Taste Test

Taste Test

by Kelly Fiore

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If you can grill it, smoke it, or fry it, Nora Henderson knows all about it. She's been basting baby back ribs and pulling pork at her father's barbeque joint since she was tall enough to reach the counter. When she's accepted to Taste Test, a reality-television teen cooking competition, Nora can't wait to leave her humble hometown behind, even if it means saying good-bye to her dad and her best friend, Billy. Once she's on set, run-ins with her high-society roommate and the maddeningly handsome-not to mention talented-son of a famous chef, Christian Van Lorten, mean Nora must work even harder to prove herself. But as mysterious accidents plague the kitchen arena, protecting her heart from one annoyingly charming fellow contestant in particular becomes the least of her concerns. Someone is conducting real-life eliminations, and if Nora doesn't figure out who, she could be next to get chopped for good.

With romance and intrigue as delectable as the winning recipes included in the story, this debut novel will be devoured by all.

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ISBN-13: 9780802734754
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 08/27/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Kelly Fiore has a BA in Creative Writing from Salisbury University and an MFA in Poetry from West Virginia University. Cooking and writing are two of Kelly's greatest passions; others include cupcakes, facials, and VH1 Classic. She lives in Maryland where she lives with her husband and son. Taste Test is her debut novel.
Kelly Fiore has a BA in English from Salisbury University and an MFA in Poetry from West Virginia University. She has received two Individual Artist Grants from the Mid Atlantic Arts Council. She is the author of TASTE TEST, JUST LIKE THE MOVIES, and THICKER THAN WATER. Kelly lives in West Virginia with one husband, three kids, two dogs, a cat, and a hedgehog.

