The Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enoch and the Origin of the World's Oldest Texts

The Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enoch and the Origin of the World's Oldest Texts

by Jason M. Breshears

Paperback(Second Expanded and Revised ed.)

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Centuries after a cataclysmic depopulation of the world, mankind sought to replicate the only connection he had with his Maker. Pyramids were erected everywhere, as colonies of survivors thrived. None have matched the Great Pyramid of Giza in size and meaning – its secrets now uncovered and explored in this important groundbreaking book. This book also reveals:

  • New discoveries of the amazing teachings and ministry of Abraham at the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
  • Ancient traditions of the pyramid covered in extinct language.
  • A secret body of obscure scriptures in the Bible that refer to the Great Pyramid.
  • Ancient knowledge that the Great Pyramid complex was long ago beneath the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Ancient Egyptian accounts of the discovery of the Great Pyramid, with Egyptian based memories of Abraham visiting the Giza site.
  • Secret traditions regarding the Sphinx and why it appears older than the pyramids – but is not.
  • An ancient body of teachings holding that Enoch was the architect of the Giza monuments before the Great Flood.
  • Historical records showing that the Great Pyramid was built to preserve knowledge and survive through a planetary cataclysm.

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ISBN-13: 9781585091447
Publisher: Book Tree, The
Publication date: 03/24/2017
Edition description: Second Expanded and Revised ed.
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 585,108
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents


Prologue: Mystery of the Pyramid Shape

Archive One: The Pillar of Enoch

Memories of Enoch

Mystery of Zion

Coptic Traditions of the Pyramids

Graeco-Egyptian Fragments

Masonic Records of Enoch

Archive Two: Symbols of the Godhead Upon the Earth

Arcane Images of the Divine Pillar

Pillar. . . Or Divine Mountain?

Mysterious Relation to the Number Seven

Archive Three: The Great Pyramid of Enoch

Writing on the Wall

Beneath the Casing Stones

Enormity of the Great Pyramid

Relics From the Age of Replication

Secret Door to Giza

Mysteries of the Ascendant Corridors

The Hidden One

Archive Four: Secrets of God in Egypt

What the Scholars Have Buried in Siriad

Guardian of the Deep

Testimony of Thoth

Rostau and the Resurrection

Archive Five: Occult Arcana of Scripture

Antediluvian Theology

The Arcanum in the Old Testament

Christian Renewal of the Ancient Arcana

Christian Apocryphal Writings

Secrets of the Genesis Narrative

Archive Six: The Lost Scriptures of Giza

Universal Language in Antiquity

Ancient Arcana of the Revelation

Apocalypse of Matthias the Scribe

Complete Bibliography

Archive-by-Archive Bibliographic Notes

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The Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enoch and the Origin of the World's Oldest Texts 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
loyolanaveenyonnex 8 months ago
imagining history and architecture by reverse engineering and coming to baseless conclusions. such hoax science is happening all the time. al gore is best example of a $trillion GDP scam. For any destruction he says it is climate change. Coffe beans production falling in Colombia,LATAM he says it is Climate change. Are these photos genuine? All studio impression. holographic images. giza pyramid and the two nearby is a stone formed by natural formation from sea drying, sand strom. it is not a tomb of some King or pharoh ny the name Khufu or tofu etc. If it were true they msut allow all tourist a view of the chambers? is it not? all lies. all such stories are hoax to make money by boosting tourism. The story goes that Giza Pyramid is a tomb of King Khufu and, his wives two of them are buried nearby pyramids? How convenient to make stores. Just take a look at the pyramid. It is easy note this is not a man made structure. I am sure in that region there were hundred such pyramids but much smaller and all these have been flattened by plunderers, adventurers of those times and you can see the erosion of the surfaces due to natural destructions. It is all p[possible there was huge massive lake which dried up leaving such structures. See Grand canyon in USA. Same due to earthquake. The egypt joker government mullhas are telling lies that it was built 4000( 299 .b.c etc.) about 3000 years or 4000 years before. all money making ideas. something like al gores climate change lies.