Questions and Whispers : The Whispering 2

Questions and Whispers : The Whispering 2

by Eden Laroux

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Eve Snow Psychic P.I. Series, Ralph's Gift, Children of Time, Children of Two Futures, Song of Teeth, Chains of Darkness, The Magaram Legends and Friend Zone now brings you The Whispering...


Bullfiro, Tony's abusive father, has escaped, and the news devastates Meg. How she will be able to protect Tony until Bullfiro's back behind bars, she doesn't know. She does know she has Bruce's help. Two adults ready to lay their lives for this one special child should be enough, right?

But she still does not know about the strange deaths that progressed until Bullfiro's escape.

She did not know about the mystery behind each death, or that Tony's father has his own imaginary friend, the one he called The Whispering Thing, who knew about people's darkest, ugliest secrets. Obviously, this imaginary friend is the opposite of Bruce.

Meanwhile, in Tony's little world, he is busy plotting out his guardian's love lives. He has everything in bullet points in his notebook. Such tenacity should bear fruits. Right? Especially when it's obvious, even to him, that Bruce and Meg are right for each other. Right?

Bullfiro and The Whispering Thing are coming.

Then a visitor in the middle of the night brings with her a secret that will tell what really are Bruce and The Whispering Thing.

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READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.
�Okay. We should decide on a movie,� Meg said, now settled.

�Actually, I had a movie in mind. I mean if that�s not a problem,� Tony said.

�I don�t see why it should be,� Meg answered.


With that, Tony took control of the remote. After searching through the movie streaming service Meg had, he eventually found the perfect movie. Bruce supposed he should have been suspicious when he noticed the movie was in the romance category. But he chalked it up to the streaming service placing it in the wrong genre.

That theory was changed quickly when Tony looked up at the two adults expectantly.

�I hear this movie is good,� he said.

�Did you? Are you sure?� Bruce asked in a tone that suggested disbelief.

�What exactly are we watching?� Meg asked, the same tone of disbelief in her own voice.

�It�s a movie about a guy and a girl who meet at a library and after a series of ridiculous events they end up together. Then they live happily ever after,� Tony explained. �That type of movie.�

Bruce and Meg glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes. In their silence, each of them believed the other was thinking the same thing.

�No offense, kiddo, but that sounds kind of like a romance movie,� Bruce said.

�It is,� Tony said bluntly.


The Whispering 1: Seeing is Believing

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BN ID: 2940148698203
Publisher: Publications Circulations LLC
Publication date: 10/14/2013
Series: The Whispering , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Eden Laroux was born in November 27, 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana , to a meat-shop-employee father and a florist mother.

Her mother is from Saint-Emilion, Northern France � a farming town � and migrated to the US to become a textile worker. She left the mills after she married Charles.

Eden Laroux was born as Emilia Domini. She has an elder brother, Calvin, and a sister � their youngest � named Philomena.

Her father, a second-generation Italian immigrant, left Emilia�s mother for a laundrywoman, who was also of Italian descent. He was a gambler, and an alcoholic. It was learned later that not only did he stole money from his employer, but he also left the family with gambling debts to settle.

Emilia was 14 at the time, and the experience of being abandoned and deceived seared into her memory � a theme which showed up in most of her early literary works � sad poems and essays, and in her college years, short stories for various creative writing classes.

Her brother � a closeted homosexual � chose to leave his own studies and instead worked odd jobs to supplement their mother�s income, which was obscenely meager. He had �come out� only to Emilia � not because of fear of not being accepted, but to relieve the family of �any more trouble�. He and Emilia were very close, owing to their father�s leaving and their mother becoming undone and distraught.

Despite financial difficulties, Calvin pushed Emilia to work for a degree, and through his and other people�s help, she was able to get a scholarship and studied AB English Literature.

It had been three weeks since Eden�s graduation when Calvin was killed in a freak accident at work.

Philomena was the family�s joy, however, and the family�s artist. While her formal training is in business (She is currently studying for a degree in finance and strategic management), she nevertheless finds time to also dabble in the visual arts � as a potter, painter, and of late, as a furniture designer.

Emilia chose to write under her mother�s name, as a tribute both for her unconditional love and for her strength to overcome an enormous challenge of raising a family � all on her own.

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