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The Lodestone Trilogy (Limited Edition)

The Lodestone Trilogy (Limited Edition)

4.6 35
by Mark Whiteway

On a distant planet ruled by a brutal tyrant, an alien girl comes to the aid of a stranger and is plunged into the midst of a titanic struggle that will decide the fate of her world.

For the first time in a single volume, this limited edition version includes all three books of the first Lodestone story arc, including a revised and updated version of Book One


On a distant planet ruled by a brutal tyrant, an alien girl comes to the aid of a stranger and is plunged into the midst of a titanic struggle that will decide the fate of her world.

For the first time in a single volume, this limited edition version includes all three books of the first Lodestone story arc, including a revised and updated version of Book One, a unique cover featuring a scene from the second book, and a special chapter navigation system. The combined 360,000 word epic is available for a limited period only.

Lose yourself in the astounding world of Kelanni!

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Mark Whiteway
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Lodestone , #4
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Meet the Author

Mark Whiteway (1959- ) lives in rural West Sussex, England, near the former home of H G Wells. The Lodestone series of novels is built around the concept of negative matter-an extension of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Mark lives with his wife Sandra.

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The Lodestone Trilogy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
zadelicious More than 1 year ago
To call The Lodestone Trilogy a masterpiece would be an understatement. This powerful debut by Mark Whiteway is destined to become a classic. Not in the limited sense of a cult classic of the scifi variety. Whiteway’s opus will touch the hearts and imagination of readers of general fiction, marking a crossover from the science fiction/fantasy genre to mainstream contemporary literature. His timeless, compelling characters make it easy to forget that this magnificent adventure takes place in an alien world with no less than three suns, each of which behaves in a uniquely distinct manner.  Each page is a rich tapestry creating a visually stunning backdrop worthy of cinematic translation. What stands out most about The Lodestone Trilogy: • The fantastic scope of Whiteway’s imagination in the multilayered storylines that are woven seamlessly into a clever plot • The deftly lyrical prose that evokes scenes of emotional depth and unsurpassed beauty • The computer-like logic in shassatan battle strategy as well as the scientific and technological applications of lodestone • The sharp, quick-witted writing that characterizes not only the dialogue but the entire trilogy In Book One: The Sea of Storms, the prologue thunders off the page with an ominous portent. A mysterious stone from the heavens is destined to alter the course of events… Kelanni – a green-skinned, white-blooded race – inhabit the world of The Lodestone Trilogy. Unearthly creatures they most certainly are NOT. These inhabitants embody the best and worst of human traits. The introduction paints a sordid picture of harsh poverty that enslaves soul and body of the Kelanni to feed the insatiable greed of a tyrannical yet charismatic Prophet for the planet’s most precious resource. LODESTONE. A substance so rare it is found on no other planet save for Kelanni. Exceedingly difficult to mine but with the potential for unlimited power.  Weary of blind obedience to a heartless despot, five unlikely heroes emerge to shine hope on their dark world.  Three youths brimming with impetuous idealism and mischief. The planet’s most gifted general, protégé of the Prophet’s most trusted adviser, consumed by patriotic love for fellow Kelanni and oath-bound to an enigmatic creature. A seemingly useless creature that is somehow the key to freeing the “tributes” from the shackles of slavery. Readers will find themselves riveted as the traitors are hunted down without mercy through the desert fortress of Gort, the serpentine traps in the Fire Pits of Kharthrun, the thief-infested Port City of Sakara, and the treacherous Aronak Sea. With loyalties brutally exposed, heart-rending choices are inevitable. Rivalries surface as tensions rise in the face of mounting danger. But there is no turning back and the band of freedom fighters must cement brittle ties or allow their race to face extinction. As the depth of the characters is revealed, one detects the unmistakable presence of…a soul…in heroes and villains alike. Therein lies the story’s greatest strength. A startling message from beyond, from another time and place, guides them on their way but compounds the entrancing mystery that begins to unfold.  Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars pulsates with visceral excitement as the Kelanni freedom fighters find themselves plunged into a dark, frozen, unwelcoming land. The gravity of their mission drives them blindly forward even as each survivor deals with the acute pain of loss and separation. Surviving the heart-stopping flight from their deadly pursuers and the unknown perils of the Great Barrier of Storms, they cross over to the other side and encounter a strange universe of technological marvels unheard of in their world. Yet something about the new world is oddly familiar. Oddly dressed, speaking in a peculiar tongue and living a vastly different lifestyle, Kelanni inhabit this world as well.  A parallel universe?  Not quite. The enthralling history of Kelanni is unraveled in The World of Ice and Stars as our heroes discover that this is the other half of their planet, with a tragic yet astonishing past. And hidden in its shadowy, forbidding forests is a sinister horde of creatures so terrifying as to chill their very bones. As the forbidden ancient secrets are exposed, the true power of lodestone and the very real danger to the future of the entire planet become clear. And the shocking identity of the mysterious Prophet is revealed. But only four can go on to complete the extremely hazardous mission of saving the entire Kelanni race from annihilation. To merit this honor, our heroes must undergo a harrowing trial that will bare each character’s deepest pain and brutally test the limits of his or her weakness.  This darker sequel will captivate readers with its bold exploration of scientific possibilities and the depths of psychological and emotional boundaries. Book Three: The Crucible of Dawn is Whiteway’s finest work yet. ADDICTIVE! I finished the entire book – all 51 chapters plus epilogue – in three days. A certified page-turner from page one, the exquisitely crafted plot with its breathtaking twists and turns and gut-wrenching moments cements his status as a master storyteller as the battle for the possession and control of lodestone reaches unprecedented heights. The deadly game of shassatan plays out on the battlefield of life like never before, forcing its combatants to engage in the highest levels of skill and risk. In the heat of battle, the loyalties of the Kelanni freedom fighters are tested as they clash not only with their foes but with each other. Nearly stranded on the distant island of Helice, each turns out to have his or her own agenda. Each one must fight the greatest battle – with himself. Will they make it through their mission alive…or become casualties of war? Adding to the mix are new characters – including three exiled foreigners with highly suspicious motives but essential to the destruction of the Prophet’s weapon. Which one will betray them? The Chandara, a legendary ancient race possessing the wisdom of the ages, yield the most surprising secret of all. This epic tale of greed and redemption weaves in and out of multilayered storylines with masterful ease, climaxing in a stunning conclusion.  Exhilarating. With a cryptic ending. Hollywood would be crazy not to turn this trilogy into a movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I stayed up faaaar too late, excellently written and a wonderfuly imaganitive read!!
Dinithi More than 1 year ago
I bless my stars for making me come across this book which was indeed an amazing piece of writing and a breathless read. Although based on a common theme, which is victory against evil, the author excels in creating a unique and outstanding work of fiction.  Instead of bombarding the reader with innumerable words, definitions and characters, the author has chosen a slow and steady way to introduce us to a whole new world and entice us along in a journey which is both exciting and entertaining. An enthralling plot, a narration well detailed in a lucid writing style infused with rich vocabulary and sentences well structured that makes the reader get absorbed into the story and live in the flesh and of the characters. The incidents and characters are well connected; the flow of the story is w ell managed. Words were put together skilfully to generate horror, sympathy, love, kindness and every other emotion at the right places. You won’t get a chance to even think of putting down this book until the very end.  After finishing the read, my mind still soars in the world of Kelanni, under its three suns, unable to detach myself from the bewitching spell the story has cast on me. All in all, The Lodestone trilogy is a masterpiece of science fiction. A poignant story well crafted by the author. I give it five stars and highly recommend it, especially to those who love to indulge their imagination! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun! Fun! Fun! That would be the word I would use to sum this trilogy up. From the first page, the adventure grabs you and keeps you going, all the way to the last! A kitchen hand, a musician, a rebel, a fanatic, a nerd, a thief, and a....Boxx join forces to save the world. Each one joins the group for a different reason, but as they travel together, facing danger and adventure, they each begin to grow and change. This is a journey of not only bravery and courage, but of discovery and transformation. Mr. Whiteway has invented a world and a culture that is both believable and exciting. His descriptions of the peoples and the lands allowed me to actually be there, working my way across the desert, running across the sea or walking through the primeval forest. I love that Mr. Whiteway assumes that I have the intelligence to understand viewpoint, and never over describes. Epic battles, scientific discovery and legends come to life these are the backbones of this marvelous tale. I look forward to reading more by this very inventive author!
