The Power

The Power

by Rhonda Byrne


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ISBN-13: 9781439181782
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 08/17/2010
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 32,983
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 7.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Rhonda Byrne is the creator behind The Secret, a documentary film that swept the world in 2006, changing millions of lives and igniting a global movement. Later that same year, Rhonda’s book of The Secret was released. It has been translated into more than fifty languages and remains one of the longest-running bestsellers of this century. Rhonda has written three more bestselling books: The Power in 2010, The Magic in 2012, and Hero in 2013.

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The Power 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 322 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am trying to figure out how anyone can give a poor review to a book that hasn't even been released. If this book is anything like The Secret, I know I will be pleased. In the mean time, I recommend "When God Stopped Keeping Score." Check it out here on
nancymitchell More than 1 year ago
The Power, like THE SCRET, provides more tools to help you channel the LOVE in yourself and in others. The Power showed me the way to my desire to get excited by and with my life and truly enjoy and be conscious of every moment. Living IN LOVE is quite a trick!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Power is as says, a POWER!! Once you harness it you will literally live a high life. Physically, Mentally. Its simply Fantastic!! I also would HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Secret another book by Rhonda Byrne, once the two are combined, you can have anything you desire just FEEL it to life =)
RedheadRealtor More than 1 year ago
It had been a while since I had seen The Secret DVD (which is one of my favorite movies of all time) so I was really looking forward to reading the book. A few pages in I was kind of disappointed because hardly any of this information is different from The Secret. It is presented in a different way and has some new ideas, but it was kind of disappointing. That being said, it's a good book in & of itself. I enjoyed reading it. A book so positive cannot be labeled as "bad." In fact, I began re-reading it as soon as I was done; it's easy to put down for a few days and pick back up, even between other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not agree more about the reviews on here. How can you review a book before it even comes out. Some people are just spiteful, means and angry. I brought the Secret book and the DVD and it's all about the laws of attraction. So the expression, be careful what you wish for is on the money. Also, thanks for the heads up about When God Stopped Keeping Score. It sounds like a great book and I ordered a few copies. My sister read it and she couldn't stop talking about it.
BlueFeather More than 1 year ago
I have been living "The Secret" all of my life! A single woman, never married or had children, bought horses, built my own farm, and finally at 50, found the exact man of MY dreams, he landed on my doorstep one day looking to buy a horse! I attracted him to me with my love of horses and he had the same love of horses! I just can not wait to get my copy of this new book by Rhonda Byrne I know there is a lot more I want to attract in business! Thank you Rhonda for creating from thin air what you wish to attract! And helping me to create from thin air and thoughts, what I want in my life.
Frankie_Kate More than 1 year ago
Excellent book!!! The Secret was like the ingredients, The Power is like the directions. I love how the power is like a handbook. You can use The Secret to harness your thoughts but The Power lets us know that we must incorporate LOVE in order to amplify our desires and make them come to us faster and greater! I Love Rhonda and is very greatful to her for sharing her knowledge with us.
DirLy More than 1 year ago
Much like The Secret, Byrne makes you think and take inventory on your life and how you have brought about what you are experiencing now. With a simple change in your thought process, you can manifest things you weren't sure were possible. Within a few days of reading this book, I noticed a VAST improvement in my life. Check it out!
Tuscaloosa More than 1 year ago
A must listen to! Listen again and again as you will learn something new each time!
Rai-Aren More than 1 year ago
I was inspired by The Secret, and when I saw The Power, my curiosity was immediately piqued. The cover was so lovely, the description was captivating, so I gifted myself this book. Although at first the teachings of this book may seem simplistic, they are actually quite profound. The knowledge and wisdom imparted through its pages have changed my life for the better. I put the recommendations to work in my daily life and experienced immediate, ongoing positive results and changes. It is something I will forever be grateful for. I will continue to use The Power in my own life, for the rest of my life. I am a more positive & happy person because of it. Not only is this a deeply meaningful book, but it is nothing short of a work of art. The design and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. Aesthetically, it is such a pleasure to read through, and the imagery serves to drive home its points. The Power is a book that I will give to my friends and family for special occasions, and whenever I notice someone in my life in need of its teachings. I rarely read a book twice, but The Power is a book I will refer to again and again throughout the rest of my life. It is that good, that meaningful. I wish everyone would read it and embrace what it teaches. The world would be a much happier, kinder place. I am uplifted by having read it and enjoy the benefits regularly. Bring some positive energy into your own life, change your relationships and circumstances for the better by reading The Power and putting its teachings into practice. A new you and a new world awaits... ~Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just want to say thank you to whoever brought a copy of "When God Stopped Keeping Score" here on BN. It was listed on this page. I literally devoured every page of that book. I thought it was about forgiveness, it turned out to be about so much more. Wait until you read the story about the mother and the daughter. I was in tears. Then, the story of the two men in the hospital. Amazing. Just amazing. The Power brought that book to me. Thanks.
SeleneCastrovilla More than 1 year ago
I have been using The Secret - the book and the website - to great success! I've had two novels published and my life has improved vastly. I am happy!!! I will gladly read anything Ms. Byrne wants to add. She writes simply and gets the point across way more effectively than other books I've read on the Law of Attraction. Brava!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne is a sequel to her book "The Secret." This book is categorized under the self-help and spiritual section. It goes into detail about how to harness the power of love to have, do, and be whatever you want in life. I enjoyed reading this book for it has helped me in my own personal life and continues to aid in finding true happiness. I think that every person who reads this book can relate to the topics discussed to their own lives as well and can benefit from it. After reading the Power, I began to apply it to my personal life in hopes to find someone to spend my life with. I had finally come to terms with forgiving my ex in my previous relationship and realized she was not the person I wanted to spend my life with. I realized what I did not want and began to write down my thoughts expressing my needs versus wants in a relationship. I never had an idea of a specific physical appearance, but focused on how that person made me feel when I was with her. Every night I would think of the qualities I admired about her and the things we would talk about. A couple months after doing this, I met a wonderful person which soon came to be my wife. This book has detailed points about how your feelings and state of mind affect and shape the events in your life, both positive and negative. The author also gives many examples that occur in her life as well as other individuals. I appreciated the quotes written throughout the book. The quotes almost serve as an introduction to the next topic that the author discusses. I found it helpful and enjoyable to read the quote, ponder it and then read the elaboration related to the quote. At the end of each chapter is a summary of the points discussed. My favorite chapter of the book is the “Keys to Power” (Byrne, 2010). One of the things this chapter talked about was gratitude. In order to be in a positive state of mind, I had to think of all the things I was grateful for in my life. This helped me to stay focused on all the good in my life so I could attract more of the same things I was feeling and thinking. Although I still had some bad days, I would read this chapter and start to think of positive things again. I would do this every time I would start to feel sad or bad about something. It helped to reinforce my mind and get on the frequency of positivity and love. “The Power,” offers readers a different way of thinking and looking at life. With an open mind, the concepts covered in this book about the power of love and how it affects every part of your life is something that can benefit individuals who are ready to challenge themselves with a new way of thinking. It has certainly helped me in my life and hopefully it will help others that choose to read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Changes your life
ji12153 More than 1 year ago
I read the widely known book The Power. I have been reading many books about self-improvement, but all those things were heard like the same to me. However, this book gave me a very fundamental talk. This book explained that the biggest power around the world is ¿love.¿ The author usually emphasized the appreciation, creation, imagination, and receiving of love. When I encountered this book, it was like I found an oasis because I needed something special to stimulate my thinking, and I found this book. This book has an amazing ability to make people be positive, and be loving people. Even though this book isn¿t a Christian book, it gave me a lot of teachings for my life. I especially remember one part of this book. The author explained, ¿The positive force of love can create anything good, increase the good things, and change anything negative in your life.¿ According to this book, love is not weak, feeble, or soft. Love is the positive force of life! When I read the above part, I thought about a Korean documentary program called human-theater I¿ve watched. A middle aged couple appeared on the TV program. The TV show was about their life story. They adopted nine children during 10 years, and they showed their charity for them. Even though the nine children are not real sons and daughters, they nurtured them with love. This story inspired me a lot. The parents were not weak and feeble. They were strong, but they had a positive force ¿love.¿ I also remember a famous saying from Abraham Lincoln. He said, ¿To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.¿ When I read this part, I realized that I should have confidence about myself. Belief is unseen, and I can¿t touch belief. I just need to believe unseen things. As I want to confirm belief myself, belief is not real belief. This book was very good for me, but there were some weaknesses in it. I felt like this book mentioned the same things continuously. Of course, because the concepts are important, they might mention a lot, but it was boring to me. Also, the author wrote downright nonsense. For example, the author said if you want to get money, share your money on the road right after you withdraw your money from a debit card. Then, you will get too much money that you¿ve never thought. No matter how important the positive belief is, the above happenings are almost impossible to happen in the real world. Since someone endeavors too hard to get his achievement, he could get such a miracles. I think it¿s not easy to accomplish everything with only the positive belief.
LadyBGood More than 1 year ago
Heart and Soul resounds to truth. I continue to read and reread the information in this book. Enjoy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This has got to be one of the best books that I've ever read! The things that she writes are profound, deep and true. I know that this book will change my life for the better. Thank you, Rhonda! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Inspiring. Read it and put it to test. It really works.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very basically a sequel to The Secret. Good for beginners, yet all the same information just rewritten. Just take the word 'g Same information, different motivating force. It is as if Byrne was attempting to appease those that are Bible-based and offended by The Secret, into accepting her original message; and it won't work either way. Save your money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the secret series.. it’s changing my life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very repetitive
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
And I have not been disappointed yet! :-)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've bought this book at least 4 times as gifts or given away my copies! This book makes me feel like a good person; it gives me a little push to do good things every day!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PeacefulAZ More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed "The Power" as it is a nice follow up to "The Secret", but can be read without knowing the other books in this series. Just like "The Secret", this book goes over key points from different angles/examples to help you see how your thoughts and actions can be a positive force and bring positive things your way. I would say that we have all heard the things discussed in the book, but I think it's a concise reminder to practice them so it becomes automatic. I feel better and more in control of outcomes because I make sure my thoughts and actions are directed at what I want. It's simple and brilliant!