Remember Me Forever (Lovely Vicious Series #3)

Remember Me Forever (Lovely Vicious Series #3)

by Sara Wolf


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Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, forty-three weeks, and two days. Or so she thinks.

The boy she maybe-sort-of-definitely loved and sort-of-maybe-definitely hated has dropped off the face of the planet in the face of tragedy, leaving a Jack Hunter–shaped hole. Determined to be happy, Isis fills it in with lies and puts on a brave smile for her new life at Ohio State University.

But the smile lasts only until he shows up. The menace from her past—her darkest secret, Nameless—is attending OSU right alongside her. And he’s whispering that he has something Isis wants—something she needs to see to move forward. To move on.

Isis has always been able to pretend everything is okay. But not anymore.

Isis Blake might be good at putting herself back together.

But Jack Hunter is better.

The Lovely Vicious series is best enjoyed in order.

Reading Order:

Book #1 Love Me Never

Book #2 Forget Me Always

Book #3 Remember Me Forever

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633754997
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Series: Lovely Vicious Series , #3
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 156,066
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Sara Wolf lives in San Diego, California, where she burns instead of tans. When she isn't pouring her allotted lifeforce into writing, she's reading, accidentally burning houses down whilst baking, or making faces at her highly appreciative cat.

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Remember Me Forever (Lovely Vicious Series #3) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
QueenAlchemy More than 1 year ago
4.5/5 Stars This review MAY contain spoilers. Read at your own risk. This series definitely ended out on a high note. I very much enjoyed the first two books in this series, and this one even more so. As with the first two books, I finished this book in one sitting. This book had an entirely different vibe from the first two books. And if I'm honest, it felt like the last book was more New Adult than Young Adult. The main characters have moved on from high school and are all going to college in this final installment. While there were many friendships, there was not a lot of family involvement in the characters lives. Another thing that was different about this book from the other two books was the pacing of the story. The second book jumped right back into the story from where it had left off. This book starts out months after the close of the second book. And we get a recap from the main character's point of view, which was more telling than showing. I am not usually a fan of this style, but it kind of works in the end. I honestly wasn't jamming with it in the beginning, but once the story picked up from there things got better. It just made the beginning of the book feel too slow and boring. I enjoyed the plot. It definitely heats up a bit compared to the first two books. It did feel like something out of left field at first. Basically, just really unbelievable in most parts. I could still enjoy the story though. It isn't like these events couldn't happen in real life, just highly unlikely to happen and sync the way they do in the book. But the story was definitely full of suspense. I honestly did not know what was going to happen next. Like the first two books of this series, this book is also character driven. There is not a lot of world-building, but the book does not suffer for it. This series is a contemporary and it's really about the characters. The setting could have been anywhere where there are traditional high schools and colleges. The characters are what drive the story and make it shine. The character development for the two main characters really comes full circle. These characters have past traumas to confront, face, deal with, and then come back to feeling okay again. It's really one of the main points of the series. Learning how to deal with the horrors of life, not running away from your problems, and learning to be okay with yourself in the end. I really felt connected to these characters throughout the series, but even more so after finishing this final book. I have so many feels! This book, and this series as a whole, deals with a lot of sensitive issues that some may find triggering. I applaud the author for including them. They are issues that are quite real and many do not see the light of day in Young Adult literature. Off the top of my head, some of the issues are rape, abuse, self-harm, suicide, PTSD, mental illness, anxiety, underage prostitution, violence, miscarriage, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, stalking, and more that I am probably forgetting at the moment. Overall, this story is definitely one that will stick with me. I can see myself rereading it at some point in the future. This series is one the I would recommend to a mature Young Adult audience. I have no doubt that anyone that picks up these books will fall just as in love with the characters that I did!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All I can say is that I loved this series.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Jack has left Isis and she's forced to move on to the next phase of her life on her own. Jack and Isis have a complicated history, but they were close and now he has disappeared. Isis has a place at Ohio State University, however her worst nightmare becomes reality while she's there. When the biggest hurt from her past shows up she isn't happy she signed up any longer. Isis is going to stand up for herself though. When everything that happened to her in the previous years comes together all of a sudden she has to be brave, but she doesn't have to do this alone. Will she be okay and what about Jack, will he be part of her life once he'll be able to overcome the obstacles that are still in his way due to his past or will she lose him for good? Remember Me Forever is another great story about Isis and Jack. They have been through a lot together and their connection is strong. However, Jack has made choices that have taken him away from Isis. He's always suffering and desperately keeps trying to do the right thing for everyone but himself. I often felt sad because of the life he's chosen and kept hoping he'd find happiness instead. Isis is still bold and funny. I absolutely loved her warm and witty personality and enjoyed reading about her again very much. She's a fantastic original main character. I couldn't wait to find out how things would end between Isis and Jack and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Sara Wolf kept me captivated from beginning to end. Sara Wolf has written a fantastic trilogy about two special people. Jack and Isis both have their flaws, they aren't perfect, but they also have a lot in common. They feel intensely, they make rash decisions and they fight for what they believe in. That makes them fascinating to read about. They truly deserved to have their story spread over three different books and fortunately Sara Wolf has given them a beautiful fitting ending. What I love the most about her writing is the clever dialogue, it's always surprising and the fierceness of it kept blowing me away. I highly recommend the Lovely Vicious books, it's a series I will remember for a long time.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
The bantering between Isis and Jack was right back up there to the level I loved about book one. They're hilarious together. The supporting characters all play significant roles as well, as it was kind of a tragic spider web that connected them all. That makes it hard to say much without revealing a spoiler or two, so.. mums the word. This was not a typical romance at all, but it sure was intoxicating. I wasn't ready for this one to end. Remember Me Forever by Sara Wolf was kindly provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley for review. The opinions are my own.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I didn't used to cry so much, and I want to tell her that, but I realize the story would be too long. You could fit in in, like, at least three books. Isis Blake, Remember Me Forever, Lovely Vicious book 3 Phew, what an ending! Okay, so some things were resolved just a little too quickly and nicely here, but since Isis is still Isis (OMG, her habit of thinking out loud. Cracks me up every. Single. Time) and Jack is still Jack (thank you, God) and I love, love, love them together and wanted an HEA for them more than almost anything, so...yeah. I can deal with a little too quick and nice. Because Isis and Jack. This really isn't a standalone--actually, I kind of wished I'd had time to re-read books 1 and 2 ( Love Me Never and Forget Me Always ) first, because it'd been a while. Stuff came back to me--there was a lot of oh, yeah, that happened... throughout--so I managed. But if you're new to the series, do yourself a favor now that all three have been re-released and read them all at once. I'm sad to say goodbye to Isis and Jack, but glad I got to see them through to their end--and looking forward to what Ms. Wolf has for us next! Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
yaykisspurr More than 1 year ago
I have not read book 1 or 2 of this series. As a result the start was really shaky to me. I thought seriously about DNFing this book after the talk with her grandmother about suicide. Her thoughts on how suicide is right if a person wants it and no one being to blame but the suicider felt wrong. Bullies can be to blame when a person suicides (not in this case) as well as chemical imbalances which are an irregularity of the body, not a choice! It is better to live, life gets better especially when you are at rock bottom. I understand her grandmother didn't want her to beat herself up but this kind of thinking doesn't get people with thoughts of suicide the help they need! At 23% I felt like the story started for real... she sees Nameless and freaked out. The story definitely got a lot better once the recapping was over... she still felt high as a kite but it got good once she found some friends! So I took off 1 star for the really rough start. I know that this is partially due to it being a 3rd book but I felt like a lot of it was unnecessary. This story stood well on it's own laurels. This beginning did not help me to understand the later story and most of it is revealed again naturally in the course of events. The other thing I got sick of was the portrayal of drinking, partying, sex and drugs in the story... So you are unhappy?! So what? Not every teenager who feels this way handles their feelings in such a juvenile manner. *Sigh* If any of these are turn offs to you I suggest not reading the book, its not in one spot where you can skip it, it's spread judiciously through the entire book... I loved the dual POVS! Jack contrasted Isis nicely and if he had only broken up her rants more in the middle their narratives would have worked perfectly. I felt like besides the beginning the writing was so, so good! Jack is restrained and yet emotional. Isis is on overdrive, all pop culture and crazy twisting thoughts that reflect her in the most perfectly iconic way possible. I loved all the characters that Isis had rooting for her: Kayla and Wren, Yvette, and Donna, Kieran and Charlie. They weren't perfect relationships but they were real... There are so many great details in this book... -a lesbian relationship and friendship, -the best long distance best friends forever relationship, -cute nicknames for people you don't like: Hemorrhoid with redemption at the end, -pranks on nasty professors, -a wonderful forgiving woman as an example to all, -an incredible handling of a delicate invasive situation, -sex with the conversation frank and cute and just how you'd hope your first time is, -a dash of spy danger and espionage. There you have it... a taste of all the good stuff! By the end I had forgotten the terrible beginning and was really rooting for Isis and Jack. I wanted them to be happy and actually the epilogue is spot on for them to me! If not for that start I would totally give this book 4 stars...Isis has been through so much and to come out the other side with her attitude and defense mechanisms is pretty incredible! BOTTOM LINE: Isis makes this a must read for teenage girls...
TheThoughtSpot More than 1 year ago
Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. Thanks to Entangled Teen and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review Remember Me Forever by Sara Wolf! The refreshing sense of humor of Isis Blake opens the story and I'm so happy to be with her again:). She's setting off fireworks at the top of a chimney with her beloved grandmother at four in the morning. We can see where Isis gets her interesting personality. The author recaps the past events of Isis' and Jack's lives smoothly and through alternating points of view. Their roller coaster relationship makes life difficult for both Isis and Jack. They are both trying to figure out their present plans and their futures. This book is the culmination of past relationships, struggles and secrets that have haunted their individual lives and the people they love. I love the snark and out loud ramblings from Isis and also her generous personality and the mystery of Jack and ALL that he encompasses. Remember Me Forever is romantic, suspenseful and fun and ends the series perfectly, 5 stars. Sara wolf knows how to bring her characters to life and have them grow and become part of her readers' hearts. At the end of this book, a new series by Sara Wolf is introduced- Bring Me Their Hearts which is planned for release in 2018! I'm interested!