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The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails: A Spirited Journey Through Suburbia's Hidden Tiki Temples

The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails: A Spirited Journey Through Suburbia's Hidden Tiki Temples


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Come and explore suburbia’s hidden tiki temples with Kelly and Tom. Sample over 150 of their original tropical cocktails!

These drinks chronicle their time spent bartending at home tiki bars during the rise of the craft cocktail revolution, among them Kirby's Rumpus Room, which hosted weekly parties for many years.  Included are riffs on tropical classics and original concoctions crowd-tested at home bars across the U.S. You’ll also find recipes for home-made syrups, including ancho chilli, lemongrass, sesame, hibiscus, and more.

Sven Kirsten—the authority behind The Book of Tiki—provides the Foreword. The book features full-page cocktail photos and glamour shots of some of the coolest home tiki bars around. Additionally, you’ll find lavish illustrations by Tiki Tony, chapter heading illustrations by Jake Geiger—a tiki aficionado and game designer for such hits as Guitar Hero and Call of Duty—and select featured art by Doug Horne, who is a true lowbrow Leonardo familiar to the tiki scene.

This guide is proof that you don't have to go very far to sample the best tropical drinks in town. Belly up to your basement Bali Hai or backyard Bora-Bora and mix yourself a tropical vacation!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780993337444
Publisher: Korero Press
Publication date: 04/01/2019
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Tom Morgan teaches film, screenwriting, and public speaking. He lives in the West Hills of Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, in the US.

Kelly Reilly is a US mixologist and bartender. At the famous Tonga Hut in North Hollywood, she was instrumental in revamping their cocktail menu and helping to organize their Loyal Order of the Drooling Bastard programme. She lives in Los Angeles.

Foreword by Sven A. Kirsten
Sven A. Kirsten is the author of the Book of Tiki, which is widely acknowledged as the bible of the style, and Tiki Modern, which further explores Tiki style’s relation to mid-century modernism. His most recent work, Tiki Pop, represents the complete chronicles of America’s obsession with Polynesia.

Table of Contents

Your Very Own Bali Hai 9

The Tiki Underground 13

Beginnings 19

Words of Warning 41

Setting Up The Back Bar 43

Metric Conversion Chart 65

Rum 66

The Alexander 68

Aloha Baby 68

Apollo 151 71

Bangkok Kick 71

Bilge Rat 72

Black Sand Blue Sea 72

Blackbeard's Severed Head 75

Caribbean Splashdown 75

Cave Man Kava Grog 76

A Chocolate Orange 76

Coconut Burn 79

Derecho Arriba 79

El-Korero 80

The Enchanted Sandy Warner 80

Exotique 83

Fez Flipper! 83

Fuel Injection! 84

Grindhouse Grog 84

Hex 87

The Hibiscus Huta 87

Hipalicious 88

Hoodoo Doll 88

Hoodoo Drummer 91

Hoodoo Hut Cocktail 91

Hula In The Dark 92

Ivre Poire 92

Jumpin' Jezebel 95

Kauai Island Jungle Sling 95

Keko Mokaki 96

Kelly's Quintessential Rum Barrel 96

Kelly's Special 99

Kick In The Coconuts 99

Kilauea Sizzle 100

The Koenig 100

Kon-Tiki Rain 103

Kona's Curse 103

Kupa Kai Swizzle 104

The Lazy Lei 104

Lights Out 107

Little Buddy 107

Luau Pig 108

Lulu Kai 108

Makakoa Kelekele 111

Malaysian Holiday 111

Manakooran Moonbeam 112

Mauna Poli'Ahu 112

Mary Ann's Homemade Coconut Cream Pie 115

Mele Kalikimaka Mock Martini 115

Menehune's Kiss 116

Moai Madness 116

Monk-ey Nut 119

Mug Cracker 119

Mystique Noir 120

Peanut Mug Salute! 120

Pele's Kiss 123

Pele's Passion 123

Persian Carpet Ride 124

Phuket Phizz 124

Pirate Girl's Sea Shanty 127

Pohb Moku 127

Polynesian Headsplitter 128

Pomegranate Pygmy 128

Punji Stick 131

Professor's Nocturnal Dream 131

Redstone 3 132

Rooster In The Road 132

Satchmo's Scat 135

Savage Marubi 135

Shaka Hula Bossa Nova 136

Shanghai Express 136

South Seas Serenade 139

Stranded In Paradise 139

Sultry Seductress 140

Sweet Antona 140

Tahitian Twister 143

Tiki MojoHeato 143

Trader Tom's Rum Punch 144

Trader Tom's Wayward Rum Barrel 144

Two Black Eyes 147

Velvet Taboo 147

Vox Dei 148

Volcano Cooler 148

Waikiki Serenade 151

Waiting For Watubi 151

Winter Fling 152

Woohoo Wahine 152

The Wrecked Wench 155

Zombie Jamboree 155

Gin 157

Bachelor Number One 158

Bamboo Splitter 158

Charlie Chan's Solution 161

The Eichler 161

Fu Manchu's Elixir Vitae 162

Hakodate Hiball Modern 162

Lemons and Legerdemain 165

The Tattered Dress 165

The Vanguard 166

The Wright 166

Bourbon & Whiskey 169

Baron Samedi's Hoodoo Brew 170

Bokor's Bastard 170

Holy Molé 173

Lola O'Brien 173

The Marked Man 174

Rathbone's Deduction 174

The Sleep Of Reason 177

Slipping The Great Beyond 177

Taboo Tsantsa 178

Tiki Templeton 178

Cachaça 181

Brazilian Buzz 182

Flaming Headless Mule 182

Samba de Ipanema 185

Tiki Batida 185

Mixed Spirits 187

Dragon Junk 188

Erzuli's Love Punch 188

French Whore's Boudoir 191

The Krisel 191

La Serena 192

Makaha 192

Oscalypso 195

Peruvian Songbird 195

Satin Pearl 196

Scorpion Prohibido 196

Screaming Lorita 199

Singapore Swing 199

Tequila & Mezcal 201

Aztec Hotel 202

Aztec Sacrifice 202

Aztec Treasure 205

Cocktail Corrido 205

Flor de Jamaica 206

Old Prickly 206

Ponch's Ponche 209

Ricky Ricardo's Mistake 209

Sideshow Gaff 210

Tah Quee Toe 210

Vodka 213

Bachelor Number Two 214

Black Cat Juice 214

Dan-O's Day Off 217

The Fickett 217

Honey Bee Waltz 218

Kamaguna 218

Sicilian Vendetta 221

Silk Road 221

Vostok Cocktail 222

Watermelon Wanga 222

Bowl Drinks 225

Kon-Tiki Rain Bowl 226

Luau Pig Bowl 226

Pele's Kiss Bowl 229

Poho Moku Bowl 229

Ponch's Ponche Bowl 230

Scorpion Prohibido Bowl 230

Trader Tom's Rum Punch Bowl 233

Trader Tom's Wayward Rum Barrel Bowl 233

Vicious Virgin Bowl 234

Volcano Cooler Bowl 234


Syrups and Infusions 237

From Well to Top Shelf 245

From Sweet to Dry 249


Spirits 251

Ingredients 255


Drinks by Strength 261

Drinks by Creator 263

Ingredients 265

Acknowledgements and Credits 267

About the Authors 270

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