaming at the book for leaving me hanging and craving to know more.
renkellym on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Original Sin in one word: HOT. After reading Personal Demons, I knew Lisa Desrochers could be counted on to bring the smolder, but she amps it up even more in her sophomore novel. If you have a fair complexion, watch out¿you¿ll be blushing. Original Sin doesn¿t contain any explicit content, but Luc and Frannie¿s relationship just sizzles. The romance isn¿t the only thing heating up in Original Sin--the action and suspense are also heightened. Luc and Frannie are in a bigger bind than ever, and nearly everything that happens in Original Sin grabs you and doesn¿t let go. The story is filled with drama that left me gasping and saying things like, ¿oh no he didn¿t!¿ Conflict resolutions are exciting and completely unpredictable, and new characters are well developed and interesting. In Original Sin, Frannie is just as likable as ever¿her scrappy and loyal personality is adorable, but she¿ll kick your butt for saying so! And, of course, Luc is, well, Luc. This time around Gabe isn¿t in the picture too much, but his place is taken by Matt, Frannie¿s guardian angel and (dead) twin brother. I wasn¿t the biggest fan of Matt, but he was certainly an interesting character. Original Sin is a fabulous follow-up to Personal Demons. Fans of the first book in the series will delight in reading more about the war between Heaven and Hell. The sultry tone of the novel only increases its appeal!
SupaGurlbooks on LibraryThing 19 days ago
I am so in love with this series...I love a good book that can make you feel like you are drawn into the middle of it all, but with this I have never felt so much emotion for fictional people. I can devour a book in a day no problem but I would catch myself having to stop and put this one down and either be....NO WAY and wanting to pull my hair out or You are effin Kidding me!!! and want to punch someone then *sigh* I have felt happiness, sadness, doubt, and a burning LOVE all through this.YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES! There are angels, Demons, and us seriously ... don't sit there reading this anymore.... GO GET IT!
thebookwormsorg on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Lisa Desrochers is pure genius. I don¿t think I can muster up the words to express how much I loved and enjoyed reading Original Sin. The Personal Demons series is smokin¿ hot and a must read for YA lovers! Original Sin makes you feel sad, happy, angry, shocked, and excited all in one book! Lisa¿s writing is truly amazing and I felt every word and scene as the characters did.I¿m team Luc all the way, but when Gabe left Frannie it was sad, because she loves Gabe too. Although Frannie knows that nothing can come between her and Luc, she still has that connection to Gabe and she feels as if there is a piece of her missing. I really enjoy the emotion Lisa brought into Original Sin. You feel more of the sadness and pain than you do in the first book, and although you don¿t WANT sadness and pain, it adds so much to Luc and Frannie¿s incredible journey.A couple new characters are introduced. There is Lili, a shy and reserved type of girl who moves into Luc¿s neighborhood, and Rhenorian, a demon set on bringing Luc back to Hell. Then there is Frannie¿s new guardian angel, whose name must not be spoken of because it will spoil the first book. This angel is happy to be helping Frannie and Luc¿or maybe just Frannie, until he meets Lili and even he can¿t seem to focus on what his duties are.I loved all the characters, new and old, in this book. There were plenty of demons and I love how they are described in such detail¿so much I feel like I am in the book facing them myself! Sometimes I think its hard to picture a character as the author would see them, but when it is done with Lisa¿s precision, its perfecto!I also don¿t know if I¿ve mentioned that Luc is totally hot *swoon*. I¿m a sucker for bad boys and if you were team Gabe in Personal Demons, I think that Original Sin will give you a run for your money¿well part of the book anyways, just wait until the second half!!Original Sin is filled with steamy relationships, crazy twists, action, and shocking outcomes. I really rate this book a million stars out of 5, haha, but 5 is all I can fit! I CAN¿T wait for the next book and I hope you YA lovers pick up your copy of Personal Demons and Original Sin (releases July 5, 2010)!!!Review based on ARC copy
