THE EMERALD DOORWAY: Three Mystic Crystals

THE EMERALD DOORWAY: Three Mystic Crystals

by R. Scott Lemriel (AKA - Rochek)
THE EMERALD DOORWAY: Three Mystic Crystals

THE EMERALD DOORWAY: Three Mystic Crystals

by R. Scott Lemriel (AKA - Rochek)


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(Book One)

(Three Mystic Crystals)

100,000 years ago, Earth’s poles changed one hundred and eighty degrees overnight, destroying the lands as they sank beneath exploding lava in seething ocean waves. Rising from the sea floor, entirely different continents that we live on today formed, and there was a new beginning.

...unless...they finally INTERVENE...

This fast-paced epic adventure secretly revolves around present day Earth as you journey with Harry Faldwell (four-star Air Force General and a National Security Advisor to the President) as he reluctantly discovers benevolent and malevolent extra-terrestrial beings actually exist, before he profoundly experiences the deliberately hidden true ancient history of Earth and our solar system.

Meet Captain Kalem Starland - a human officer in the space fleet of the Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance Of Free Worlds - who contacts Harry to request his assistance to help stop Sen Dar, a very diabolical power-mad being, from completing his unrelenting quest to capture the three mystic crystals of The Ancient One. If he succeeds and puts them together they could give him dominion over the galaxy and power over Earth that would result in its unexpected total destruction.

Behold the awakening of the impassioned love between Captain Kalem and Mayleena - the exquisitely beautiful Oceanan woman with subtle blue-hued skin. Journey with them as they struggle against Sen Dar’s growing occult powers to discover their destiny; to one-day return to their true home in the far higher pure dimensional mystical realm of The Ancient One.

Meet their endearing dedicated friend, Etta: a highly intelligent three-foot-long extraterrestrial, green Salamander-like being who has very fluid heart-warming human-like facial expressions, and human-like fingers and toes from the Dren race that evolved with the ability to defy gravity and fly through the air.

Discover the existence of the mystic Order of Adepts discretely known as Guardians of The Ancient One. These Masters of the omnipresent living energy that sustains, supports, and surrounds all life stationed throughout the galaxy also secretly protect the people of Earth and its numerous hidden inter-dimensional parallel time doorways from malevolent extra-terrestrial domination and destruction.

Explore this uniquely uplifting and hidden truth revealing razor-edged adventure to experience how all these elements are woven together today around each one of us, as we continue our journey through life during the ongoing covert struggle for our planet’s survival.

© October, 2015 By R. Scott Lemriel

© TXu 62 748, © PAu 835 230, © 07-15-2006

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692537695
Publisher: Total Spectrum Publishing
Publication date: 04/29/2019
Series: Parallel Time Trilogy , #1
Pages: 388
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

After over forty years of extensive experiential research, R. Scott Lemriel has finally put forth his second book, The Emerald Doorway - the first book of The Parallel Time Trilogy. The three part episodic story is fictional but entirely based upon the author's direct experience exploring the past time track for the last four decades. His experiential research into uncovering a vast depth of deliberately hidden truth regarding the true history of planet Earth and our solar system; and the benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial beings that have, in one way or another, directly influenced the condition of our world and the direction it is headed today, has revealed a treasure far beyond any expectations. This first book of the trilogy written prior to The Seres Agenda, created for the purpose of sharing the benefits of this uniquely transforming and uplifting adventure with his current and future readers, is now here on Earth. Lemriel was originally inspired to write The Emerald Doorway (Book One of The Parallel Time Trilogy truth-based adventure) and The Seres Agenda hidden truth revealing book he first published, for the experiential benefit of his readers. Many awareness-expanding events occurred during his childhood and throughout his adult lifetime that enabled him to bring these books to the public awareness. They involved a series of experiences mostly with benevolent UFO phenomena events, extraterrestrial technology and the kind spiritually advanced beings that wield it, journeys via out-of-body travel into the parallel, and higher dimensional realities, as well as numerous excursions along the past time track. These adventures eventually revealed a hidden history of Earth and our solar system that subsequently helped to confirm the depth of suppressed truth he was uncovering in his own life. In addition, the music compositions and productions he developed throughout his life from his early twenties continue to kindle the fire which drives his ongoing explorations into knowing ever deeper hidden truth by direct experience - in contrast to believing or theorizing. Today, his continuing journeys into our vast multidimensional universe and his unique uplifting music continue to serve as an inner channel of inspiration to further explore and awaken ever so much more about our true nature as knowing eternal beings. Lemriel is genuinely passionate about sharing eye-opening enlightening experiences and unusual encounters he gratefully received while uncovering cleverly hidden truth. For the first time, he discloses how our planet is about to be unexpectedly, benevolently transformed in the near future instead of destroyed because of a recent off-world decision that was finally made concerning changing Earth's current destructive destiny. He takes the reader on their own personal journey to discover the benevolent reality of UFOs or advanced alien spacecraft, extraterrestrials both benevolent and malevolent, the true nature of our everlasting spherical energy being; its non-destructible energy form that people from other worlds call Atma, and the reality of the existence of parallel and higher dimensions. He further reveals to his audience what he discovered about planet Earth's most important missing ancient history, and discloses how he experienced much about the depth of purposefully hidden truth from the guidance of masterful teachers the majority of human beings dwelling on earth today do not know existed at any time.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS 1. The Silent Observer 2. Contact Over the Bermuda Triangle 3. The Mysterious Ra Mu in Washington, D.C. 4. The Hidden Doorway of Mt Shasta 5. Earth's Secret Parallel Time 6. Telemadia (3) - The Setting of a Dream 7. Oceana and the Visions of Mayleena 8. Etta and the Dren City of Onn 9. The Orphan Sen Dar's Destiny 10. Reflections of Admiral Starland 11. Surprise Visit to Promintis 12. Sen Dar's Cave of Deliverance 13. Rude Awakening on Lodrea (3) 14. On the Journey to Yalgull Space 15. The Glonden - Yalgull Alliance 16. Child Lost and Found 17. Captain Kalem and a Dren named Etta 18. Etta's Bond of Friendship 19. Sen Darion War and Peace 20. From Ashes to Fire on Maldec 21. Death and Transformation 22. Now That's a Way to Get Around! 23. Deception of Stralim on Atlantis 24. Lemuria, Ra Mu, and Kalem's Mission 25. A Rat in the Road to Romantic Destiny 26. A Madman's Demands 27. Fight in the Cavern of the Drens 28. Death and Resurrection 29. Reunion and a Fond Farewell 30. Romance in Paradise 31. Now I Have You ... Now I Don't! 32. The Polar Shift 33. Meeting The Ancient One 34. Final Farewell on the Island of Atlantis 35. Escape to a Future Parallel Time 36. Starland Comes to Earth's Present Time 37. Return to the Parallel Lemuria of Earth 38. Master Ra Mu Returns Home *** Brief Synopsis for Books Two & Three Glossary of Characters and Terms About The Author

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