Perchance to Dream (Theatre Illuminata Series #2)

Perchance to Dream (Theatre Illuminata Series #2)

by Lisa Mantchev


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ISBN-13: 9780312675103
Publisher: Square Fish
Publication date: 08/16/2011
Series: Theatre Illuminata Series , #2
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 487,880
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lisa Mantchev is the author of the Theatre Illuminata series, including Perchance to Dream and Eyes Like Stars. She wrote her first play in fourth grade and has been involved in theater ever since. In her senior year at the University of California, Irvine, she won the Chancellor's Award For Undergraduate Research. After graduation, she taught English at the Lycée Internationale de Los Angeles and created their Drama After School Program. In between report cards and drafting scripts, she wrote fiction. Mantchev makes her home on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state with her husband Angel, her daughter Amélie, and four hairy miscreant dogs.

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“Perhaps I can appeal, then, to the romantic nature of our situation.” Without moving, everything about Ariel reached for her. “The open road, the veil of night drawn over the world, us living as vagabonds.”

Usually, Peaseblossom played the part of Bertie’s tiny little conscience, but this time, she issued the requisite Dire Warning to herself:

Don't think about how close he is, or the fact that all you'd have to do to kiss him is tilt your head. Think of Nate . . . .

“If you’re done with whatever fierce internal argument is creasing your forehead—” Ariel's low laugh undid the knot she had tied on her resolve. A bit of his wind pushed her nearly into his lap, and their lips met.

Bertie's brain fogged over until the fairies’ collective noises of disgust recalled her to her senses. Pulling away, she muttered, “Vagabonds don't wear crinolines.”