readingdate on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Original Sin continues the sinfully good story of a girl lovestruck over a demon and an angel. Luc the demon is now under his nemesis Gabe¿s protective shield along with Frannie. Gabe can¿t take the heat of this love triangle with Frannie and has reassigned his duties to heaven¿s newest guardian, in a surprising choice. With demons now stalking Frannie and Luc at every corner, is the new guardian angel up to the task? The lines between good and evil blur as all your favorite characters from Personal Demons are put to the test by some menacing new demons.In this sequel to Personal Demons, darker days have arrived. There is a sinister element clouded over Frannie and those close to her. As such, the action ramps up as the battle over good and evil rages on. The demons are swirling around Luc and Frannie providing temptation and looking for answers. How is Luc shedding his demonic persona? This installment has a darker edge and the suspenseful thrills even caused me to put the book down for small breaks between chapters. The romance, surprises, and mysteries kept me entertained throughout the book. Questions are answered as new discoveries, villains and mysteries are introduced to keep my interest going in the series.Luc, Gabe, and Frannie are back again front and center in Original Sin. Luc is trying to live in his new skin and be worthy of Frannie¿s love while battling his internal demons. Gabe is absent through much of the book, and without his influence the book takes a dark turn. Frannie does not handle the turmoil in her life well and her strength is weakening as she becomes very emotional in this book. Frannie¿s dramatic tendencies can drag down the book at times, and her character could use a thicker skin. Luc and Frannie continue to share their POV in alternating chapters, along with a new character¿s voice. The new characters are a little shady and mysterious. Frannie¿s new guardian angel is a new character voice that gets to share their POV. And rounding out the cast are Lili, a new shy neighbor of Luc¿s, and Rhenorian, a demon assigned to return Luc to hell.I liked learning more about Frannie¿s Sway, and am eager to see how she grows into this power. The mythology and hints about the origin of the characters is also of interest. The big picture is starting to take shape as we get more pieces of the puzzle. There are demons galore causing havoc and mayhem as their interest and intentions toward Frannie start to materialize. Ultimately, love and lust take center stage in Original Sin.Fans of Personal Demons should enjoy this entertaining sequel. This time around the action is taken to the next level, with more steaminess, drama and mystery. A fun summer read and I look forward to seeing what happens next with this trio.
missyreadsreviews on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Following in Personal Demons' footsteps, Original Sin is a great continuation of the story that we fell in love with the first time around.I'll have to admit that Frannie grew on me a little more, yet at the same time managed to tick me off at some of the completely insane and, quite frankly, idiotic decisions that she would make. It boggles my mind, but somehow she manages to be giving and selfish at the same time... if that makes any sense. I loved Luc in this as much as the last, but I had to give Gabe the silent treatment for a while. Even though I love his character, I wasn't so much of a fan of him disappearing and not being around when it was obvious that he was needed. Yet, I understood his decision and I think I'd do the same as he did - given the circumstances.The evil was more vile this round, which I enjoyed and pretty much reveled in. I mean, if they're going to be representing true evil then they really need to represent! I'm censoring myself saying this for those who haven't read the first yet - but the character that I was happy to see come back in the last novel made me regret my decision in this book. He ended up being even more selfish than Frannie herself and not at all giving. Maybe it's because of his prior circumstances? I have no idea, but I think he should have been smarter than how he acted in this book.This book was as equally enjoyable as the one it follows and I'm absolutely loving where the story is going. I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Race: angel/ height: 5'7"/ weight: 120 pounds/ appearance: she wears a silver dress that ends in a short skirt. It has black embroidery on it. She wears silver boots on her feet, and white feathered wings in her back. Her skin is a slightly tanned cream color, her eyes an azure blue. She has short pink hair that droops around her face and always wears a stoic expression./ personality: meet her, it's hard to explain./ other facts: she knows very little about certain things, as she was very recently created. She is a guardian angel as well. Her preffered weapon is a bow, and while she enjoys human food, she is terrible at cooking it. However, she is loyal and will follow her superior's commands to the letter./ anything else, please ask.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Can not wait until the 3rd book comes out:) Already have money put aside for it lol
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved both of the books but Original Sin was surprising hard to get through. I really hope that the author (forgot the name sorry) continues with the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago