Pure Life: A Plea for Love as Legal Tender

Pure Life: A Plea for Love as Legal Tender


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There are two wolves inside of you

The wolf of personality and the wolf of Infinite love

Which one will win?

The one you feed

More and more people dare to trust the power of love in all aspects of life, without judgement or expectations. They share one dream: to be restored back to their original state of being, freed from all illusions and lack of freedom. They are the movers and shakers who are creating a new society where love becomes the legal tender. They are heart people who seek win-win in heart economics. They include superconscious business people, scientists, journalists, doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians, bankers and many others. They are people forging organizations with the fire of Love, inspired by the Force of Life moving them toward a next step in human consciousness.

‘Pure Life is a choice and it’s time to make it!

- Paul Efmorfidis, CEO/Founder of COCO-MAT

‘Ivo Valkenburg (Netherlands, 1966) brings the world an important antidote to a global pandemic of debt money enslavement and trauma. Thank goodness that he did not despair over his financial problems and leave this earth, but instead chose to stay with us with a renewed passion for LOVE and a reminder that we all can and must pursue a pure life.’

- Mark Anielski, Author, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth

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ISBN-13: 9789090298931
Publisher: VALKENBURG bv
Publication date: 02/17/2017
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Ivo Valkenburg (Netherlands, 1966) stands for the enabling of an economy of well-being and happiness. He engages with substantial renewal of classical thought models and its practical applications. In doing so, he just looks beyond the material side of life. He considers that man again should correspond to the original state of being, which one carries in within, as the highest ideal. He views that the love (heart and soul) and wisdom (mind and spirit) are the key ingredients to realize this ideal step by step. Ivo is active for 30 years in business. His focus is on (1) to make visible how beautiful our society can be, (2) assisting companies and institutions to work from Infinite love, (3) helping people to experience the power of the heart and to integrate it into everyday life, (4) writing books and articles, and (5) giving lectures and talks about love in action.

James Hiddinga, studied quantum physics and chemistry. He received a revelation in 1993 that changed his life and way of thinking totally. He is engaged in writing books and giving consultations. He is also a consultant and provides advisory services in renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. He wrote the following books: Sources of inspiration, The journey to the light, Divine consciousness in man, Life, The confused man, Visions and out of body experiences, Angels and visions, Man, woman and soul consciousness, End of times or change? Conception, birth and life.

Galvan has given presentations and led trainings on three continents: North America, Australia, and Europe. She has also been a guest numerous times on radio programs discussing the Seven Stages of Money Maturity® and Life Planning. She authored regular columns in two magazines, "Worthwhile" and "Advising Boomers."

Her Master's thesis is on the Seven Stage Theory of Process and the evolution of human consciousness. As an educator and trainer, as well as public speaker, she can easily translate difficult concepts into more accessible language and frameworks. As Chair of a Master's degree program she designed and initiated in Consciousness Studies, Susan taught extensively in the areas of psychology, spirituality, philosophy and ethics. She also taught approximately 200 adults how to teach other adults effectively, of whom many have gone on to teach in the California Community College system. In addition, for five years she directed an internship training program of Marriage, Family and Child therapists (MFCC's) for state licensing in California.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mark Anielski, author of The Economics of Happiness Insufficient funds Introduction Part I Why take love as a starting point? 1 The miracle of love exists 2 Why choose love? 3 Love as a vision of non-duality in a world of duality intermezzo The Easter Bunny in the nativity play 4 Duality asks that we make choices 5 Love unmasks our personality Part II What does love give to us? 6 The power of not-knowing 7 God winks 8 Love as key in financial matters 9 Stand up in your true essence 10 The rise of the human organization model 11 Pilot projects of a new society Part III How do you put love into practice? 12 Journey towards love 13 No one can serve two masters; choosing between love or fear 14 Recipes for love afterword ‘Love goes beyond everything’ appendix ‘Work is love made visible’ Bibliography Notes About the author

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