The Stone Warriors: Damian

The Stone Warriors: Damian

by D. B. Reynolds


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It was a time when gods walked the earth, when armies fought not for bits of land, but for the very existence of humanity. On such a battlefield, five formidable warriors stood against an evil greater than any the earth had ever seen. But evil is not an honorable foe. Betrayed by someone they trusted, the warriors were cursed, one by one, tossed into the maelstrom of time, imprisoned in stone, their freedom resting on nearly impossible conditions. Until . . .

Damian Stephanos honed his skills in battles fought with magic as much as swords. Caught by a deadly spell that left him trapped for centuries in darkness and obscurity, he is finally freed, only to discover that his enemy still lives. Determined to find him-and to free his brothers in arms-he first must fulfill his blood debt to the woman who released him from his torment. Unfortunately, being so close to this enticing female is another type of torment altogether . . .

Cassandra "Casey" Lewis is a hunter. Possessing the rare ability to sense magic, she spends most of her time shadowing arcane collectors, and more often than not, stealing the dangerous artifacts she pursues. Her job is risky, especially when she's stealing from one of the most powerful sorcerers alive. But having a gorgeous warrior by her side is a definite bonus. He's great in a fight . . . and in other places, too.

Following a trail of dead bodies, the two of them must join forces to track down the sorcerer who cursed Damian, and who now plans to turn an ordinary magical device into a deadly weapon. Risking everything, including their hearts, they're about to discover that trusting each other might be the hardest thing of all.

". . . exciting from page one." -RT Book Reviews on Christian

"Captivating and brimming with brilliance . . . " -RT Book Reviews on Christian

"Sizzling chemistry and scorching sex scenes provide spicy excitement . . . "-Literary Addicts Book Community on Christian

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ISBN-13: 9781611947038
Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication date: 06/15/2016
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 371,836
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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The Stone Warriors: Damian 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it, can't wait for the next book. Would recommend this book to anyone. ?
LynnLTX More than 1 year ago
First in this spinoff series from Vampires in America, this story features Casey Lewis who works as a “hunter” of magical artifacts for the woowoo division of the FBI headed by Nick Katsaros whom we met as a friend with benefits of Cynthia Leighton in Raphael. His true nature was revealed in Deception. More revelations of Nick’s background and main objective in his very long life are in the novella Compelled. Nick, who is a sorcerer, has been searching millennia for his warrior brethren including his strongest warrior, Damian Stephanos, all of whom were turned into statues and hidden by his evil sorcerer nemesis, Sotiris. Casey has some special magical ability on her own which is the inborn skill to detect magical artifacts. She happens on Damian while in a dangerous situation and unknowingly releases him from his curse. Casey realizes fairly quickly who and what Damian is because of Nick’s “prime directive” to find the four warrior statues. She takes Damian with her on the hunt to retrieve a magical talisman than can cause epic destruction in the hands of the Sotiris and the highest bidder to buy it. Damian’s warrior looks that were like…”the face of a god from the old paintings, handsome but fierce”… prove to be a distraction of the sexy kind for Casey. She has some issues from previous relationships and does not take kindly to this uber Alpha male who has just been released into the modern world trying to run her ops. As they search for the artifact and Damian is reunited with Nick, to whom he is tied in a magical way, Casey becomes more involved than she ever wanted to be with this anachronistic man who fires her blood and steals her breath away. She and Damian are in a desperate race to find the artifact before it is too late. They partner off in more ways than one during all the fast paced, high action drama. I enjoyed Damian’s arrogance and attempts to be the boss of Casey; he reminds me of Lancelot in the Camelot musical version who sings:” C'est moi! C'est moi, I'm forced to admit. /'Tis I, I humbly reply. That mortal who these marvels I can do, C'est moi, c'est moi, 'tis I.” Casey is also a warrior of her time and is not amused; however, she does appreciate his other attributes. They become more deeply entwined while the high stakes adventure plays out. Fans of the VIA series will totally enjoy this ride. ARC provided by NetGalley
BlueLupa More than 1 year ago
So Damian is a warrior frozen in time and stone by a curse with very specific parameters. Casey (Cassandra) is a woman who senses magic and steals relics from bad guys. She unintentionally breaks the curse and suddenly Damien is free and part of her hunt. This book had plenty of steamy moments between the Hero and Heroine. The action was paced well and the characters had to adapt to each other. This book wasn't bad but it was still a miss. The reason I'm only giving it 2 stars is that it felt shallow. We touched on the past traumas that gave the characters their responses in the now but not with any depth. There was potential for a lot of character development and backstory but we never got there. Their relationship felt unbelievably fast with very little emotional exchange and there were internal inconsistency issues that drove me nuts. A day after being shot in the shoulder the heroine is able to participate in rough doggy style without a thought to that same shoulder? There were sweet moments and I think there was a lot of potential in this book. Unfortunately, it felt like we skimmed across a great story and were left with a mediocre one instead. I'm going to give the series another chance and see if we reach better character development in round number two.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!! ***Received ebook from Belle Books for an honest review This is the first book in a spin-off from Vampires in America where we first met Nick (the sorcerer). This is for adults only due to the steamy content. D.B. Reynolds’ books are books that fully engage me in the story. I love her writing style. There is always plenty of action, drama, and sex appeal. Her writing is always packed with details that make the stories come alive in your mind. If you haven’t read any of her work, you need to try it. Start with one of the book 1’s though because you will definitely get hooked, and you don’t want to miss the layers of character backgrounds, relationships, and chemistry. If you jump around, you are only shorting yourself. Damian and Casey’s story is beautiful and amazing journey, full of adventure! I started off thinking Damian was a caveman with his ‘woman’ references, but he changed my mind. Casey has insecurities I think we all have, and she was easy to relate to though she has warrior skills that will amaze you. Damian does too :) I can’t wait to read the next book in this series! Ok, really I can’t wait until any book of D.B.’s is released. I highly recommend this book as well as any of the books written by this author! I do not say this about too many authors! If you love PNRs, you have got to read this! I hope there is something new soon because I can’t wait!
Arch_Angel More than 1 year ago
The anticipation you endure while awaiting the first book in a new series is often all consuming; but when the author provides such an exciting, action-packed and revealing tale, the wait is definitely worth it!   Following in the footsteps of the Vampires in America series was never going to be easy, yet D.B. Reynolds has managed to ensure her exemplary reputation is safe and sound, and the spin-off series The Stone Warriors is every bit as captivating and grabs the reader with both hands to travel through time and suffering with the imposing DAMIAN.   Well developed world building provides a wealth of background history and the cast of characters on offer guarantees that this will be the first of many enthralling stories about these imprisoned warriors and the rescuers yet to come. If you ever had any doubts that D.B. Reynolds could continue to stroke our addition to her work, then you can breath a sigh of relief as The Stone Warriors add their presence to this talented author's library of works.
SoniaF More than 1 year ago
Many, many years ago, a very mean sorcerer, Sotiris, turned the 4 best warriors on Earth to stone and their leader and best friend, Nick, also a very powerful sorcerer, doesn't know their locations and has made his life's mission to find them, return them to life and defeat Sotiris. Now, simply by touching her bloodied hand on a statue, Cassie releases Damian from the spell that keeps him as stone and turns him to the man (and warrior) that he used to be. Damian vows to help Cassie as payment for his release. Along the dangerous way that takes them in search of a talisman, the Talisman that's powerful enough to cause chaos and destruction as never seen before, Cassie and Damian surrender to passion and love. Having read and loved D.B. Reynold's Vampires in America Series I was intrigued about this new series. As soon as I started reading DAMIAN I fel in love with this warrior; it was such a thrill to read his and Cassie's story and enter this new world of magic. Fast paced, full of action and passion this is a book that lovers of paranormal romance can't miss. And I can say I'll never look at a statue of a guy the same way! :)
KTBookReviews1 More than 1 year ago
Instant heart pounding action filled drama as soon as you open the book. Casey is running from Hell Hounds and being inside her head just adds to the desperate need to find cover and get away in one of the best sequences of events I’ve ever read in the genre. It gives the reader a whiplash type of opening that will have you doing a one sit binge read. Damian will be the first of the sorcerer Nick Katsaros’s warriors to be discovered and brought back into the fold. His skills as a battle expert and practical assessment of all things warlike will help him in acclimate to the new world he has emerged into. With Casey, the fierce modern day female warrior by his side, there is nothing he can’t do. Casey has always suspected that things aren’t exactly what they seem, and she would be right. Although completely aware of the magic that flows within objects. she hasn’t really known the extent of the destruction it can cause. She has a job to do and she’s hoping the distraction of warrior Damian won’t hold her up. I am beyond excited about this new series from D.B. Reynolds. An instant favorite in the PNR world. With a wonderfully sweet set up for book two I cannot wait to continue for more of this world. 5 STARS Top Pick for Summer 2016
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
The Stone Warriors: Damian, Book One of the Stone Warriors series,  D.B. Reynolds Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy   Debbie’s Vampires in America series is one of my all time favourites. I “found” her books when there were about four out, and have followed them ever since. I still love Raphael and Cyn in the first two books as my favourites. Its there we first met Nick, Nicolas Katsaros – Cyn's friend – with – benefits, though its not until “Compelled”, one of the latest stories,  we ( and Cyn) discover he’s more than just a rich, casual playboy type, that he’s actually a very old sorcerer. We learn there of his Warriors that were turned to stone over a thousand years ago by his old foe,Sotiris . He’s been searching for them ever since, and his latest attempts have seen him join forces with the FBI as a kind of freelance investigator with his team of hunters, searching out dangerous artefacts, and along the way looking for clues to find and release his warriors.  Casey is one of his team, a human but with the ability to sense magic, and we meet her right at the start of this book where she’s being chased by Hell hounds....and she fulfils the conditions to release Damian while she’s desperate to escape.   Well, Raphael had me hooked right from the start and I was hoping Damian would too. Its not turned out quite that way though, I liked this story, liked it a lot but wasn’t pulled in to the must-read-one-more-chapter that VIA does for me and did from book one. That's unusual though, I often think first books in a series have a hard task, setting out a new world and conditions and producing a gripping storyline. Damian reminded me of so many ways of Raphael, and yet where Raphael pulls it off, Damian just comes off as an arrogant misogynist at times. Casey was so strong to start but I felt she caved a bit quickly, and as for when she was worrying about whether she’d upset Damian...that just didn’t feel right, I felt she would have put more focus on the task, her job and less on him. Likewise his determination to tell her everything, yet he'd known her less than a week. It just didn't sit right for me. VIA had the balance perfect, but here I felt the romance was a bit insta-lust and too serious too quickly, given its only a few days, whereas VIA 1 and 2  covered months.  Nick, I wonder when he first came into VIA if Debbie thought then he’d become Nicolas Katsaros, or if that developed later? I love the way authors do that, make something or someone into so much more later in the series, or as here in a new one. He’s an intriguing person and I’d like to see more of him, he’s got lots hidden that would make for a great story. Still, for now I guess the other three warriors will come first and though this didn’t quite hit the spot I’ll be eager to pass that off as first-book-in-series syndrome and read more.   Stars: Three, a good start but didn’t feel quite there yet. Looking forward to seeing the series develop though. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher