Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art)

Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art)

by Melisa Caprio
Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art)

Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art)

by Melisa Caprio


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Connect with the Universe and Your Own Deepest Desires

“Read the book and you will believe that you can change your life. Do the exercises and you will change your life.” —Dr. Elisa Robyn, PHD in psychology and author of The Way of the Well and Pirate Wisdom.

Open a conversation with the world around you. We have the ability to be in open communication with the Universe, the loving energy behind all creation. But do we listen to what the Universe has to say? Do we use our own voices to speak back? Artist-photographer, popular radio host, and blogger Melisa Caprio helps us enter into deep conversation with the Universe through combining creative visualization with the power of intention.

Identify the desires of your heart. Too often we are so caught up in daily life that we don’t stop and ask ourselves what we truly desire. While it is tempting to stay in our comfort zone, our heart longs for more than the mundane. It desires manifestation. Caprio is here to foster that state of mindfulness and spirituality through photography, postcard art, written messages, and affirmations from others who are living their greatest desires.

Harness your own spiritual power. Creators, mystics, artists, and spiritualists will find representation and inspiration in this book. Likewise, those who have been putting their dreams on hold or who are dissatisfied with the status quo will find this book to be a visual guide to attaining the creativity they long for in their lives. Each of us possesses the power to bend the ear of the Universe and share what it is we want most.

  • Put mind over matter and pursue your deepest desires
  • Form an active and poignant relationship with the Universe
  • Reach your full potential and feel empowered to live an inspired and successful life

If books such as The Universe Has Your BackBecoming Supernatural, and Mind to Matter have spoken to you, then you’ll love Melisa Caprio’s Postcards to the Universe.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642500592
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Melisa Caprio, author, photographer and creator of Postcards to the Universe™, A Global Movement for Manifestation, is inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement.

Her inspiration comes from a desire to have a forum where people come together in creative ways for global change. Caprio sees a need for growth, inner reflection, inspiration, and healing. The books being created are meant to inspire through collaboration using art and photography. Caprio hosts her own weekly radio show titled Postcards to the Universe with Melisa, airing Wednesdays at 1PM PST on She is the author/publisher of Creative, Fun and Easy Tips on How to Photograph Children and Animals and Smart-Ography: Simple Tips on the Art of iPhone and Android Photography. Caprio has been featured and interviewed on her Postcards to the Universe book and project on blog talk radio shows Sterling Spin Radio, Meaningful Connections, and Angel with an Edge. She has been featured numerous times in the local newspaper Sun Sentinel: Broward and Palm Beach News on her work. Caprio features her photographs on a regular basis in fine art galleries in South Florida.

Melisa Caprio ( is an inspiring and experienced photographer. She received a fine art degree from Florida International University. Caprio was one of the selected few asked to study with renowned curator and historian, John Szarkowski, Director of Photography at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) (1962-1991). Caprio owned and operated a Fine Art Photography Gallery in Hollywood, Florida for three years. She was personally asked to become the staff photographer for Dolphin Human Therapy by the president and founder where she worked for seven years photographing handicapped children receiving therapy with dolphins. She has gleaned powerful insights from the dolphins and children. Her work from Dolphin Human Therapy has been published extensively throughout Europe. She successfully helped launch a toddler’s modeling career with her photography. In 2014, Caprio was nominated to Fort Lauderdale's Art Commission panel, whose goal it is to bring art into the community.

Read an Excerpt

What is manifestation? Many people are throwing around that word. So, what does it mean exactly? Manifestation is when something materializes into form. Whether that be something physical that you wanted all the way to new relationships, jobs, and circumstances by using the Law of Attraction. It is the magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in every area of your life. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances, both good and bad. You cannot escape this law. When I first heard about it, I thought, well that stinks. Now I have to take some responsibility on some of the terrible things that happened in my life. And yes, we do. The good news about finding this out going forward is I have much more power in what happens in my life. I am not a victim to circumstances. I am co-creator with the Universe. I have a lot more control over what my life will look like moving forward than I realized. I cannot stress this enough! Find out what stories you tell yourself. Your beliefs run the show, and the Universe will always respond to what we believe about ourselves. If you want to know where you are in your belief system, look at what you want that you don’t have and ask yourself why. The answers are there. By taking the time to do a little archeological digging of your psyche, you will discover a gold mine. Don’t you deserve to know? If it were a loved-one, and they were struggling with something, you would go above and beyond to understand "the why." Give yourself that same consideration. Love yourself above everything else, and your abundance will grow exponentially. You won’t even have to try, things just show up. You will become a master manifestor. The Universe loves us and wants us to have what it is we desire. Too many of us focus on what we don’t have, and that is the energy that expands. The Universe only responds to our energy, so if lack is where we are, it shows up as more lack. But, if you can shift into abundance and gratitude, the Universe brings you more of that. We are co-creators with the Universe in what happens in our lives. We have so much more power than we realize. When you believe in magic, magical things happen.

Table of Contents

A Note from the Author

My Wandering Heart
Heartbroken and Disenchanted
Cooking Is My Love Language
Falling in Love with Myself
I Am a Survivor
Learning to Fly
Letting Go
Creating Art from Chaos
Saying Yes
Today Is a Great Day
Healing through Art
The Power of the Universe
For My Daughter
Uncovering the Elephant
Manifesting My Voice
And So, It Begins
Creating Visions
I Am Manifesting My Best Life
Trusting My Intuition
The Universe Has My Back
There Is Healing in Helping Others
The Photographer Dream
Dreams Do Come True
Falling in Love with Casa Charm
A Change of Heart
The Healing Prescription
Directing My Destiny
California Dreaming
Embracing Italy

Postscript: Living in Gratitude
Postcard Contributors
About the Author

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Melisa Caprio’s new book, Postcards to the Universe is a wise, loving tribute to hope, compassion, beauty, courage and kindness. A poignant blend between photographic beauty and practical wisdom. It makes a persuasive argument in support of what is truly meaningful and worthwhile in our lives. Yes, Melisa we are all a work in progress and your book reminds us of the power and complexity in every day experience.”

—Mirta Gómez del Valle professor of art at Florida International University, photographer, and creator of seven published Monograph books: On View , En Vista , Witness Number Four , Between Runs , Fried Waters , Four Sections of Time , and From the Ground Up

"Well organized, practical, and atheistically pleasing, Postcards to the Universe is an invitation to access the best version of ourselves, and experientially reframe the way we view and interact with not only ourselves but life itself.”

—Jamie Dawn, CSC, 12radio host, success coach, and author of Evolutionary Revolutionary®

“Melisa Caprio’s, Postcards to the Universe makes a galactic case for believing in the bigger YES surrounding us. Her solid divergence from the Glam-i-fest genre offers a refreshing perspective that compels participation and propels results. If ever there was a time to embrace her words of hope and inspiration, it would be now. Postcards to the Universe didn’t just help me find my superpower, it became it.”

—Mark Husson, founder and CEO of 12Entertainment Corp. Home of 12Listen and and author of Lovescopes: What Astrology Knows about You and the Ones You Love

“Have you read all the metaphysical books on manifestation but still struggle to create your dream? Then read one more book, Melisa Caprio’s book Postcards to the Universe. But do not just read it, do the exercises and watch your world change. This book will help you clarify what you want and send this message to the Universe. Melisa Caprio’s methods are powerful and transformational. Her writing is clear and inviting. Once I started reading I could only put it down to follow her advice. Read the book and you will believe that you can change your life. Do the exercises and you will change your life.”

—Dr. Elisa Robyn, PhD in psychology and author of The Way of the Well and Pirate Wisdom.

“‘I completely let go of that dream, but it didn’t let go of me.’

“As I read Melisa Caprio’s Postcards to the Universe: A Global Movement for Manifestation , that beautiful line really grabbed me: ‘…but it didn’t let go of me.’ I knew I was about to learn new tools about my favorite subject, intentional, mindful manifestation, and I knew Melisa was sharing something powerful with us all. Manifestation is like breathing. We can’t help but do it, and, most of the time when we are, we are not aware of it. Through a series of stories from Melisa and others, some exercises that open doors to freedom, and some gorgeous pieces of visionary art, Melisa guides us to the awakening of our ideal lives. Her book is the guidebook on the journey from the dream that is too impossible to create to the life that is that dream. This book is a box full of excitement called Postcards to the Universe.”

—Sam Beasley, Author of Your Life Is Your Prayer and Wealth and Well-Being Workbook: Overcoming Barriers to Financial Independence

Postcards to the Universe is a beautiful tribute to the power of the mind. Melisa Caprio clearly captures the steps to manifesting that anyone can follow. This book is a primer for manifesters just getting started and a great refresher course for veteran manifesters. Using her passion for photography, Caprio takes manifesting to the next step with the physical postcards she teaches her reader to create. Powerful!”

—Kristi Brower, radio host and author of Relationships for Spiritual People.

Postcards to the Universe by Melisa Caprio brings to the forefront a realistic approach to Manifesting your dreams and soul’s work. Throughout the book not only does she offer practical processes to bring you in alignment with your aspirations but she does so with examples of Inspiration and PROOF. I truly recommend this to be on every night stand and in every office to remind us that we CAN achieve our focused Postcard at a time.”

—Angie Ates, CEO/founder of Academy EPIC, corporate trainer/keynote speaker and author of Manifest Your Best Year Yet

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