Psychic Development and Mediumship: 17 Step-by Step-Lessons and 19 Guided Meditations

Psychic Development and Mediumship: 17 Step-by Step-Lessons and 19 Guided Meditations

by Karen Bernabo


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Karen Bernabo believes that everyone has the ability to learn to become a medium and/or psychic clairvoyant with the right teacher, information, and dedication to their path. In her complete guidebook tailored for anyone from beginning students to advanced teachers, Bernabo shares seventeen step-by-step lessons and nineteen guided meditations that will help both students and educators develop and hone their skills.

Bernabo-a seasoned spiritual teacher, medium, and mentor-offers lessons that teach a wide range of modalities that include oracle cards, tea leaf readings, pendulum dowsing, mental Mediumship, spirit communication, channeling, candle wax readings, scrying, and much more. In addition to the lessons that encourage work with a variety of divination tools and Mediumship skills, Karen guides students and teachers through different meditational journeys that instigate the kind of deep relaxed state that invites messages from guides and helps utilize intuitive psychic impressions.

In this comprehensive guidebook, a spiritual healer and medium shares advice, lessons, and meditations intended for anyone interested in learning more about psychic development and Mediumship or how to teach their own classes.

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ISBN-13: 9781504300032
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/19/2015
Pages: 148
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Psychic Development and Mediumship

17 Step-By Step-Lessons and 19 Guided Meditations

By Karen Bernabo

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Karen Bernabo
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0003-2



You can run a class with as little as two people but I prefer six people with no more than twelve students in one sitting. You will need to advertise to find students for your new class if you do not belong to a Spiritualist church, then you will need to advertise in your local paper announcing that you have a new class available.

I recommend having at least two different timeslots available, one in the day preferably within school hours and the other in the evening or on a Saturday for those that work full time through the week. I personally run classes into two hour timeslots as I feel that two hours is enough time for students to learn in without feeling overwhelmed. Classes should be run once a week at the designated time. Work out in advance if it suits you and the students to hold classes throughout the school holidays. If most of your students have young children, you may find it necessary to have your classes on hold throughout the holiday period.

You may find it useful to write a paper on class etiquette/ground rules and give it to each student on commencement of them starting classes with you. An example of what I use it as follows.

1. No alcohol consumed on the day of class.

2. No recreational drug use on day of class/preferably not at all.

3. No swearing in class.

4. Be respectful to the viewpoints and feelings of others.

5. Do not interrupt when others are giving messages.

6. Do not wear perfume in class as it interferes with receiving messages where scent is often brought in with the smell of flowers from spirit

7. Please be punctual to class as others time is as precious as yours is to you.

8. It is important to be consistently coming to class on a weekly basis for your development, and all so for having consistent energy in the group.

9. If you have a personality conflict with someone in the group, do not voice it openly in the class, but to see the teacher privately afterwards.

10. When another student asks the teacher's advice, do not answer for him/her to offer your opinion as you are not the teacher of the class and everyone needs to be respectful.



Room Clearing, Cleansing & Protecting:

This is useful for those of us who work as teachers and/or practitioners where we need to clear a room that we are working in before and after teaching a class or working with a client. It is also useful for when you are travelling, to clear out your motel room or the room that you will sleeping in or staying at a friend's house.

Any place that we own or that we have personal use of, such as renting a motel room, then gives us the right to do the work of clearing etc. We cannot however, go about doing this work wherever we like as it may interfere with another's free will. We need to get others permission to do their home or shop/business if we are not renting their premises or a room within it. If we fail to do so, and we just go ahead thinking that it is for their highest good, then we may incur some negative karma as a response to this!

To do the room cleansing, clearing and protection repeat the following:

I ask please for Archangel Michael to create a whirly wind that is going from the centre of the room and as it expands it is pushing out all negative and unwanted entities, energies, enemies, thought forms and influences, etheric dross, negative emotions and feelings, any type of manipulation energy and anything created by them or because of them. Also anything that has come from curses, hexes, negative spells and incantations, and anything else that goes against my higher self and/or is not for my highest good.

I ask please that all of these things be completely pushed out of the room and away from me, then removed and captured into indigo blue bubbles and either be destroyed by being cast into the divine light above or thrown into the cosmic fire, or sent back to their point of origin or whatever lower dimension it is that they come from and never to come near me or to this place again.

I ask please Archangel Michael to push out and away from my personal protective shielding another shielding to go from me expanding out to the outer edges of this room that I am in and make this shielding a trillion million times stronger than any shielding that has ever been around here before. I ask please for the same to be done with Archangel Metatrons shielding and Commander Ashtar's shielding along with any other high being from the divine golden white light that can and is willing to place their shielding around it and remain in place for at least the next 24 hours.

I now ask please for St Germain to bring your violet flame of transmutation right through this room as many times as what is needed between now and the next 24 hours.

I call on the Angels of Progression to please take any earthbound entities by the hand into the light to where they belong and, if there is any resistance, I ask please for Archangel Michael to lend his assistance to escort them into the light to ensure their full progression.

I ask please for the golden spiral of protection also to be placed completely around this room and then to be held within a golden bubble of protection that is surrounded by an indigo blue shield, which is impenetrable except to the higher forces above from the divine light.

Now I ask for a two way mirror shield of protection to be placed right around all of that, and made so that I can see perfectly clearly through it and that all of my psychic abilities are completely enhanced, including, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircogniance and clairsentience. I ask for this to be in place where ever needed or wanted, and that no psychically prying eyes can see in unless my higher self gives permission, otherwise they just see Gods golden divine white light shining back at them.

I ask for a golden merkabah of protection to be placed completely around this room and that it is surrounded by St Germains' violet flame of transmutation going a million times faster than the speed of light. As it goes around the room it actively seeks out and transmutes all negative energies instantly into positive energies and for it to be absorbed into the nearest person that needs it the most.

I ask please now for Archangel Raphael to fill this room with as much healing energy as possible for what I personally need and all that also enter this place and is with me for their highest good.

I thank all of the higher beings for all of the help for cleansing, clearing, protecting and healing that is in place now and for at least the next 24 hours.

*If you find that following these exercises on a daily basis still does not seem to be enough to keep yourself clear of negative energies in your life and nothing seems to be going right for you, then you may be under heavy psychic attack. If this is the case, then you may need the services of two mediums with expertise in this field to guide you with the best course of action if someone has placed a hex or curse upon you. Check if at least one of them is able to easily hear the Lords of Karma. Th is is essential as they may give you permission to stop the person or people responsible if it has gone on for a long time and they are continually breaking universal laws by psychically attacking you.



For this you need to ask for the higher beings to assist you in this task. Firstly, I ask for golden divine white light from the heart of God (source energy) and go right into the heart of mother earth and then go through to the highest vibrational crystal gridline and back again. I ask for this to go right through the entire property known as (insert address) and to be fully anchored on a permanent basis.

If you are renting a room to work from then you would contain it to that space only to place the ascension column of light.

You can then also ask for the pillars of light to be placed in the four corners of the property, or your home or the room/space that you work in. These also go right to the heart of source and also down into the heart of mother earth.

You can also ask for Archangel Michael and his spiritual warriors to place guards on and around each and every entry and exit point of the property/building/room/space and to make sure that nothing negative gains entry as only higher vibrational beings from the light are welcome to enter. You can also ask the same of Archangel Metatron with his spiritual warriors too and also Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar command.

Once all of this is established, I then ask for it to be strengthened every 24 hours.



Opening the circle:

We ask for the golden circle of protection to be placed around each person and right around the room. Now see your Aura reach out to enfold each person. As I mention each of the Chakras see them open out into a beautiful spiral of colour, starting with red at the base, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus, peach/apricot for the soul light, green for the heart, pink for the thymus, sky blue for the throat, indigo night sky blue for the third eye and violet for the crown at the top of the head.

Now see a shaft of brilliant white light that reaches right out into the universe and we ask first that all the guides friends and helpers pass through this white light to be with us and we ask the divine for his presence among us.

Closing the circle:

Just prior to closing I ask for all of the energy that has been built up during the class to be converted into healing energy, to be taken to all those that we ask for please, by the highest healing beings that can help. The teacher/facilitator of the group starts by asking for healing for all of their loved ones, and says thank you for two reasons. Firstly, to thank the guides for doing the work, and secondly, it lets the next person know it is their turn to place their loved ones into the healing circle.

Also if there is anyone in the group that is unwell, get the entire group to visualise them in the middle of the circle and see them looking happy, vibrant, healthy and full of energy.

The teacher/facilitator then asks for each of the students to take whatever healing they need for themselves at this time by just drawing it in from the centre of the circle.

Now, as I mention each of your chakras see them closing into a tight little bud and place a cross of white light upon each of them. Starting at the crown at the top of the head, the third eye, the throat, the thymus, the heart, the soul light, the solar plexus, the sacral chakra and the base chakra. Now bring your aura back in close around you until it forms an egg shape of colour.

Ask for Archangel Michael to be each and every one of our spirit bodyguards and to place his protective shielding around each and every one of us connecting it to divine source and filling it with divine source energy and making it a million times stronger than any protection that has been around any of us before. Ask for the same to be done with Archangel Metatrons shielding and Commander Ashtar's shielding and any other higher being in the light that would like to place their protective shielding and cloaking around each of us or any of us at all.

Follow this by the golden spiral of protection, held within a golden bubble of protection, with a shield of reflective and impenetrable except to the higher forces above of indigo blue right around that, then a two mirror shield of protection right around it, that we can each see perfectly clearly out of with all our psychic abilities enhanced, including, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient, claircogniance and spirit Mediumship, wherever needed and or wanted where no psychically prying eyes can see in, unless each of our higher selves over our selves gives permission to do so, otherwise they just see Gods healing and loving light reflected shining back at them.

I then ask that we are all placed in golden merkabers of protection, that are surrounded by Saint Germain's Violet flame of transmutation that goes a million times faster than the speed of light and keeps out all negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy, and I ask that it be absorbed into the closest person or place that needs it the most.

I ask for all this to be in place now and for at least the next 24 hours. I also ask for each and every one of us to have the highest healing given to us that is possible by Archangel Raphael and his healing angels. We thank all the guides friends and helpers, all the angelic realm and all the ascended masters and the divine for their presence amongst us, for all the cleansing and clearings, protection, guidance, healings, messages that were passed on and everything else that is for our highest good. I ask for the golden circle of protection to be placed around each of you and until we meet again may the angels bless you. Thankyou.





Mental Mediumship is the correct term to use when we are asking for our guides to give us messages to do a reading for another person. Our guides work with us in a variety of ways to give us information with which to share with those that we are working with. The messages that they bring us can seem like our own imagination as mental Mediumship is perceived within our own minds and it is then. For the novice, beginner, it is difficult at first to decipher as to whether it from spirit or in their own imagination.

I personally find that when we ask for our highest and best guide to give us a message, the first thing that comes to mind will be the correct one. This is before we can start to try and work the message out, which can completely altar the true meaning if we allow our mind to interfere with the process.

As always prior to any spiritual/psychic work make sure that you have already done all of your cleansings, clearings and protection work for yourself as well as for the room that you are working in before you open the class or do anything else.

I always do a meditation prior to any work with spirit especially with students as it is important to be able to get into the "zone" to perceive messages from the higher realms. Our brain waves need to be in an altered state and so we need to be deeply relaxed to be able to gain the information that our guides are bringing to us. At least 20 minutes is the recommended time for this to occur in, although for anyone that has been doing this for a period of years may find that they are able to instantaneously achieve this. But, please do not do that to your students, to make them try to instantly get messages without meditating, as they will find it too difficult and give up and leave class with the belief that they are not any good at Mediumship or utilising their psychic abilities. That would be a great shame as they may never ever try another class with anyone again, and you will have stopped their spiritual progress! (Not good karma)

On that note, anyone can become a medium with enough good training, an open mind and a willingness to allow the meditation process to get them to that relaxed state in which they are then able to perceive their spirit guides.

First ask your students at the end of the meditation, before opening their eyes, to ask for their highest and best clairvoyant/clairaudient guide to come to give them a message for each person that is in the room. Some of them may get their messages whilst seated and others will prefer to get them as they go. Either way is fine at first, but as they advance it is preferable to get them as they go. I have found that some students will get their messages whilst seated for up to two years coming to regular weekly classes before feeling confident in themselves to just get them on the spot standing in front of the person that they are reading.

I learnt a lot whilst being a student myself, for over seven and a half years, in the weekly classes that I attended. I will allow students when they first come into a class for a while to get their messages seated, but they must stand in front of the person to deliver the messages. With them getting use to standing in front of the other student, they are then that step closer to getting them standing in front of the person.

The first thing that the student should say to the person that they wish to deliver a message to is to ask "May I come to you". Th is gives the "reader" permission to get information for the client.

Messages may come in the form of an image within their own mind. For some it will be a word, or a sentence that they hear, or perhaps seen written on a blackboard or similar. Others will get a feeling in their body, and yet others will just have a feeling of knowing what is going on with the person that they are reading. With a feeling or pain in their body it may feel like it is their own, but if they did not have it prior to asking for a message for them, then that is usually a good sign that it is a message. Once the message is delivered I always say thank you for the message and ask for Archangel Raphael to please remove the feeling from me and give healing to who it belongs to.


Excerpted from Psychic Development and Mediumship by Karen Bernabo. Copyright © 2015 Karen Bernabo. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
Chapter 1 Planning/Circle etiquette-ground rules, 1,
Chapter 2 Clearing and cleansing the room and energy protection, 3,
Chapter 3 Ascension Column of Light and setting the intention, 7,
Chapter 4 Opening the circle and closing the circle, 9,
Chapter 5 17 lessons with meditations, 13,
Lesson 1: How to work with your spirit guides (mental Mediumship), 14,
Meditation 1: Crystal Diamond Palace, 17,
Lesson 2: How to give an oracle card reading:, 23,
Meditation 2: Taking your power back/cutting cords/forgiveness, 27,
Lesson 3: Tea leaf readings, 33,
Meditation 3: Unicorn Valley, 36,
Lesson 4: Programming a crystal pendulum, 42,
Meditation 4: Meeting your crystals entity, 46,
Lesson 5: Photo reading of a live person, 49,
Meditation 5: Underwater Palace, 51,
Lesson 6: Jewellery (psychometry) reading, 56,
Meditation 6: The Log Cabin, 58,
Lesson 7: Blind readings, 62,
Meditation 7: Unicorn Journey, 64,
Lesson 8: Remote viewing (what's in the box), 68,
Meditation 8: Crystal palace, 70,
Lesson 9: Crystal ball gazing (scrying), 75,
Meditation 9: Crystal Cave River Journey, 77,
Lesson 10: Flower readings, 82,
Meditation 10: Forest Faeries, 84,
Lesson 11: Candle Wax Readings, 88,
Meditation 11: Chakra clearing with grounding, 89,
Lesson 12: Trance Channel Mediumship, 92,
Meditation 12: Inner Child Reconnection, 94,
Lesson 13: Photo of live animal reading 96 Meditation 13: Dolphin journey to the oceanic crystal valley,
Lesson 14: Photo of person in spirit, 105,
Meditation 14: Sacred Healing Garden, 107,
Lesson 15: Proof of survival, 112,
Meditation 15: Lotus Lake, 114,
Lesson 16: Intuitive art interpretation, 119,
Meditation 16: Taking back your power (short version), 121,
Lesson 17: Photo of animal in spirit reading, 125,
Meditation 17: Finding your power animal, 126,
Meditation 18: Zen garden, 129,
Meditation 19: River of Forgiveness, 131,
About the Author, 135,

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