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Taste Test 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it could npt put the book down it was so amazing it is a totally must read book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MyHeartHeartsBooks More than 1 year ago
I loved every single minute and every single page of Taste Test. Before Kelly Fiore's debut novel, I was in a reading funk. I couldn't get enough of Taste Test, and once I finished the last page, I flipped back to the first page so I could prolong my reading experience. Taste Test tells the story of Nora competing in a high stakes cooking competition. The prize of $50,000 and a scholarship to a prestigious cooking academy in Paris could open so many doors for Nora, a girl who from North Carolina who grew up learning to cook at her father's Barbecue restaurant. However the competition isn't easy and it's filled with privileged rich kids who were raised with the culinary best in their silver spoons. When mysterious and strange "coincidences" occur, Nora begins to suspect theirs more happening then she suspected. I definitely want a second helping of Taste Test. There just doesn't seem to be enough. I really felt like I connected with Nora and what she was dealing with, even though I never experienced anything like it. There is a universality in this work, that makes it so relatable. Taste Test is about love: love of what you do and maybe another kind of love as well. ARC provided by publisher on Netgalley.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
I was quite excited to see this pop up on NG and even more excited when I got approved. I really enjoy cooking and while I've never really gotten into the cooking shows on TV, I still thought this would be a really fun story. And it was. While I would say this was just meh for me- I still enjoyed reading it. However, I found the characters to be very one-dimensional and didn't really see any character development. I liked the main character Nora ok, but I did find her to be a bit immature. Especially when it came to Christian. But we'll get to him in a minute. Nora earns a spot on Taste Test and naturally has to deal with the assumptions that she's nothing but a country bumpkin from a few of the elite, rich kids. She is determined to prove herself and that she has a fighting chance of winning. Upon setting foot on the bus, she is immediately insulted and criticized by both Joy and Christian- two of the aforementioned elite, rich kids. What reality tv show would be complete without drama, right? Joy is a pampered princess who we think has something going on with Christian. It turns out Joy's taste in guys is a bit more advanced, which leads Nora to believe there is bias amongst the judges. Nora and Christian have an interesting dynamic. They go from insulting and hating one another one minute to questioning their feelings for each other the next. Yet, I just didn't quite buy it. Christian is a straight up douche. He ran hot and cold the entire book with Nora. One minute he'd be insulting her, the next he'd be playful and teasing, and in the next he would be serious and almost vulnerable. It was hard to get a read on him and whether he was genuine or not because of the back and forth. They acted rather childish when it came to one-upping the other. I would have liked Christian a bit more had he shown some kind of redemption or bettering of his character in the end. But I didn't see that myself. Personally, I didn't find myself swooning over him at all. Now, Billy, Nora's best friend? YES. He was sweet, caring, and encouraging. He is defensive of Nora and you can tell he has feelings for her. However, there really seemed to be no point in introducing his character as a potential love interest. It didn't go anywhere and seemed a bit awkwardly incorporated into the story. Such a shame- I would have preferred those two with one another, because it's a relationship I could actually believe. But Nora is too caught up with her infatuation/revenge with Christian. I did like how there were interviews and such placed strategically through the novel. I thought that was pretty cool how the interrogator was trying to pit contestants and friends against each other and get the kids to try and say things they didn't necessarily mean. It was very realistic to what real reality tv shows try to do. I also liked the competitions and I wish we had seen a bit more of those instead of focusing on the drama surrounding it. We do have a bit of mystery and intrigue in this book. Someone is trying to sabotage the competition by injuring contestants. Trying to figure out who was guilty of such heinous acts was really kind of neat, even though I hated who it ended up being. Overall, not a bad read- there were definitely aspects I really liked and I tried not to focus on how much I disliked the love interest and just enjoy the story for what it was. *Received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*
rockygirl1 More than 1 year ago
I was so excited when I saw this book.  I couldn’t wait to read it.  And when an ARC of the book fell in my hands? I did a happy dance (a dancer I am not, luckily my kids are still young enough that they are not easily embarrassed, but let me tell you, the day is coming, and I am not about to stop dancing in public!) I couldn’t wait to dive into this one, but unfortunately, other commitments made me have to hold off for almost a month.  But FINALLY! I have been able to read it.  Cue the happy dance music. So, I fell in love with Nora immediately.  I mean she has spunk.  She is not intimidated by anyone on the show and she is loyal to a fault to her friends.  Who wouldn’t want a friend like that? And to be honest? Christian? the main male lead, wasn’t seeing the attraction.  But, he grew on me.  A lot.  I’ll admit that by the end I was really cheering for him and Nora.  But we won’t go into details cause that would be spoiler-ish, and we all know that I don’t do that! Nora’s friends are great too. I also loved the concept of the book.  I admit it. I’m a closet reality show junkie.  My hubby hates it, but I will watch any of them.  My current favorite is the voice (I mean Adam Levine? YUM!) So this was right up my alley! And teenagers competing and cooking is amazing. And even cooler? Kelly Fire includes ACTUAL recipes in the book.  Of actual stuff that the contestants cook on the show! And my favorite part, the cover is adorable and totally sets the tone for the whole book! Yeah, this book was AMAZING. I try not to give out my 5 ratings to often to make them mean something, but this book totally eared it.  I couldn’t wait to get to the end and find out who was behind all the accidents on the sets, and I promise its probably NOT who you thought it was either! (Kelly also sent me the coolest swag with the book, but I promise that had nothing to do with the review but may have had a lot to do with all the dancing that was going on in my house! I would take a picture of the spatula set that she sent, but I’m pretty sure that my daughters have confiscated them as I haven’t seen them lately! but the bookmarks totally rocked!)
PrettyInFiction More than 1 year ago
Taste Test by Kelly Fiore is one of those books with such a cute concept that you just have to read it. The second I read the synopsis I knew, good or bad, I'd be reading this one. And I enjoyed it! A lot, actually. It was fun and creative and perfect for a quick read at the beach. The story takes place on the set of a teen reality cooking show, which is just about the coolest concept ever. Or, I think it is, at least, because I can't seem to stop watching reality cooking shows! They're addictive and so was this book (and the mystery that went along with it). I have to admit, I wish Fiore had picked an aspect of this story and stuck with it though. I felt between the romance, the mystery and the cooking, everything was stretched too thin. It all felt vague. If she'd pushed the cooking or mystery to the forefront and let the romance settle into the background Taste Test might have become one of my favorites. But as it is, I think it'll just become a cute book I read one time. Let's talk about the love interest for a minute. I can't say I fell for Christian, but I can't say I didn't either. He was a jerk from the beginning of the book and he didn't grow or change much throughout the story, but what seventeen year old boy would mature in just a few months? Especially months spent on the set of a reality show! The thing about Christian is that, even though whenever he's feeling insecure he reverts back to a thirteen year old caveman, he still has a good heart underneath that bravado and you do get glimpses of the man he might become, but he's not becoming that man in this book. So, no, maybe he's not the love interest that will stick with you and have you swooning all over yourself, but his character is a realistic take on a spoiled seventeen year old boy and I appreciate that. Plus he's one heck of a cook! The thing that really makes this book stand out for me is the contestant recipes for the dishes they make throughout the show. There's everything from Nora's Three Chili Macaroni and Cheese to Joy's Lobster Bisque with Roasted Corn and Potato Shreds. Mmm. Yum. My mouth was watering the whole time I was reading so it only makes sense Fiore leaves the reader with a few fantastic sounding recipes! While Taste Test might not have the consistency to stick with you after you put the book down, it's entertaining while you're reading and will leave you dying to try out some of those recipes. I highly recommend to fellow Food Network junkies and to anyone looking for a light, but very cute, story.