The Immortality Game

The Immortality Game

by Ted Cross


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The Immortality Game by Ted Cross

Moscow, 2138. With the world only beginning to recover from the complete societal collapse of the late 21st Century, Zoya scrapes by prepping corpses for funerals and dreams of saving enough money to have a child. When her brother forces her to bring him a mysterious package, she witnesses his murder and finds herself on the run from ruthless mobsters. Frantically trying to stay alive and save her loved ones, Zoya opens the package and discovers two unusual data cards, one that allows her to fight back against the mafia and another which may hold the key to everlasting life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780990987710
Publisher: Ted Cross
Publication date: 11/24/2014
Pages: 328
Sales rank: 818,537
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)

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The Immortality Game 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
The Immortality Game, admit it, we would all like to win that one, but at what cost? Ted Cross takes on a trip into the future to Moscow, the year is 2138 and the world has barely survived a complete meltdown. The poor struggle to scratch out a living serving the wealthy and elite. Science has made tremendous bounds, but is it going in the right direction? Citizens are required to have data ports implanted. Yeah, think built-in USB port for simplicity's sake, is it a scientific break-through or forced compliance? Has Big Brother gone Techno? When Zoya is asked to deliver a package and witnesses the murder of the sender, she opens the package to discover two data cards that could change the world and its quest for power and immortality. Meanwhile, across the globe another is on the hunt for those cards. Marcus comes to Moscow, but is he alone? His father has been absorbed into the ether, his essence alive, but his body is gone. Could these cards be the answer to bringing him back to the land of humans? Do these cards represent a chance to populate far off planets? Are they meant only for the elite, the chosen few? The winner of the race to space and a possible Utopia called new Eden? Possession of these cards will mean death for Zoya, but using one herself could keep her alive as she and Marcus dodge the Russian mob bent on revenge and retrieval. Who can be trusted? At its best, the world is bleak and dangerous; it will take a miracle to survive. Ted Cross’ version of the future is chaotic, cold and over-powering as seen by his choice of covers. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, and I think he nailed the atmosphere he has created perfectly. Is he telling us our futures will be decided by science? Are we headed down the path to self-destruction or hope? Mr. Cross gives us several characters to see this world through, to feel the constant tension, the need for secrecy, the mistrust and the wickedly divergent economic classes. This is brilliant science fiction at its brutally raw best. There is no walk down a peaceful trail, this is grit and survival, but who says who is the fittest? I promise you, Ted Cross has created a world that may stop you in your tracks, make you believe in the sights, sounds and smells he describes, as his words get under your skin and keep bouncing around in your head. Fascinating and powerful!
dhole More than 1 year ago
I’m not normally a quick reader, but I was drawn into the world of The Immortality Game from the opening chapter through the ending. The futuristic setting was immediately and expertly introduced, and the female lead character, Zoya, had a good-girl appeal from the opening dialogue with her roguish brother. The world after The Dark Times is further built through the perspective of Marcus, the young son of a deceased millionaire who invented the program- cure for the “internet virus” that hackers used to topple governments and cripple the business world. The program also made possible a widespread addiction called “meshing”, which nearly destroys humanity to the point of extinction. This story is action packed, but has a steady pace that drew me completely into the world. Although filled with cyber-speak, it doesn't take a degree or interest in science or engineering to relate to the simple terminology. If you've watch the world news or own your own computer, you’ll be familiar with slots, discs, wireless, clones, air cars, intergalactic space travel, and the concept that “there is always a war somewhere.” Mr. Cross takes exploratory technology of today, sets it in a world little more than a hundred years in the future, and adds an intense twist to world politics and everyday game playing and vice. I enjoyed how the author took two average people who would likely never meet, and who have no extra-ordinary skills, placed them in a situation to make choices between loyalty, family, and basic morality, and used the available technology and societal rules of the time to force them to rise to the challenges. And who isn't curious about the inner workings of the Russian Mafia, and how normal citizens survive in such a hostile environment? The Immortality Game gave me a sense of hope for the future, even while it listed the devastation of relying on the virtual pleasures of cyber-space and cyber lovers, the loss of individuality and connection with people, even the loss of life. Marcus’ deceased father integrated his genius mind into the internet and retains his basic personality while seeking the genetic compatibility of a clone body to restore his humanity, and he uses his world wide connection to protect his only son from the oblivion of  “meshing.” Zoya has hope of using the found technology to assist her in rescuing her brother, her friends, and her hope of having a child of her own. Marcus is searching for his purpose in life and a reason to remain addiction free without the protective firewalls of his father’s intervention. I think this story would appeal to readers who enjoy “a little romance and technology” in the story without it overwhelming the concepts of intrigue and the search for immortality. I give The Immortality Game five stars and would definitely read more titles by the author Ted Cross.
Aurorawatcher More than 1 year ago
The writer's attention to detail is what brings this book above your usual dystopian thriller. The poplar seeds float in the afternoon breeze as Zoya heads to an appointment with destiny, unaware that her brother is about to thrust her into dangerous beyond her wildest imagination. Meanwhile Marcus leaves Phoenix in search of the package Zoya has received. Techno-thrillers are not my genre of choice, but this one was filled with action and suspense, a little bit of romance and lovely touches of detail that bring you into Moscow circa 2138.
IvanAmberlake More than 1 year ago
The Immortality Game review Ted Cross’s The Immortality Game tells about a girl named Zoya who gets a mysterious package from her brother not long before she finds him dead, and who then has to flee for her life from the mobsters that killed her brother. There is also Marcus who leaves Phoenix, Arizona for Moscow in search of that same package as it might help his dead father Javier Saenz (who only exists in the digital world) get a new body. Set in Moscow of the year 2138, which is far from a safe place, The Immortality Game makes a riveting technothriller where there’s lots of action, tension and suspense. Realistic and gritty, it’s a perfect read for lovers of sci-fi and cyberpunk. It would make a great movie, in my opinion. Can’t wait to read Ted Cross’s future releases.
Alexander_K More than 1 year ago
I got a chance to beta read this story, and I just loved it! The author clearly knows Moscow well, and he has created a truly believable and frightening future world that is very fun to read. Everyone who loves cyberpunk or thrillers should be checking out this fabulous new author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read, very original storyline.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago