Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of Collaborative American Poetry

Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of Collaborative American Poetry


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Collaborative poetry — poems written by one or more people — grew out of word games played by French surrealists in the 1920s. It was taken up a decade later by Japan’s Vou Club and then by Charles Henri Ford, who created the chainpoem, composed by poets who mailed their lines all over the world. After WW II, the Beat writers’ collaborative experiments resulted in the famous Pull My Daisy. The concept was embraced in the 1970s by feminist poets as a way to find a collective female voice. Yet, for all its rich history, virtually no collections of collaborative poetry exist. This exhilarating anthology remedies the omission. Featured are poems by two, four, even as many as 18 people in a dizzying array of forms: villanelles to ghazals, sonnets to somonkas, pantoums to haiku, even quizzes, questionnaires, and other nonliterary forms. Collaborators’ notes accompany many of the poems, giving a fascinating glimpse into the creative process.

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ISBN-13: 9781933368184
Publisher: Soft Skull Press, Inc.
Publication date: 02/28/2007
Pages: 397
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     i   Charles Henri Ford et al.
International Chainpoem     1   Neal Cassady   Allen Ginsberg   Jack Kerouac
Pull My Daisy     3   Jack Kerouac   Lew Welch
Masterpiece     5   John Ashbery   Kenneth Koch
A Postcard to Popeye     7
Crone Rhapsody     9   Jane Freilicher   Kenneth Koch
The Car     12   Bill Berkson   Frank O'Hara
St. Bridget's Neighborhood     13
Song Heard Around St. Bridget's     16
St. Bridget's Efficacy     17
Reverdy     19   Bill Berkson   Michael Brownstein   Ron Padgett
Waves of Particles     21   Ron Padgett   James Schuyler
Within the Dome     22   Ted Berrigan   Ron Padgett
Inner Landscapes     24
Noh     27   Ted Berrigan   Robert Creeley
Think of Anything     29   Ted Berrigan   Anne Waldman
from Memorial Day     30   Tom Disch   Marilyn Hacker
A Crown of Western Sonnets     44   Maxine Chernoff   Paul Hoover
Freeze the Moment     48
Slow Flurries     49   Eileen Myles   Anne Waldman
from Polar Ode     52   Susan Cataldo   Susie Timmons
Masters of Suspense     57
Driven North by Poverty     59   Allen Ginsberg   Kenneth Koch
Today the Nuclear Bombs     61
A Hilarious Sestina     64   Maureen Owen   Rebecca Wright
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do     67
Seven for Roy Rogers     68   Tom Carey   Helena Hughes   James Schuyler
Milk Punch or Whiskey?     70   Helena Hughes   James Schuyler
Full Moon     72
Debris     73
Little Chinese Box     74
Black Mink     75   Allen Ginsberg   Ron Padgett
Thundering Undies     76   Eileen Myles   Alice Notley
I Got Easy     77   Bernadette Mayer   Alice Notley
From a Continuing Collaboration     78   Bernard Welt   Terence Winch
Strategy     83   Olga Broumas   Jane Miller
from Black Holes, Black Stockings     85   Dennis Cooper   David Trinidad
S.O.S.     97   Bob Flanagan   David Trinidad
Strawberry Blonde     98
Anger Turned Inward     100   Allen Ginsberg   Bob Rosenthal$dBrooklyn College MFA Class
Graphic Winces     102   Allen Ginsberg   Lita Hornick   Peter Orlovsky
Cataract     104   Lita Hornick   Ron Padgett
White Mink     105   Alice Notley   Douglas Oliver   Ron Padgett
Hot Pink     106   Keith Abbott   Pat Nolan   Maureen Owen   Michael Sowl
All Ears     108   Martine Bellen   Elaine Equi   Melanie Neilson
Renga     120   Dodie Bellamy   Kevin Killian
Tenebrae     125   Samuel Ace   Kevin Killian
A Lover's Complaint     126   T Begley   Olga Broumas
from Sappho's Gymnasium     129   Norma Cole   Michael Palmer
from A Library Book     140   Joe Ross   Rod Smith
Chinook, 7 Poems (Like Non-existence)      144   Cindy Goff   Jeffrey McDaniel
The Secret     151   Robert Bly   Yorifumi Yaguchi
Listening to a Storyteller     153   Stephen Dunn   Lawrence Raab
In the Cities of Someone Else's Anxiety     154
The Bluest Day     155
The Night She Removed Her Pearls     156
Sky     157
The Other Side of the Sky     158   Joanna Fuhrman   Jean-Paul Pecqueur
Dental Records Prove We Were All Children     160   Joanna Fuhrman et al.
To My Kidney Near My House     161   Joanna Fuhrman   Chris Martin
Four Attempts toward a Theory of True Names     163   Joanna Fuhrman   Noelle Kocot
The Singing Animal World     166   David Lehman   Karen Pepper
Enchainement     168   David Lehman   William Wadsworth
Falstaff     169   Stacey Harwood   David Lehman
The Literary Community     171   David Lehman   Joseph Lehman
The Bus     173   Daniel Shapiro   David Shapiro
The Car in a Maze     175   Carson Brock    James Brock
from Vacationland 2     176   Jack Wheeler   Susan Wheeler
The Red-Tailed Monkey     178   Annabel Wheeler   Susan Wheeler
The Spring Years     180   Jeffery Conway   Lynn Crosbie   David Trinidad
Chain Chain Chain     182   Amy Gerstler   Benjamin Weissman
Haiku     199   Lyn Hejinian   Leslie Scalapino
from Sight     201   Jack Collom   Lyn Hejinian
from Sunflower     210   Samuel Ace   Margo Donaldson
No More Linda Smukler     216   James Bertolino   Anita K. Boyle
Social Etiquette     218
Crawl Space     219
Observer of the Obvious     220   Denise Duhamel   Maureen Seaton
A Crown of Spells to Ward Off Susans     222
Madame Bovary     226
Madame Bovary 2     227
Caprice     228
The Origin of Olive Oyl     230   Denise Duhamel et al
82 Reasons Not to Get out of Bed     232   Bernadette Geiser   Zoe O'Banion   Sarah Odishoo   Maureen Seaton   Ginny Sykes
Five Orgasms     237   Lisa Glatt   David Hernandez
Gay Parade     240
Mercy     241   Violet Snow$dSparrow
Waiting for the Cat Food to Come     243$dSparrow   Mike Topp
Dollar Store     245   Thomas Fink   Timothy Liu
The New Prosperity     246
Art in America     247   Kendra Dwelley Guimaraes   George Tucker
Derivative of the Curve: 2     248
Robotics     249   Maureen Seaton   Terese Svoboda
Cereal Monogamy     250   Jacqueline Johnson   Devorah Major
Somonka     252   Patricia A. Johnson   Christina Springer
Somonka     254   Opal Palmer Adisa   Reginald Lockett
A Game of Chance     257   Reginald Shepherd   Gene Tanta
Romeo's Half-Wake     258
Screen Memory     259   Jim Elledge   Kristy Nielsen
Lessons from the Kitchen     262   Nick Carbo   Eileen Tabios
Ifugao Red     263   Nick Carbo   Eric Gamalinda
Logogriph     265    Guillermo Castro   Ron Drummood
All Saints' Day     267   Virgil Suarez   Ryan G. Van Cleave
The Great Cuban Sculptor     269   Connie Deanovich   Rachel Loden
Sestina for Horse & Destiny     271   Julianna Baggott   Norman Minnick
Soul #1     273   Laura Bandy   Shirley Stephenson
Spin     275   Paulette Beete   Danna Ephland
Days of the Week     276   Michael Hettich   Claudia Livini   Susan Parsons   Yair Segal
Where We Live Now     277   Alice George   Cecilia Pinto
Thirst     279
What Is She Doing Right Now?     280
Soldier     292   Pamela Gemin   Julie King
Fugitive Car     294   Nin Andrews   Mary Beth Shaffer
The Life     296   Haya Pomrenze   Brenda Serotte
Another Avenue     297   Cathryn Cofell   Karla Huston
She Dreams about Being Jung     299   Ronald Koertge   Charles Harper Webb
Horror Movies We'd Like to See     301   Kate Gale   Terry Wolverton
Term     305
Testament     306   Joshua Beckman   Matthew Rohrer
Jangling     308
Architecture Believes in Formalism     309
A Note on Process     311   William Fuller   Tom Raworth
Equitable Deviation     313   Tom Clark   Anne Waldman
Zombie Dawn     314   Andrew Schelling   Anne Waldman
Riparian     329   Anselm Berrigan   Edmund Berrigan   Karen Weiser
As If I Was a Cloud Expert     334
I Think You Get the Privilege O     335   Terri Carrion   Michael Rothenberg
from Cartographic Anomaly     336   Veronica Corpuz   Michelle Naka Pierce
from TRI / VIA     343   Jim Harrison   Ted Kooser
from Braided Creek     349   Tom Breidenbach   Nathan Kernan
Alaska     351
The Slave     353   D. A. Powell   Rachel Zucker
Ghazal As Menu or with Adumbration     355   Maggie Anderson   Lynn Emanuel
Now It's Tomorrow As Usual     357   Douglas Kearney   Harryette Mullen
Sprung Flung     364
About the Contributors     367
Acknowledgments     389
About the Editors     397

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