The K'Jin Mission

The K'Jin Mission

by Talee
The K'Jin Mission

The K'Jin Mission

by Talee



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K’Jin had been a disappointment to his parents. Both parents were Kre Masters of the Miir order, and moderately talented with the power colors. They had dreamed of having a child who would reach the upper echelons of the mastery wielding great control over the power colors. Instead they got a child who, while exceptionally talented in the martial arts and a borderline genius, had no ability at all with the power colors. The only real evidence that he was not just another villager was that he had been able to teleport from birth and he was exceptionally skilled at precognition. Neither talent, however, had anything to do with the power colors, they were simply extrasensory skills.

Being the child of two masters, K’Jin lived among apprentices and masters with full access to all the training made available to them. In an attempt to fit in among them, he apprenticed himself to one of the senior master’s security guards and declared for the Laar order. Rather than bringing him closer to his parents, this move created an even wider gap between them as his chosen order was the complete opposite of theirs.

When the Srin Master’s testing cycle came to his home planet, K’Jin was encouraged to test for the Mir mastery even though he believed he was not yet ready. He nearly made it through the testing though failing on the final test of his extrasensory skills. During the testing, however, he was noticed by the Srin Master’s head of security and was asked to meet with the Srin Master himself. This started a chain of events that whisked him out of his safe, if uncomfortable life in the training centers.

He soon found himself receiving a different type of training, learning to maintain a cover under duress, and to hide his extrasensory skills. After he mastered these skills, he was smuggled into the Witch Hunter’s realm where he was to make his way to Educator, now known as Shame, and contact the underground cell of masters that was supposed to be there.

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BN ID: 2940045235617
Publisher: Talee
Publication date: 08/21/2013
Series: Power Colors Tales
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About the Author

A dedicated reader and writer, I have always loved a good character. Heroic magicians, iconic warriors, and everyday people who overcome adversity are what I seek in both my reading and my writing. Some of my favorite books are Andre Norton's Witch World series, Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders, and Christopher Stasheff's Warlock series. I like to take characters that are believable and show how they overcome long odds to succeed, or simply adapt to their environment to accomplish happiness for themselves and others. For me, writing is just like reading, I may know how the story is going to eventually end, but the joy is in the journey that unfolds day by day.

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