Poetry of Mine

Poetry of Mine

by Robert Baker


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Poetry of Mine by Robert Baker

Poetry of Mine presents a collection of verses by poet Robert Baker. With them he seeks to grip the heart and stir deep-seated emotions with force enough to create an emotional whirlwind.

Each poem shares a story that takes us on an adventure of the mind; some are mellow, while others are full of passion. He explores topics such as his children and the love of his life, as well as broader themes that touch us all. From the wistful “Star of My Life” to the heartfelt “Blessed Love,” Baker draws upon what he knows to explore his emotional connections. Using free-verse poetry and simple language, he offers a powerful message of love and wonder that is powerful yet simple to understand.

Poetry of Mine
is an inspiring collection that digs deep into one man’s emotional core.


My child I understand,
In the blissfulness of life,
So fast is time gone by
Confused you will be.

It’s okay; gently will I hold you,
In my arms as you shake,
Snuggle you closely a little tighter,
Give you a gentle kiss as I say it’s alright. …

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ISBN-13: 9781491713693
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/23/2013
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.19(d)

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Poetry of Mine

By Robert Baker

iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2013 Robert Baker
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-1369-3


    Travel The Path

    Travel the well trodden path of time,
    In an attempt to not stray I stumble,
    In my guidance of uncertainy,
    I know I must not hesitate in my journey.

    To travel the road of time in infancy,
    Care not in this world of unknown,
    I see fun in each day with no worry,
    for I have you to care for me.

    To travel the road of time as I am grown
    makes for the rough and the happiness,
    bearable state as life is of my own,
    makes this journey of two unite as one.

    Travel the path of life as it is to be,
    Culminates in its beauty to rest,
    Makes ones final place of rest inevitable,
    Then to come is the beauty of Gods place,

    Unite As One

    Come as two and unite as one.
    Together we came as we met,
    To be drawn by each other,
    And in our enduring love we united.

    Through all barriers we have conquered,
    To be shown and what may be not,
    But to show what is in our lives.
    Unite as one as we come as two.

    To be us we can be none other,
    Proud we are to say I do,
    We are the world to each other,
    As we come in two to unite as one.

    Heroes we have as we are our heroes,
    Together we strive for the next generation
    To know our love is pure in our quest,
    To unite as one to have come from two.

    Cease Love

    Should your love for me ever cease,
    I would be swallowed by the indulgence of life,
    Tolerable would it not be in my endevors,
    My eyes focused, heart turned sorrow, as I go forward.

    In lifes pity, would not be,
    To struggle to grip with lifes challenge,
    Would be no choice but to cope,
    As I seek to resolve in all confusion.

    To search in the evil of darkness,
    To try and find the softness of light,
    I see the faintest ray of hope,
    That turns to the prettiest sunrise.

    In Life's Journey

    In lifes journey have I shown
    But to be me and love you,
    In my deepest way to have your child,
    In lifes journey to be me.

    My heart to none other will I show,
    But you the star of my life.
    To have our own children is our dream,
    In lifes journey for us and no one else.

    To show you just how much I care,
    Is what I dream of life,
    To make it so is up to you,
    In lifes journey do I dream.

    From dream to reality is what I want,
    All is up to you and finally me,
    We are in control of our destiny,
    In lifes journey--ours till the final passage.


    In the mystery of resolve do I seek,
    Search to find what may or may not be,
    Try as I might with no resolve in sight,
    In an endless attempt way, way off.

    Resolve in my search to find an answer,
    Lifes riddle of life by many fold,
    Seek by many points most to an end
    But do I have a resolve to flow smoothly.

    In my patients and persistence,
    I see no forseeable resolve in my mind,
    But hopeful in my heart do I remain,
    In desperation I panic but have no end.

    Ever so slowly upward I climb,
    Clinging to hope of so little,
    My heart in leverage with my mind,
    Seeks and finds absolute resolve.

    God Created

    God created you in a purest form,
    Into an eloquent plan of life,
    To be in search of your destiny,
    And find trueness of two hearts.

    God created me to search for trueness,
    In life knowing I would find love,
    Letting my heart guide me in my quest,
    Knowing my soul mate would be there.

    Together we have come as two,
    Now our lives unite as one,
    In our everlasting love for one another,
    God granted me lifes greatest in my quest.


    Falsely accused in pure heart,
    In my anguished state of pursuit,
    To justify in action of unwarranted vengeance,
    Slow down I must before its costly.

    Truly I see you for who you are,
    Evil in which you have unleashed,
    In full fury I caught the brunt,
    Like a wave over and over.

    Fury of vengeance to rectify the wrong,
    The glory of the just to come is mine,
    I reached out in one great swing,
    Turning so sweet oh so slow it was.


    In the despair of life,
    Sometimes ruthless it can be,
    Travel the road we may of many.
    Or choose to make your own way.

    Ruthless it may seem in our conquest,
    For the destination in far sight awaits,
    To be subdued by the aggressor,
    In the quest must be swift.

    As a gentle move in the flight of time,
    Seemed to grasp you in a flash,
    What was not seen upon approach,
    But caught by the weary one of slow.

    Final Passage

    Lifes final passage will I venture,
    Until God shows me the way,
    Before my final venture I am yours,
    For a lifetime of creation and recreation.

    To show me the best of our quest,
    You will have my heart through life,
    As I will have yours to fulfil with happiness,
    Until the final passage I will strive.

    To show you I will be understanding,
    In our lows and highs I will comfort you,
    To never say never of what will be,
    Until the final passage make the best of life.

    Together we will be on our final walk,
    To show what life can be together,
    With you life was golden my love,
    Until our final passage to say goodbye.

    Kingdom Of God

    In search of my soul,
    Were you there for not so long,
    As I visualized for a lifetime,
    To be with me forever here on Earth.

    Bestow upon me your beauty,
    As your grace puts me in bewilderment,
    My heart beats for none other but you,
    For you are the eighth wonder to me.

    In all your beauty and grace,
    God has seen to take you all too soon.
    But on Gods loan to me you were,
    I am so grateful I got chosen to be with you.

    Go my love to the kingdom of God.
    Departed are we for now,
    But as you watch over me,
    Know we will meet again in the kingdom of God.


    Hope as I may against the hopeless,
    To bring in memory what was,
    To see what is in my minds eye,
    To feel in my heart what I wish.

    Culminate in the dream of my mind,
    To end in the true reality of what is,
    In all trueness do I see all,
    In my minds eye a venture of hopefulness.

    To see the reality unfold before me,
    As I wish for in all hopefulness,
    To see my dream before me,
    In all the brilliance of lifes glory.


    But it be in my mind as a secret,
    You shall feel all what is in my heart,
    As I wrap my arms around you,
    Will you release from my mind the secret.

    Secret no more shall it be,
    For you and all to know what was subdued,
    So long within now to be shown,
    As I glorify with you in my life.

    Secret be known of what is now,
    My heart speaks louder than I,
    Sparkle do my eyes of a beautiful sight.
    As my arms wrap around you in total indulgence.


    Through the ponds of essence,
    I escape into the wonders of my mind,
    To not know where I will be in a few,
    Is powerful through its own vision.

    In the entity I will try and visualize,
    To not see I do in all its vainess,
    But I must in reality know,
    For the existence is try, visual is not.

    Escape my heart is impossible,
    To feel as I feel empty and wishful for fullness,
    In all its glory would be so,
    But mine is not be this day.

    Blessed is he who knows contentment,
    For his heart tells him it's alright,
    When he who seeks with emptiness,
    Is not complete for the heart does ache.


    In wisdom I sought to keep you,
    In vain did I seek your love,
    In my fruitless attempts of my best,
    In all to no avail in your rebuffs of many.

    In all my heart did I not want,
    Someone I seek with my entire soul,
    As the very beat of my heart,
    Though in vain it may be.

    In the ruthless turmoil of torture,
    Seek in raw courage as I tumble,
    Not once but time and time again,
    In tireless efforts of no gain.

    Suddenly with burst of pure light,
    As if an end of the rainbow,
    All calm comes as I behold your smile,
    To feel your arms embrace me, ask no more.

    Star Of My Life

    Star of my life,
    Light shines bright,
    In my endless endeavor,
    To conquer your heart.

    Star of my life,
    To pursue with vigor,
    To capture your love,
    Is the essence of my soul.

    Star of my life,
    To be my wife,
    Is my total dream,
    In fulfillment of life.


    Sunrise has come to start this day,
    In the gleam of the water the sun glistens,
    As my journey through the forest begins,
    Amazing beauty beyond my words.

    In the scenic life so wild,
    I hear the echo of animals,
    As one seems to talk to another,
    In a flow so wonderous to my ears.

    Ever going in the converse of time,
    My heart pounds of elegance set forth,
    By the call to one another in endless time,
    As the sun sets to end this day.


    Through knowledge we are taught,
    To do and use as we have learned,
    To listen to your heart for guidance,
    Your mind for judgment in wisdom.

    Through wisdom we learn to be wise,
    our decision is of our own,
    To be costly or not is our awareness,
    In the wisdom of life circle.

    Through experience we know not to repeat,
    In lifes mistakes or be it victor,
    We know not to repeat what was wrong,
    Then to celebrate on the positive, especially of great.


Excerpted from Poetry of Mine by Robert Baker. Copyright © 2013 Robert Baker. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Travel The Path, 1,
Unite As One, 2,
Cease Love, 3,
In Life's Journey, 4,
Resolve, 5,
God Created, 6,
Vengence, 7,
Ruthless, 8,
Final Passage, 9,
Kingdom Of God, 10,
Hopefulness, 11,
Secret, 12,
Incomplete, 13,
In, 14,
Star Of My Life, 15,
Sunrise-End, 16,
Through, 17,
Blessed Love, 18,
Honor, 19,
Mystic, 20,
Wisdom Is Knowledge, 21,
Next Generation, 22,
Feeling, 23,
Journey, 24,
Rock Me, 25,
Your Guidance, 26,
Sunrise To Sunset, 27,
I Will Be There, 28,
Rescue Me, 29,
In Search, 30,
Victory, 31,
Offer, 32,
Last Breath, 33,
Pain, 34,
Evil Wickedness, 35,
Embrace, 36,
Not Found, 37,
Positive, 38,
Yours--Mine, 39,
Full Strength, 40,
Serenity, 41,
Bleakness, 42,
Lost Ways, 43,
Reassurance, 44,
Peace Not Cease, 45,
Best Of Life, 46,
Hard Long Path, 47,
Run For Light, 48,
Sunrise Sunset, 49,
Gods Eternal Way, 50,
Journey Through The Forest, 51,
Do Not Weep, 52,
Out On The Water, 53,
Look Up My Friend, 54,
Follow Me, 55,
Looking For Trueness, 56,
Papa, 57,
Follow Through, 58,
Challenge Of Life, 59,
Freedom, 60,
One More Word, 61,
Awsome, 62,
Vow, 63,
Seek, 64,
Best Effort, 65,
My Child, 66,
Doubt No More, 67,
Love With You, 68,
Our Own Makers, 69,
Challenge, 70,

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