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Perchance to Dream 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 101 reviews.
Melissas_Bookshelf More than 1 year ago
Firstly, many thanks to Lisa Mantchev and her publicist for sending me an ARC of this book. How I managed to put off reading Perchance to Dream for so long is beyond me! But I knew I would want to review it right away after reading it, so I made myself wait closer to the release date, which is next Tuesday, May 25th. Preorder your copies now, if you haven't already! The verdict? I loved it! And I loved it every bit as much as I loved Eyes Like Stars, which is not always the case for me and sequels. We do read a darker tale in this book, but there are still plenty of crazy antics from my favorite fairies out of Midsummer Night's Dream to add levity and visions of sweets and treats galore! Seriously, if you don't want to eat a cupcake or pie after reading this book, I would be shocked. I adored the premise of the story--that what Bertie wrote about came to life, and usually in the most unexpected ways--it really made for an enjoyable read. You never know what will happen next! The plot doesn't really take a darker turn until a good way into the book, but it is not so dark that you become bogged down--we simply see another facet of Mantchev's ability to weave an incredible story. Much of the story from Eyes Like Stars is resolved in this book, though there is certainly an opening for more many possibilities in the future. However, I did like the fact that I'm not totally hanging off the cliff after reading Perchance to Dream. :-) Mantchev's writing is just as enjoyable to read in this book--the words dance off the pages and paint a vivid picture right before your eyes. The dialogues are fantastic--particularly when they are devoted to the fairies and their quirky notions. Hands down, Peaseblossom, Moth, Cobweb and Mustardseed are some of the best sidekicks, EVER! Remember the name Henry... One of my favorite humorous asides in this book involves Henry. There is nothing like a book that makes me laugh out loud and re-read funny passages. And yet, as I already mentioned, this book isn't all fun and games--you really do go through a variety of emotions. I firmly believe if you enjoyed Eyes Like Stars you will enjoy Perchance to Dream just as much. There's no "sophomore slump" with this book.
jessicatudor More than 1 year ago
I loved the first Theatre Illuminata book. Bertie is my kind of girl - smart, trouble-attracting, and she has a penchant for radical hair dye. In this charming sequel, she sets off to save Nate, kidnapped by the Sea Goddess Sedna. But Ariel goes with her, a constant temptation. Who does she love more? The action is even more fast-paced, and we meet some wonderful new characters. The fairies remain funny and Bertie's wit brings levity to the real danger the world outside the Theatre poses. The world-building expands in scale and scope, and Bertie's character develops well. The plot is tight and the structure, like the first, is nearly perfect in terms of raising stakes and informative reveals. The tension between characters needs to be highlighted. Mantchev does a wonderful job of showing the relationships between characters, especially Bertie and her boys, and also Bertie and the Mysterious Stranger. I was delighted with the weaving in of back story, including the events of the first book. A reader need not have picked up EYES LIKE STARS to enjoy PERCHANCE, but I recommend one do so anyway!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is a little difficult to understand what or where the characters are and the setting sometimes, but over all is a great and interesting plot. Cant wait to read the third!
book_worm127 on LibraryThing 11 months ago
liked Eyes Like Stars, but I love Perchance to Dream! Everything great about Eyes Like Stars was in this book, but with more romance! Yay! I was team Nate, but now I'm just as torn as Bertie! How is a girl to choose?I absolutely adore the writing style. It's a mix of Shakesperean and modern, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The imagination the Lisa Mantchev must have is spectacular! The things that happen in this book are ridiculously awesome, and yet what really steals the show are the characters. I have absolutely no idea how she does it.Bertie meets some new people on this trip, and they are easily folded into the storyline and become part of the cast with no qualms. The old characters are just as charming, especially the fairies. Ariel is so much more than I thought he was, and Nate is just the same. I'm anxious to see how the love triangle works out.When Bertie uses her book in the outside world things tend to go hilariously awry, which is part of the reason why I love this book so much. Bertie not being able to rely on her just writing how she wants things to be makes her develop and use her resources and skills that she probably wouldn't have otherwise.Basically I adored this book! The only problem that I had was that sometimes things got a bit confusing.
GRgenius on LibraryThing 11 months ago
How to sum up a work of literary art for a Goodreads update? No Just finished reading this book and WOW. Three words...I LOVED IT. The first book (EYES LIKE STARS) introduces you to Bertie's world and the Theater Illuminata, in book two you are thrown for a loop as several of the cast members go on the lamb in search of a fallen friend. Is Nate able to be saved? What of Ariel and his wave making (bad pun...but works if you've read the story) mood swings? Will Bertie find the answers she seeks? It's all in here...nary of stage direction that you'd want to miss. Highly recommended to YA fiction fans....happy reading (indeed)!
highvoltagegrrl on LibraryThing 11 months ago
Book Review by KoleI liked the way the story centered around multiple types of magic, I've never seen that done before in a book. It is cool that the author uses her love of famous literary characters and puts them into unexpected circumstances together. Even when jumping from scene to scene within the story everything flowed together well. My favorite parts generally focused on the fairys and were all about the foods they wanted to eat.Book Review by JessicaThe best part of this book is of course the fairy sidekicks. Everything that comes out of their mouths is pure joy! Every time I found myself laughing out loud or smiling to the book it was because of them. I would read an entire series just based around the fairy¿s, they deserve to be front and center.Much of the book could be hard for a younger audience to follow along with, but if you¿ve made it through the first book in the series, Eyes Like Stars, then you know what you are in for. The scenes and characters jump in and out of the story at somewhat random times, but that is part of the magic (literally, part of the magic in the book) that binds the story together. The range of characters that has continued on from the first novel is wonderful, as is the addition of another bright spot, Waschbar. If you haven¿t read the first book, you will be lost diving in at this point as there isn¿t much of backtracking and explaining what¿s going on and who these people all are¿especially with there being such a large group of characters within the story.Two things I normally don¿t talk about in my reviews are the cover art and favorite lines, but both of those things need to be mentioned. The cover art done by Jason Chan is gorgeous. He has done a ton of other things, so if you like the cover, check out some of his other work. My favorite line in the book is just something that caught my eye and I remembered throughout the story. ¿A blind man could see that man would die for you, but that doesn¿t mean you won¿t die alongside him.¿ So often people only focus on the first half of that sentence without connecting the fact of the second half of it. It was nice to see it in written form as obvious as it is. If you are a fan of story retelling, I would pick this series up. While the story isn¿t really a retelling, the use of characters from other famous works such as Midsummer¿s Night Dream, The Tempest, and The Little Mermaid make it more familiar and quite quirky.
ABookwormsHaven on LibraryThing 11 months ago
I wanted to say thank you first to Lisa Mantchev because I won an ARC of this book through a contest on her website and was so excited!! Now for the review, this is the second book in a trilogy about a girl named Bertie who is trying to find her way in the world. We last left Bertie as she was leaving the Thèâtre with her fairy friends and Ariel to look for Nate who has been captured by the sea goddess. One of my favorite aspects of this series is the language, because many of the characters come from Shakespearean plays and the language reflects their origin. There are many theatrical elements to this novel and because of that it almost reads like a play as well. I found all of the Shakespearean references wonderful and liked being able to understand the humor behind the way they were used.The previous novel Eyes Like Stars was an introduction to this world and the characters in it, in Perchance to Dream we watch Bertie as she tries to find her independence and discover who she is. Her heart is so torn between Nate and Ariel, she is starting to lose herself and is not very happy about it. She even states in the book: What is mine, and mind alone?¿To add to her worries, she is not even sure who her heart truly belongs to. She loves both men for different reasons and because they are so different there is not one clear winner in her mind. My favorite line that describes the love triangle in this books is Caught between the water and the sky, Bertie tried to stay grounded.¿At the end of the previous novel I had not made up my mind about the love triangle, but now I think I am leaning towards Ariel. I feel like he has to almost fight his nature to be able to love, and he is head over heals for Bertie. Nate seems more like a brother to me, someone to protect Bertie, but not to be with her romantically. Both those boys have their own plans though, and in this book they both trick Bertie into doing something I did not expect. I also don¿t think Bertie expected it and she was not thrilled when she figured it out.I think the biggest question I had coming away from this book was, how much power do words really hold? Especially Bertie¿s? The book from the Thèâtre is gone, but she has found a new book to write her own story in and aid her in her journey. The book always gives her what she asks for, but not always in the way she expects and I loved watching her words come to life in unexpected ways. So often the story blurs the line between reality and fantasy you have to make sure you read carefully because you might get lost if you are not paying attention. Lisa¿s descriptions are so beautiful, I could picture everything perfectly I just wanted to jump into the book and see it in person.Of course the comic relief comes in the form of the fairies from A Midsummer¿s Night Dream, they are constantly getting into trouble and making me laugh out loud. At one point Peaseblossom falls in love with a groom model from the top of a wedding cake and is convinced he is her one true love, until Mustardseed eats him. They never cease to amaze me with the trouble they get in and the amount of food they can shovel into their mouths.Overall this is a magical story filled with adventure, romance and a beautiful tale of a girl looking to find her own little piece of the world. If you have not read this you should check it out.
shelburns on LibraryThing 11 months ago
Perchance to Dream is a delectable read! I first fell in love with Bertie and the fairies in Eyes Like Stars, and after reading this one, I'm even more in love with them! They are characters like no others I've read; so funny, so charming, so full of life!Bertie is such a strong-willed, bull-headed character, and I can relate. What's so fascinating about her is she's this way as a teenager. She sure seems to know her way around the stage, of which the world is her stage. Bertie left the theatre to rescue Nate. She's never been outside the theatre, so she's not quite sure how to go about things, but she knows she can write. She is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales, and her writing helps her create the stage she wants and needs to get to where she's going. Her writing doesn't always work out the way she plans though, and that tends to get her into trouble. But the trouble is the fun part! Will she ever make her way to Sedna's lair and Nate? Will she realize her true feelings for Ariel? Perchance, but only time will tell.Did I mention that the fairies were my favorites? They add so much comedy to the story. I love how they are so food driven. You can get them to do anything for pie! Bertie relies on the faeries and they look out for her, but will she be able to make it own her own, without them there to be her conscience?Lisa Mantchev is such a phenomenal writer! From the very first page, I was drawn back into the story, right where Eyes Like Stars had left off. Her writing is so different from other writers, so unusually compelling. She mixes words like the fairies would mix a pie...a little of this, a little of that, and when you put it all together, it is a tasty treat! There are so many words in this book that I want to go back and explore. When you read them, you want to say them out loud and hear the way they roll off your tongue. Many of them are delicious sounding to the ear! It's amazing how words can do that!I can't say enough about this book; it is just an awesome read! Lisa, like Bertie, is a Teller of Tales, and this one is a Broadway hit! Bravo Lisa, Bravo!
