Saving Saint Mom

Saving Saint Mom

by Mr. Finch Mellor

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Saving Saint Mom by Mr. Finch Mellor

Will's been chosen to save humanity. He’s an average young man with the slight exception, he’s learning differenced. He's in his final moments of high school, he was born three years earlier on the same day as his brother and while visiting home for the Christmas holidays in 2011 he’s told devastating news by his Mom. Saving Saint Mom is the truly amazing highlight reel of memories from the cool and quirky mind of a dyslexic high school senior out to change life.

During a perfect early summer afternoon in late May, Will sets out for a leisurely jog hours before his highly anticipated graduation dinner. As he runs through the sleepy suburban streets of a small town, he remembers in vivid detail the hundred and forty-three days leading up to this day, the day of his jog. Will meets his brothers in the park in dramatic fashion. He jumps and hangs from a tree branch like a chimpanzee, mostly because of his excitement to see his brothers again, but also because of the adrenalin he felt after being on a quest to rid his mother’s bones of cancer. And, while he was dying to tell them, he has plans to announce his life changing news sometime during his grad dinner later that night.

Will’s highlight reel of memories reveals the series of the triumphant and sometimes tragic events that lead to him understanding he must become super human, and fast. The last Original Soul on earth needs to be saved, and Will is our last best chance to save her. And Will’s last best chance is Mr. Finch Mellor, Will’s English teacher, who delivers this incredible news to him. Mr. Mellor rediscovers a childhood secret after reading an open and honest journal entry for his senior level English class written by Will. An embarrassing event in the dormitory hallway and an impromptu trip to a small village in Ireland, Finch Mellor had returned to the boarding school to guide a quest to purge cancer from the bones of the last Original Soul on earth, Will’s dying MOM. Having chatted about their plan to save the world over a biscotti and an Espresso in the school’s library late one evening Mellor’s chosen warrior in the story becomes none other than the main character, Will himself.

Sketchy three o’clock in the morning meetings in the parking lot of the local convenience store and secret four hour drives all help make sense of the time Will spent hanging out in the lobby area of the 6th floor cancer ward at the Buffalo hospital. Mrs. Mellor's amazing understanding of the human mind and her experimental techniques help strengthen Will’s mind power and she’s able to help Will create a tangible connection between his soul’s power and his mother’s disease. Samurai wisdom, cancer victims, surgeons, and slam poets all give Will, the bullied and labeled young man, the courage to prove he’s super human. Sorry, did I just say super human? I meant to say SUPER DUPER HUMAN.

The power of words and conviction brings Will to do things he never thought possible. He overcame the demands of a ridiculous ultra-conservative school headmaster HRJr. and he found love and true beauty in a wonderful girl named Xania. From the stage at a packed Café in the heart of downtown Toronto, into a stinky hockey bag while sneaking back across the US border, Will stopped at nothing to take his mother’s pain and make it his. Unfortunately, he never gets the chance to tell her, or anyone else his amazing tale like he’d planned during his graduation dinner, because he exits our world in dramatic fashion later that afternoon. He'd ’prepared themselves’ as best he could, and they won the war - kind of.

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BN ID: 2940154397121
Publisher: Mr. Finch Mellor
Publication date: 05/29/2017
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Hi! I’m Will and I’m a learning differenced young man out to save the world. I’m on a quest to prove I’m super human. Sorry, did I say super human? I meant to say SUPER DUPER HUMAN. This is my amazing story about lifetime struggles with language, and how I use the power of words to save the world, I hope. It’s a raw insight into the world of a dyslexic young man and his struggle to change life. I overheard the one and only Mr. Mellor say once that it’s a humorously broken tale of triumph over tragedy, or something like that. Speaking of Mr. Mellor, he’s an awesome guy and he's kind of the author of our story, Saving Saint Mom. What you need to know though, is that he wrote this story totally with my help. I'd really like to be able to explain to you how we did this, but I can't, so you're just going to have to trust that I did, and that it worked amazingly! Well, you'll soon see for yourself if you read our story. So...oh ya, Mr. Mellor, well his first name is Finch, he’s a Bluenose do-good vigilante and a kick ass Adult Education teacher in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That's in Canada. Among the many things he loves, he especially loves good music, strong conviction, his beautiful wife, his incredible son and their very cool dog, Cash. From what he's told me, Mr. Mellor's played varsity football, he's drummed in a punk band, he was an altar boy in high school, he's taught class in a jail and he passed his Driver's test in one try. Well whoopedy doo! No seriously, he's a super nice guy. I'd love it if you checked out our story. Mr. Mellor's also written a couple of other really cool stories. One's called, Life's Little Melodies and it's about an incredible man that I knew, too. His name's Mr. Peter Weisenburger. Actually, Mr. Weisenburger's in our story, chapter 17, I think? I'll have to check. The other story he wrote is, My First Twenty-Five Years. A crazy good story about the first twenty five years of a World War Two soldier's life. They're both totally amazing, and I didn't even help him write either of them. Talk soon, Will Aargh

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