Jovarie More than 1 year ago
This edition of the Lodestone trilogy is a great buy. I originally read Volume one sometime back when I saw it for free, but hadn't broken down and bought the next volumes yet. With all three together, It was a savings off of buying Volume 2 and #, so I went ahead and bought. In this book, the Kelanni people are ruled by a tyrant Prophet, on a world and with people like enough to Earth that they are familiar, but different enough that it is interesting. The Prophet rules by forcing the people to mine Lodestones, then using their special properties himself to dominate them. In Volume 1, a group of rebels comes together, including a disenchanted Keltar, an enforcer of the Prophet, named Keris, to try to find a way to overthrow the Prophet. The first volume is the story of them coming together, and then trying to find their way across the storm barrier, a barrier that keeps them from the rest of their world, looking for the answers they need to defeat the prophet. In Volume 2, the group has been split up after getting through the storm barrier. They find themselves in a new world, where they adapt to the new environment. This is a world of high technology, something they know nothing about. Each group, thinking at first that the others are lost, continues with their mission to try and find the means to defeat the Prophet and overcome his lodestone advantage, and to find the means they need to go back and save their people. Continuing their mission in Volume 3, they have found the components of the weapon they need to defeat the Prophet, and to save their people. For it turns out that the Prophet is one of a group of humans that are using the Kelanni people, and want to just kill them all off in the end. They just want the lodestones. On their way home, the group again experiences trouble, and is again split up. Mark Whiteway, the author, states that he started writing late in life, but has done a remarkable job keeping the multiple plot lines straight. This book is well written, and I enjoyed reading the first volume over again before tackling the rest of the trilogy. These stories could be enjoyed by the younger reader, as some of the characters are younger, and easy to identify with, while older readers will enjoy the story also. If you are into science fiction and/or fantasy, this trilogy is worth checking out.
stayingalivemoma More than 1 year ago
I’m not a die hard science fiction fan; however, after reading the Lodestone Trilogy, I just may be changing my genre! A planet with three suns, a race of people – the Kelanni- humanlike in emotion, wants and needs, but yet still different. Right from Chapter 1, you are thrust into the action. The characters; you are actually there with them, feeling what they feel, seeing what they see, wanting to partake in their battles. We all have a little Kelanni in each of us. Mark Whiteway has an uncanny knack of building the mood. I mean this in the most positive way. As a writer myself, I can undoubtedly say his method of holding the reader’s interest and building climax in the story is almost…delicious. You will be salivating after the first book to know more! No need to go hungry, continue on to the next 2 books. Never before has a story captivated and moved me, made me feel like I was part of the story, since my love affair with the Harry Potter series. There is something reminiscent about the Lodestone Trilogy, something that makes you want to fight the good fight and see the good guys win. Bravo, Mr. Whiteway. Bravo.
ScribbledThoughts More than 1 year ago
If there’s one book that really affected me, it is The Lodestone Trilogy. It took me to another dimension, a distant world seemingly unimaginable, but somehow realistic and logical. The characters (and creatures) in the story added so much flavor that exceed the readers’ enthusiasm. Being an impatient reader, I first thought that I will not be able to read such a long tale; but to my surprise, I was glued to the book on my free time and could not resist reading further. The story was very engaging and anyone reading it will surely be compelled to go on and on. The author did a remarkable job in putting words together to create a thrilling story. The language used was easy to understand and was written prolifically. The writing style was so effective that I was able to travel through the scenes… and see and feel for myself what was actually happening in the story. I enjoyed jumping from one adventure to another, and felt like an invisible character accompanying the heroes in their endless journey. Just when I thought I knew what will happen next, I was blown away. The story is so unpredictable that I can only catch my breath and let the book bring me to the next chapter. I most especially admire the character of Keris. I think we are somehow similar in so many ways. Albeit she demonstrated her weaknesses, she clearly defined the distinction between obeying the law and serving the people. While all the characters are exciting to follow, Keris was my favorite. I also saw several resemblances of these fictional characters in real life, like the pretentious prophet and blinded keltars who hide in their flying cloaks (power) and rule the world through lodestones (money). The writer clearly presented leadership, power, trust, loyalty, and friendship in a very creative way. I was captivated by the story and, thus, I will read the book again! I can’t wait to watch it in wide screen…
Tammy43 More than 1 year ago
In this book you have four people who come together to save the planet Kelanni from the Prophet. The Prophet has followers called Keltars who have stones called lodestones, these magical stones gives them immense energy and power so they can be the ears and eyes for the Prophet. Lyall who is described as a genius and his friend Alondo whose only power appears to be musical, purely by accident are joined up with a Inn keepers adopted daughter Shann, who has reasons of her own why she would like to join up with them to free the people of the planet who have been captured by the Keltars and are made to work as slaves. These people are known as the "tributes". The fourth to join this group is Keris, she was once a Keltar, but was recently given a special message by a creature called a Chandara. Keris has to convince this group of three that this information that was given to her is vital to them all if they want to achieve freedom they all so desire, but first she must gain their trust, after all she was once the enemy. I really enjoyed reading this book. Once Lyall, Alondo, Shann and Keris get together this fantasy book quickly takes off to strange lands with aliens, magical characters and flying cloaks. This book is a series of three books, where you will travel to many places and meet some very odd aliens. It has action, magic, romance, humor and of course danger. Later in the series this small group will be joined by two more colorful characters, which I feel gives the book a new added interest. This is fantasy and science fiction at its best. You will find yourself entangled in a world you have never known before and once there you will want to stay to see if they can free the planet. Each character will grow on you as you read all the books in this new series. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good action packed science fiction/fantasy book.
Lillylamb More than 1 year ago
OK, let me start off by saying that sci-fi is not my genre of choice. I am more of a crime novel girl with a hint of a romantic side. However, a close friend of mine read this book and raved about it so much that I had to buy and read it....just to see what all her fuss was about. I was so surprised in how much I enjoyed it! Although some of the stuff was a little "science-y" for my liking, the writing was wonderful and the storyline was really compelling. To be honest, I read the entire book in about a day! I really couldn't put it down. Although I will probably not run and fill my Kindle with science fiction, I will be looking out for additional books by this author. It just goes to show you that good writing will reach far beyond a genre. Thank you!
NickiDani More than 1 year ago
The first book of the Lodestone Trilogy, The Sea of Storms, written by Mark Whiteway, is the start of an epic journey of the four main characters in this Science Fiction novel. In this first novel you learn about a new world with different people of the Kelanni who live under the rule of the Prophet, which seems to have more sinister intentions than what most perceive. The young girl Shann who comes to the aid of Lyall who at the time is posing as a Keltar, the enforcers of the prophet, is forced to leave her home on the run from the Keltar. Shann is later reunited with Lyall, where we meet the third character Alondo. Their mission for the first half of the book is to free the Tributes who are taken by Keltar to mine lodestones for the Prophet. That is where they meet Keris a former Keltar who is shown a new perspective of thinking about what the Prophet is actually doing by the race of Chandara. Shann, Lyall and Alondo are told of another mission by Keris and, her Chandara companion Boxx, which is to help free the Kelanni people from under the Prophet’s thumb. When they meet up and join forces this is where their journey truly begins and the tasks that they face become greater and more dangerous. Mark Whiteway’s novel from the very beginning throws you into this new world of Kelanni with his detailed descriptions. When first reading it takes a little used to the different terminologies for the suns and different aspects of the Kelanni people, but once you get immersed in the book the terminologies become second nature. The character development is very detailed you get a great sense of the friendship that Lyall and Alondo have for each other and Shann’s willingness to embrace the unknown after they take her under their wing. In the book Shann is very suspicious of Keris the author does a very good job of portraying that suspicion to the reader, while reading detailed parts I was able to picture the different facial expressions that Shann would have taken when looking at Keris. This books is gripping from beginning to end, when I picked it up I read it all in one sitting, especially towards the second half of the novel I had to continue to find out what was going to happen to the five main characters. This book is going to appeal to anyone that likes to read about a hero’s journey and the trials that are faced along the way. This is my first time reading a Science fiction novel of this idea, I have always stuck more into a fantasy genre or just regular fiction, but I did find it very enthralling and will be continuing onto the second book very soon.
StayPositiveKV More than 1 year ago
The Lodestone Trilogy by Mark Whiteway is another science fiction book that is hard to put down. It took incredible talent to put the three books into one and gain great success. Once I started the book I had to keep reading to the very end leaving me wondering if there is going to be another book that will follow. I just loved the characters, Boxx, Keris, Alondo, Shann, and Lyall. I almost wish they would come out with action figures, just so I could have each one on my shelf while I reread the book. I don’t know which one I like best, because they all had different personalities and they were all loveable characters in my book. You see how the author has been able to keep each character separate but whole. The book wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t incorporate these characters as he did. As we travel through these three books we are taken on an emotional rollercoaster. I was saddened when Kal wanted to tell his father something, but he thought he wouldn’t believe him. No matter what it is, I would never want one of my children thinking that, I could feel the emotion Kal was feeling at that time. Then we have Shann who’s own actions confused her, “she came to the aid of the man whose life and motives she did not know”. As we read this trilogy, we can relate to the emotions that are taking place. It brings a deeper meaning to the readings, at least for me it did. The intensity I felt while I was reading this trilogy was so real. When one get’s so into the book, they feel like the story is revolving around them. Later in the book we see , “Shann felt a flush of exhilaration. It was as if she had complete mastery of the air”. When I was reading, I was so into the book, it was like I was there feeling the same feeling the characters were. When one can get so into the book that they can feel the emotions and events you know the author has done an excellent job. One has to appreciate the time and talent that was put into this book. This is one book that will be placed on my book shelf for my children and grandchildren to read.
Freeman_Writing More than 1 year ago
After reading Mark Whiteway's Lodestone trilogy, I can only wonder why I hadn't heard of it before! I love a good scifi/fantasy, and this is some of the best scifi that I've come across in quite some time. Out of 5 stars, this one gets all 5, hands down. I loved the rich character development, the magnetic technology and unique physics, and the excellent plot development and progression throughout the read. I was somewhat reminded of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series as I learned more about this special world and the characters interacting in it, but the Lodestone trilogy certainly maintains a world in its own right, without seeming like rewritten copy of any particular scifi that I have encountered. Whiteway's descriptions throughout the series give just the right amount of detail without boring the reader with too many "background props" and not enough action, as many other scifi novels tend to do. The action scenes were intense, and truly make the reader feel connected to the struggling characters as they fight for their lives and struggle with the inevitable corruption that goes hand-in-hand with any group's rise to - or retention of - power. Criticisms? I don't really have much to complain about with this work, but I could have used a bit more detail in the maps, and the sheer number of characters introduced in the beginning made it somewhat difficult to keep track of who is who at first. That being said, each character's unique personality, speech, and thought processes still ease the reader's transition into Whiteway's delightful world, and I found the new information to be fairly easy to become familiar with. I will be looking for more from Mark Whiteway, to be sure.
plappen More than 1 year ago
This combination fantasy/science fiction trilogy is about an enslaved planet, and a small group who intend to do something about it. The Kelanni live in a medieval type of society, and are ruled by an unseen being called The Prophet. The Keltar are the Prophet's judge, jury and executioner. They go from village to village, kidnapping in broad daylight, and taking the unlucky ones on a one-way trip to "serve The Prophet." Their actual destination is much more brutal, and more down-to-earth. Alondo is a genius who has had some Keltar training. Lyall is a musician who plays a very special type of instrument. Shann is an orphan child whose parents are "serving" the Prophet. They learn that the Prophet's skin is actually white, and his blood is red (the Kelanni have green skin and tails). They are joined by Keris, an ex-Keltar who brings along a strange being named Boxx, who has custody of an even stranger machine. It allows the group to speak to a woman from several thousand years in the past, who tells them of a weapon that will stop The Prophet, once and for all. Getting to the weapon is the hard part. After many days travel, they reach the Barrier of Storms, which certainly lives up to its name. Their first attempt to cross is unsuccessful, because forces loyal to The Prophet are hot on their trail. They eventually cross in a modified sailing ship. Shann and Boxx are separated from the others, and find themselves in a much more technologically advanced society (the two societies know nothing about each other). Along the way, Shann and Boxx learn some really interesting things about themselves and their respective societies. Are they successful in stopping The Prophet, and un-slaving their world? Here is an excellent piece of writing. The author does a fine job at making the Kelanni seem human, even though they are not human. It is very much worth the reader's time.
MariusAragon More than 1 year ago
After looking at the short summary provided about this book, I was very much intrigued. This is my first book within the genre and I'm usually not one for science fiction, but really, this was a very good introduction to the genre. It must have been the fastest paced novel I have ever read in my whole life. I got pulled in the story fairly quickly and easily. From the cover to the last word in the book I was mesmerized. The story is great, the action is fantastic and I lost a lot of sleep because I couldn't put it down long enough to go to bed. It was totally unlike what I was expecting. It was a young adult adventure story with a bit of fantasy mixed with science fiction and a trace of some mystery, thriller, and humor. This book is great for any reader with its original plot and characters. This book definitely lived up to all of my expectations.
CJXN2206 More than 1 year ago
I am usually not a big fan of Sci-Fi material – more of a romantic comedy, and romance type of person. The only knowledge of Sci-Fi I have is through movies and TV shows and only recently have I started to gain interest in the universe, the different stars and galaxies around us imagining what it would be like to be of different planet. I was given this book by chance and I must admit that I didn’t expect thoroughly enjoy it from start to finish. I was not able to put the book down. The story was well written with lots of detail and explanation to things and even though at times I did find myself wondering what some things meant or what some things were I realized that this was fantasy and I was able to then absorb this and let the story flow with my imagination. Each character was well written and character development was very in depth – I felt and cared for their struggles, their pain and their pursuit and connected most to Keris, a former Keltar and her struggle against what she what she knew and what she had to oppose. What drew me in the most was how everything was described vividly and I could imagine every sight and sound and when I closed my eyes I could immerse myself in Kelanni. I enjoyed it so much that I even started reading it out lout to my husband and got him into the story too. I would recommend this to anyone – those interested in the negative matter in Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity which the author said it is built around and those interested to lose themselves in an amazing fantasy world. What is also impressive is that this trilogy is the author’s first series of novels and I hope that he will continue to expand his story telling.
JackieMBooe More than 1 year ago
You will enjoy the journey this author takes you on with the series. The main characters aren't human, but instead of alien race. The whole time I was reading, I felt like I was in another world at another time. All of this is due to the author's unique and descriptive style. I must say that as an English teacher I am always hesitant about purchasing books from lesser known authors because they are usually chock-full of typos and grammatical issues. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the text and the writer's ability to paint a picture in the mind. I highly recommend giving this book a chance, especially now that it is in a convenient trilogy format. You won't regret it!
bluejellybean More than 1 year ago
Mark Whiteway has an incredible talent of putting together three books in one allowing the reader to be engaged right from the start. The science fiction trilogy is well-written, with an action-packed plot throughout. True to its genre, Whiteway takes the reader into a whole new world of mystery and imaginary scenes and technology. The characters take a shape of their own and are full of intrigue and unique features. At the same time, they show a warmth that can only be appreciated on a human level. Keris is riddled with struggling encounters, Shann's leadership skills eventually shine through, Lyall is the brave one, Alondo has heart and Boxx leaves the reader guessing. These strong characters play a large role in the plot as it is very character-driven, more so in Book 2. In an unknown world, there is adventure and mystery among an odd view of the laws of physics, which the characters must take on. Rocks that can remain in mid-air, a planet with three suns, time travel and alien creatures make it a true fantasy. Whiteway has an talent of painting a picture through words to describe the environment that the reader can visualize while reading. Battles of evil together and on their own bring the characters through a maze of events, ocean voyage and spaceships. It is the conflict and mystery that keeps the reader engaged. I would recommend the trilogy for anyone wanting to explore an unusual world. It is written for both youth and adult readers.
ccwriterunlimited More than 1 year ago
In the far-away land of Kelanni there was a young girl named Shann without thinking she steps in to help a cloaked rebel named Lyall and so the adventure begins… From page one I was captivated with a tale I couldn’t put down. This is so remarkably written that the storyline remained in my thoughts pulling me back to its pages. Sci-fi is only the beginning with so much more with fantasy, folklore and others combined in one unique storyline one cannot miss. Whiteway is more than an exceptional storyteller with a vivid imagination and powerful characters this trilogy is a must read. I loved the heart of Keris as she fights the struggles within with her loyalty to Mordal and the Prophet and the power that brings, but also for the helplessness she feels for the people and why would the Prophet justify all that is taking place. I related to Lyall with his rebel desire to free the tributes and making his homeland peaceful. The sweet, gentle heart of Alondo who just seems to desire peace and solitude but seems always caught up in his boyhood friend Lyall’s adventures. I desired to find a few lodestones myself for the magical powers they possess as well as a flying cloak. With so much to become lost in there is something here for young and old alike with richness of storyline but also within its pages are morals to ponder upon. Don’t miss this powerful adventure of the “The Lodestone Trilogy” a story you won’t soon forget…
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a book. Actually it's three books in one. And strange how the numbers three and one play a role in the story. But enough spoilers! It's a story about fairly ordinary people trying to free their world from oppression. If you like adventure, mystery, uncovering ancient secrets, breathtaking journeys and amazing battles then you must read this. The characters are drawn from some alien races which are not described up front, but we gradually catch glimpses. This can be awkward, but I take it as part of the mystery. Likewise with the various beasts. The author has taken on a huge task, building more than one world, really, along with its many cultures, its history and its unique physics and meteorology. And you can see, when you step back at the end of it all, how he's woven the physical and the spiritual together. The elements of his universe – the suns in the sky – have become a central part of the faith of the people. Then there's the lodestone. In our universe, lodestone is simply a strongly magnetic ore used to make compasses and magnets. In this story world, though, it's something more. I think most readers will enjoy how it's used and not worry too much about the physics. This lodestone is not the same material as the one we know! The main characters – Keris, Shann, Lyall and the others – are definitely not the same people after their epic adventures. That's the nub of a good story – how life changes us, hopefully for the better. Do ordinary people really become heroes when they see that their world is being destroyed? Well, I suppose that's up to you and me to decide, right?
AbigailBuras More than 1 year ago
I was so thoroughly entertained by Lodestone Trilogy that I want to be very, VERY careful not to spoil the fun for anyone with pertinent details before they read them.  However, what I will say is the storyline of a domineering tyrant with traits of an obvious racist against the Kelanni people helps connect the science fiction story with present day realities.  The Prophet’s domination and master plan of eradicating the Kelanni people when their slave no longer outweighed his hopes of destroying their race has a slightly familiar feel to both the present as well as the past.  It takes a talented author to make a futuristic fantasy that connects to all of mankind’s history since the beginning of time, and I think he has done exactly that with the slavery aspect of the story.  But while that aspect is similar to historical facts, it is by no means an “old” rendition of that kind of weakness in humanity.  I think the facts of what the slaves are actually mining and why it is needed adds a fantastic twist to the plot and separates it from being a “run-of-the-mill” slavery story.  I was really glad I got to read all three books in the series one after the other, but by the end of the third part, I was disappointed the ride was over!  Ready for the next trilogy!
GracePorch More than 1 year ago
This series is such a pleasure to read that it makes it difficult to choose a favorite aspect, character, or unexpected development. But if I had to choose the one thing I like the most, I would have to say I love the unique characteristics of the Kelanni people. Then again, I love that the series was a trilogy before I found it! I prefer reading series of books in any genre so the fact that the Lodestone Trilogy had all three parts available was a really great characteristic for my own preferences. I have been a huge fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Planet of the Apes since I was a child so I absolutely loved the slight similarity the series has with those examples of science fiction and life in the future. But I also hesitate to mention the similarity because it truly is something completely different at the same time. Obviously this is one highly-skilled author with an amazing imagination! I could not have kept the characters and plot twists in order had I been the one writing the story, but he was able to keep them all straight not only well enough to write about, but well enough to write about them in such a way that helped my brain keep up with the mesmerizing story. I am glad I had all the books to read in one, but that made it a bit challenging to have the discipline to take a break from reading to take care of real life stuff! This is one of those series that makes you wish you could just be a hermit and disappear into the wilderness with the books to enjoy non-stop until the very end.
LucyB3 More than 1 year ago
As a member of the “older generation”, I truly believe that younger authors with less life experience have a hard time writing stories as richly developed as this one.  It is not a book for “old people” by far, but clearly a storyline that is greatly enjoyed by readers both young and old.  I just appreciate how full and flavorful the nitty-gritty details are to really make it a well-balanced and entrancing fantasy to follow.  While not really a fan of the SciFi genre of novels, my daughter recommended this story because she enjoyed it and knows I will try different types of fiction if there are sequels available.  Am I ever glad I listened to her this time!  I am definitely ready for the next series from this author and sure hope he’s in the middle of writing one now!  I don’t know what would be better – the story continuing to part four of the Lodestone series or a brand-new storyline.  I think I would enjoy anything else from this author just as much as I did the Lodestone Trilogy. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To call this trilogy by Mark Whiteway brilliant would be an understatement. There really needs to be more Science Fiction works out there like this. The balance between action, and character development hooks the reader. It is one of those things where you begin reading with the resolution that you are only going to read soimething like fifty pages a night, but then you get so drawn in you cannot but the book down until you have finished it all in one sitting. One of my favorite things about the book was the author's writing style and the way he used the English language to convey the thoughts, feelings and actions of those envolved in this story. It is a testament to a great deal of talent on behalf for the reader. He is sure to be a force of reckoning in the Science Fiction genre for years to come.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Electrifying book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the first book quite a bit, by the second it seemed it was dragging a little, and by the third I was just tired of things like the author referring to Shann as 'the diminutive' girl/woman. Really, her name does just fine, I didn't need constant reminding that she was shorter than Keris. What I did need reminding of was the Kelanni's alien form. After the beginning I completely forgot they had tails, and completely missed they were green. The tails don't do anything. I thought the whole world and the plot made for a fun idea, and the books are enjoyable if stretched out over some time (more than 3 months). But I must warn you... this isn't the end. The end of the third book invites a sequel... Formatting for Nook app on an iPad was good, except -- and I'm not sure if this was specific formatting or the author's style -- all the italics.