UrbanFantasyGuy on LibraryThing 11 months ago
The second installment in the Theatre Illuminata series picks up immediately where it left off in Eyes Like Stars after the identity of her mother was revealed and she learns how she came to be at the theatre. While Bertie is dealing with these revelations she and her merry band including Ariel and her 4 good fairy friends set out on a journey to find her pirate love Nate. Along the way she begins to learn just how strong the power of her words are creates many problems for herself, some funny and some not so funny. Also on their journey they encounter the sneak-thief Waschbär, who is apparently either a giant raccoon or a raccoon-like man, who acts as their guide. There are many new things Bertie learns about her past, as this novel takes on a bit more seriousness than its predecessor, while still keeping its light-hearted approach. Bertie and her four fairy friends once again make for great comedy and I absolutely love the newest member of their traveling freak show Waschbär. This book was even better than the first one, which I thought would be a nearly impossible feat. The cover art by Jason Chan was once again amazing too, I can't wait to see whats in store for us in the next installment.
cinnleigh on LibraryThing 11 months ago
Review coming soon. In short, good book. Liked Eyes Like Stars a tad better, but this moved the story forward nicely.
krau0098 on LibraryThing 11 months ago
This is the second book in the Theatre Illuminata trilogy by Lisa Mantchev. It was more wondrous and adventurous than the first book in the series, "Eyes Like Stars", I enjoyed it a lot. I got this book as an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) through the Amazon Vine program.In this book Bertie has left the Theatre with Aeriel at her side. They are going in search of Bertie's sweetheart Nate (the pirate who was kidnapped by Sedna, the witch from The Little Mermaid). Bertie also hopes to find information on who her father is, after the strange news in book one that Ophelia is her mother. Along the way they will meet a myriad of crazy characters and Bertie will have to make a choice between Nate and Aeriel. Of course the three ever-present fairies accompany the party providing snarky comments and trouble throughout the story.Many parts of this story are much better than "Eyes Like Stars", the first novel in this series. It was wonderful to be out of the Theatre and in the countryside. Mantchev did an excellent job coming up with quirky characters and a creative backdrop for her story. The writing is more polished than in the first book and the descriptions of things are decadent and lush; if a bit quirky sounding at times. There is a lot more action and adventure in this book which I enjoyed; I thought Mantchev did a great job with the action scenes too. If I had to give the strengths of this novel I would say that creativity and intriguing imagery are what Mantchev excels at.This book is a fun read, the fairies provide a lot of humor. It is a sweet book that is light on violence and heavy on romance; by romance I mean the general romantic kind...full of sweet kisses, gentle cuddles, and beautiful descriptions the drip with jewels and glitter. Aeriel is a wonderful character and, as with the majority of the characters in this book, is very grey in nature...he is not good or evil but something in between. I did not envy Bertie at having to choose between Nate and Aeriel, both are excellent male leads that are intriguing and kind in different ways.My least favorite part about this book was still Bertie. She does not whine as much as in the last book and her dialogue is a bit more mature. But she still comes off as helpless and a bit stupid at times. I was very frustrated when she couldn't figure out how to use the magic book...after making mistakes with it a number of times, she continued to word things poorly and make more mistakes. I guess I just like my heroines a bit more quick of mind. I also thought her reactions to things were very immature. Again this is a personal preference. I liked her better than in the first book, but I still don't like her all that much.I also thought that Bertie's "magic" wasn't really defined all that well. It was a bit confusing how she needed the book to work magic, then later on she didn't. Much of the book has a dreamlike quality to it as we are tossed in and out of Bertie's "reality". Mantchev tried to make this clear, but it is a confusing concept and it could have been made a bit cleaner and clearer.Overall though this is was a fun read. If you liked "Eyes Like Stars" you will like this book even better. Mantchev's writing style has matured, and her creativity is unmatched. She does an excellent job with imagery too. If I could just like Bertie better I would be thrilled with this book. I do look forward to reading the third book in this series!
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing 11 months ago
The magical adventures of Bertie and the Theatre Illuminata continue in this charming sequel to Lisa Mantchev's Eyes Like Stars. This time, the stakes are higher, the mysteries are deeper and the romance is stronger. After discovering some of the secrets behind her origins and getting permission to continue living at the theatre, Bertie must find a way to understand the outside world and save someone very dear to her.When Nate is kidnapped by the horrible Sea Goddess from The Little Mermaid, Bertie must set out to free him. Along with her faithful fairy sidekicks Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Moth and Mustardseed (the fairies from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream), Bertie uses her magic to journey to lands outside the theatre and rescue Nate. Along the way, Bertie meets her father and learns about some of the strange secrets behind the world's magic. She also has very vivid dreams about Nate, and finds that she is falling even more in love with him -despite the irresistible Ariel (a spirit from Shakespeare's The Tempest) lurking close by. Bertie is thrown into an inevitable love triangle, and must discover the path to her true love while searching for the path to defeat the Sea Goddess.Even more enjoyable than Eyes Like Stars, I found Perchance to Dream to have even more magic and adventure than its predecessor. It was a breath of fresh air to get out of the theatre and see what other fantastic things Mantchev has up her sleeve. The writing style is also noticeably improved from the first book, weaving even more lush and vivid pictures of the characters and the locations. I was a little surprised by the sudden decrease in Shakespeare references (and personally kind of missed it), but this change helped the series build its own mythology and stand apart from Shakespeare.Perchance to Dream is a worthy sequel (and, in my opinion, an even better one) to Eyes Like Stars. There's more romance, magic and adventure just waiting for readers to explore.
stephxsu on LibraryThing 11 months ago
Beatrice Shakespeare Smith never thought she¿d leave the theatre, but here she is, on the road to save Nate, her pirate sweetheart, from the hands of the nefarious Sedna the Sea Witch, accompanied by her four fairy friends and the seductive air spirit Ariel. Armed with the magical powers of the Mistress of Revels, Bertie is able to write herself in and out of situations. But not even her power with words can prepare her for revelations about her parents¿ past, a battle over her heart, and the ultimate encounter with Sedna.Lisa Mantchev outdoes herself in this lush and exotic sequel to EYES LIKE STARS. In many ways it is quite different from the first book, but stunningly so, and I think will make readers gain a whole new level of appreciation for Lisa¿s writing.If I could eat just one book, I think this would have to be it. In Lisa Mantchev¿s hands, words aren¿t merely lines and swirls of black on white: they come alive, playing with one another, dancing like fairies themselves. The book is chock-full of wordplay and descriptions so rich you just want to roll them around and around on your tongue. Lisa¿s writing really sets the tone and setting of PERCHANCE TO DREAM into a world that seems to always be dissolving and changing at the corners of our eyes.All the characters you loved from EYES LIKE STARS come back in full force in this stunning sequel. Bertie may be the tip of the love triangle, but she¿s far from your typical YA heroine: she is spunky and independent, and would never consider giving herself up for love. We get to see a lot more of Ariel than Nate in this Theatre Illuminata installment, which is deliciously swoon-worthy in a sensual and dangerous way. And Bertie¿s encounters with new characters¿Sedna, the Scrimshander, various vagabonds she meets along her journey (including the traveling circus)¿are excellent additions to the series, each one an almost surreal section.For those who enjoy incredibly beautiful writing and a unique cast of varied characters, Lisa Mantchev¿s books are not to be missed. Lovers of EYES LIKE STARS may be slightly jarred by the lack of backstory and the completely different change of pace and setting, but you just might also be fall under Lisa¿s writing spell, as I irrevocably am.
Kr15tina on LibraryThing 11 months ago
I don't know who I want Bertie to end up with. In this book Bertie finally learns who her father is, their story of love and loss and she learns more about herself and ends up even more confused about what she wants. This world that Lisa Mantchev has created is full of limitless possibilities of any types of magics, infinite paths to be taken, it is charming, sweet, innocent, passionate, stubborn and confusing. I look forward to more of this world being revealed and Bertie's decisions, imaginations and what her future have in store for us in the next and final book of the trilogy.
lyricaltwin on LibraryThing 11 months ago
A lush novel, Perchance to Dream is splendid and absolutely breathtaking. Lisa Mantchev weaves a wonderful story with a strong heroine, two amazing guys, and a cast of rambunctious characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Who does she choose? Im dying here! I dont care if u spoil it someone just tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
wordforteens More than 1 year ago
Flaws with the book: There are more scene changes than there were in 9 to 5: The Musical (which had a scene change roughly every seven minutes) and the characters dropped in rather abruptly, with a scene or two that didn't seem to fit. Why the flaws don't matter: Mantchev is the YA Shakespeare - she writes lyrically and with such memorable characters that if the plot had been a hunt for a telephone book, I would have read it. Seriously. Bertie, the fairies, Ash, Nate, Sedna, all of the characters - they're so very original, despite the fact that many stem from characters already created. They're just fun to read about and connect too - I would read their escapades no matter what the plot was. The plot? It's fast paced, yes, with sometimes rather abrupt scene changes, but it's followable, enjoyable, and comes together very well. I'm excited to see how the next - and last *sniff* - book in the trilogy plays out. (I would rather like this to be like the Bloody Jack series - Bertie would just keep going and going and going and being awesome.) And the BOYS. In Eyes Like Stars, Ariel lurred me in and Nate caught my eye. Here, the focus is on Ariel - and yet, somehow, the second Nate stepped back into the picture, it became hard to focus on which boy to like better! They're both so amazing and different and sexy. I know which character I want in every other book - Team Gale in The Hunger Games, Team Puck in The Iron King - and yet, when it comes to these two boys, I can't choose. And I understand why Bertie can't, either. Another reason Lisa Mantchev is such an amazing author. She makes a love triangle like this work - and that's hard to do.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was rather disappointing. I had read the first one with high hopes for this one. I found muself lost in large words, confusing scenes and cheracters that were left at a "blonde hair, peering eyes" then discontinued OR ones that had an overload of detail. I found the book extremely hard to finish, or even read at all. The only reason I intertained reading this book was because of the first one. I have never given this bad of a report on any book at all, but I have also never read this bad of a book before. I really did like the first one, this one though.... an utter disappointment. :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago