The One with All the Recipes: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Friends

The One with All the Recipes: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Friends

by Teresa Finney

Hardcover(Media Tie)

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Could this BE any more delicious? Celebrate your love of floor cheesecakes, pizzas and trifles with the cookbook that Popsugar declares, "the ultimate Friends fan needs this."

You’re the ultimate fan of Friends. You’ve seen every episode (multiple times). You get all the inside jokes. You even know how to make that trifle. But with this fun and funny cookbook, you can take your fandom one step further by whipping up incredible entrées inspired by this iconic 1990s sitcom.

You know one person who doesn’t share food, but you can share yours! This cookbook is packed with delicious recipes that are perfect for you and your own friends to enjoy together. Whether it’s a going away party when you move to Yemen, a Friendsgiving dinner in your unaffordable NYC apartment, or just having some nibbles during a binge viewing party, The One with All the Recipes will be there for you with:

• Not-So-Fine Margaritas
• Engagement Ring Lasagna
• “French Aunt” Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Thanksgiving Turkey for One
• Fried Stuff with Cheese
• Perfect Pox Peach Cobbler

If you're a fan of cookbooks such as Bob's Burgers, Game of Scones, or the Gilmore Girls Eat Like a Gilmore, you'll love this ultimate tribute to the greatest sitcom ever written!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781612438641
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Edition description: Media Tie
Pages: 152
Sales rank: 43,773
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Teresa Finney is a freelance food writer and recipe developer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Finney has written for VICE, Wine Enthusiast, Remezlca and others. She has developed original recipes for places like BRANDLESS and Refinery29. When Finney is not writing or developing recipes, she runs a small online cookie company called Milagro Kitchen.

Table of Contents

Engagement Ring Lasagna

Critical Parents Spaghetti

Rachel's Chocolate Blob Cookies

George Stephanopoulos's Mushroom, Green Pepper, Onion Pizza

Funeral Reception Honey-Glazed Ham

Divorced Parents Pumpkin Pie

Monica's Cider

Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese

New Year's Eve Artichoke Dip

Monica's Vegetarian Lasagna

Phoebe's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Monica's Onion Tartlets

Poker Game Salmon Rillettes & Assorted Crudites

Rachel's Birthday Party Hamburgers & Cole Slaw

Brunch Bagels with Cream Cheese, Tomato, Cucumbers

5 Steaks & an Eggplant for Phoebe

Kiwi-Lime Pie

Rachel's Birthday Flan

Joey's Meatball Sub

Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle

Floor Cheesecake

Monica's Breakup Jam

Ross' Moist-Maker Sandwich

Mockolate Chip Cookies

Central Perk Birthday Muffins

Joey's Bucket of Fried Chicken

Joey's Personal Thanksgiving Turkey

Sexually Awkward Salad

Penis/Bunny Cake

Monica's Head Chef Tomato Sauce

Monica's Christmas Candy

Fun Bobby's Cocktail

Joey's "Won't Share" Fries

Move Out Cookies

Press-On Fingernail Quiche

Space Mountain Tacos

Will's Greatest Enemy Yams

Phoebe's Vacation Mimosas

Monica's Marshmallow & Sweet Potato Casserole

Phoebe's Lobster Dinner

Rache's Labor-Inducing Spicy Enchiladas

"Stupid British Snack Food Scones"

Paul's "Chicken Boy" Kung Pao Chicken

Chandler's Milk That You Chew Cheese Plate

Rachel's Side Salad

Jill's Weakness Garlic Bread

Monica's Macaroni Off a Jewerly Box Macaroni & Cheese

Phoebe's Nesele Toulouse Cookies

Joey's Brown Bag Brownies

Ross' Fajitas

Joey's Sperm Bank Jam

Joey's Two Pizzas

Monica's Pumpkin Pie with Mockolate Cookie Crumb Crust

Monica's Cranberry Chocolate Cake

Lesbian Wedding Chicken Breasts

Lesbian Wedding Pigs in a Blanket

Geller Dad Birthday Cake

Central Perk Banana Nut Muffins

Chicken Pox Spaghetti & Salad

Chicken Pox Peach Cobbler

Joey's Sister's Vodka & Cranberry

Breakup Pizza

Monica's Ceiling Banana & Fruit Smoothie

Chandler's Turkey Burgers

Mockalote Hot Chocolate

Joey's Chocolate Mousse

Friends Thanksgiving Splendor

Foosball Breakfast

Joey's Noodle Soup

Phoebe's Cous Cous

Chandler's Mac & Cheese & Hot Dogs

Monica's Tiki Death Punch

Joey's Garden Salad

Monica's Food Critic Tomato Sauce

Central Perk Coffee

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