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Perking the Pansies - Jack and Liam Move to Turkey

Perking the Pansies - Jack and Liam Move to Turkey

by Jack Scott
Perking the Pansies - Jack and Liam Move to Turkey

Perking the Pansies - Jack and Liam Move to Turkey

by Jack Scott


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Jack and Liam, fed up with kiss-my-arse bosses and nose-to-nipple commutes, quit their jobs and move to a small town in Turkey. Join the culture-curious gay couple on their bumpy rite of passage in a Muslim country. Meet the oddballs, VOMITs, vetpats, emigreys, semigreys, debauched waiters and middle England miseries. When bigotry and ignorance emerge from the crude underbelly of Turkey's expat life, Jack and Liam waver. Determined to stay the course, the happy hedonistas hitch up their skirts, move to the heart of liberal Bodrum and fall in love with their intoxicating foster land. Enter Jack's irreverent world for a right royal dose of misery and joy, bigotry and enlightenment, betrayal and loyalty, friendship, love, earthquakes, birth, adoption and a senseless murder. Perking the Pansies will make you laugh out loud one minute and sob into your crumpled tissue the next.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781904881643
Publisher: Springtime Books
Publication date: 12/13/2011
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

Jack Scott was born on a British army base in Canterbury, England in 1960 and spent part of his childhood in Malaysia as a 'forces brat.' A fondness for men in uniforms quickly developed. At the age of eighteen and determined to dodge further education, he became a shop boy on London's trendy King's Road: 'Days on the tills and nights on the tiles were the best probation for a young gay man about town'. After two carefree years, Jack swapped sales for security and got a proper job with a pension attached. In his late forties, passionately dissatisfied with suburban life and middle management, he and his husband abandoned the sanctuary of liberal London for an uncertain future in Turkey. In 2010, Jack started an irreverent narrative about his new life and Perking the Pansies quickly became one of the most popular English language blogs in Turkey. Within a year, he had been featured in the Turkish national press, had published numerous essays and articles in expat and travel magazines and had contributed to the Huffington Post Union of Bloggers. As the blog developed a head of steam, a growing worldwide audience clamoured for a book. Jack duly obliged and his hilarious (well, he thinks so) memoir, 'Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey' was published in 2011. Jack's critically acclaimed debut book won two Rainbow Book Awards, was shortlisted for the prestigious Polari First Book Prize and was featured in Time Out. The critical success of his debut book opened up a whole new career for Jack. He now works as a freelance writer and author. In 2012, Jack and Liam ended their Anatolian affair and paddled back to Britain on the evening tide. They currently live in Norwich, a surprising cathedral city in eastern England. In 2015, Jack published the sequel 'Turkey Street, Jack and Liam move to Bodrum' to tie up all the fraying ends and bring their Anatolian adventure to its crashing conclusion.

Table of Contents

Preface-Asia Minor, a Continent in Miniature; 1-In the Beginning; 2-Ave Maria; 3-Back to the Future; 4-Indian Summer; 5-La Crème de la Crème; 6-The Emigreys; 7-Clement's Closet; 8-Anyone for Spare Ribs?; 9-The Only Virgin in London; 10-Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes; 11-Fright Night; 12-Tales of the City; 13-Come Dine with Me' 14-The VOMITs; 15-Jack's Guardian Angel; 16-Judgement Day; 17-Clement's Koy Erection; 18-Paradis Lost; 19-Hit the Road, Jack; 20-Empty Nest; 21-Love Thy Neighbours; 22-Once a Catholic...; 23-Did the Earth Move for You, Darling?; 24-All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor; 25-Home Alone; 26-The Belles of Bodrum; 27-Jack's Cotillion; Epilogue-Belle Epoque; Expat Glossary; A Few Random Words in Turkish

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