The Ultimate Guide to Numerology: Use the Power of Numbers and Your Birthday Code to Manifest Money, Magic, and Miracles

The Ultimate Guide to Numerology: Use the Power of Numbers and Your Birthday Code to Manifest Money, Magic, and Miracles

by Tania Gabrielle


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Written by master numerologist Tania Gabrielle, The Ultimate Guide to Numerology takes you on a journey of self-discovery to learn the meanings of the numbers in your life—the first book to reveal this captivating subject in its entirety.

Numbers underpin our day-to-day lives. Our birthday, anniversaries, addresses, and bank accounts—these are all living codes to where we may find fortune, and where cycles of opportunity reside for us in our careers, homes, relationships, and life events. This guide to the inner workings of numbers will:
  • Decipher your life purpose from your birthday
  • Reveal your destiny from your birth certificate name
  • Share the meaning of numbers 1–99 and all 26 letters in the alphabet
  • Show you how to read the numbers in your astrology birth chart
  • Unveil your current and future personal years, months, and days
  • Describe the meaning of repeated numbers and family “DNA codes”
  • Unlock the significance of your address number (with remedies)
  • Explain the secrets of seeing 11:11 and other number sequences

Naturally align with the flow of money, miracles, and magnificent results. The Ultimate Guide to Numerology is the codex to break the codes!

The Ultimate Guide to… series offers comprehensive beginner’s guides to discovering a range of mind, body, spirit topics, including tarot, divination, crystal grids, witchcraft, chakras, aromatherapy, and more. Filled with beautiful illustrations and designed to give easy access to the information you’re looking for, each of these references provides simple-to-follow expert guidance as you learn and master your practice.

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ISBN-13: 9781592338467
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Series: Ultimate Guide to... Series
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 122,471
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About the Author

Tania Gabrielle (Woodland Hills, California) is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. Her insights have been featured in USA Today,, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN Magazine, and online in the New York TimesLos Angeles Times, Essence Magazine,, and US Magazine. She is the creator of Numerology Academy™—the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN, YOU ACTIVATED A MAGNIFICENT BIRTH CODE. This Birth Code is the blueprint to your soul, the translation of your soul contract for this lifetime. Numerology, the science of the meaning of numbers, is designed to translate the Blueprint of your Soul to reveal your spiritual contract. This book will give you the keys.

As you read, you will know when it resonates with you, because you'll feel it at a soul level. You might sense a tingle down your spine or experience delight and shivers of joy as you realize — your soul is speaking to you through your own code!

Numbers are a gateway into developing your intuition. When you first meet someone, you may have a gut feeling about him or her. Having access to numbers gives you another perspective on their soul and permission to confirm what you already felt intuitively. For example, look at the first letter of any person's first name and you'll start understanding certain traits about who they are at soul level (see chapters 6 and 11).

Everything is energy. Everything carries a vibrational force. Every number (and letter) is a unique vibration with a profound meaning. Just as each musical note emits a unique frequency and sound (which can be measured numerically), each number oscillates to a specific number of cycles per second. Every sound, fragrance, color, and thought is a vibration and can be measured as a number.

All the numbers aligned within one person (you), entity (business), or family, create a code. Each sector of a code contributes to the whole formula — a symphony of vibrant frequencies that make up all the interconnections of your life.

This guide will reveal the mystery and magic in your codes, beginning with the most important one, your Birth Code — the Blueprint of your Soul. Just as importantly, this higher wisdom will give you a powerful glimpse into other people's Soul Blueprints, thus helping you understand them, forgive and love them unconditionally, and allow others the freedom to find themselves in their own time and in their uniquely designed way.

Numbers are the very essence of how life expresses itself. In understanding your Birth Code you will discover who you truly are at soul level, how to use your special gifts, and how you naturally overcome obstacles to gain the wisdom and courage to fulfill your divine mission.

Once you know and apply your Birth Code, you'll be freed from pursuing expectations placed on you by others. What will set you free is getting to know the True You through your Soul Blueprint. Knowing yourself allows you to create your own reality — a reality based purely on your alignment with spirit, rather than on unconscious motivations derived from other people's advice and expectations.

Soul-code living begins at home — internally. You were indoctrinated to believe certain things about yourself by external sources, and many, if not most of those beliefs do not serve your highest good. Knowing your Birth Code and how to apply it now and in the future will prepare and strengthen you to manifest your true soul destiny.

When you are in alignment with your soul's Birth Code and current cycles, you naturally align with abundance. Thus this book is designed to elevate you to a place of joy, freedom, and a passionate engagement — so you feel compelled to express your divine gifts at the highest vibrational level! When you engage this way with the universe, prosperity gravitates to you, abundance is attracted to you, and your well-being translates into wealth of mind, body, and spirit.

Numerology — the gateway to demystifying your Soul's DNA Code — helps you start a profound relationship with yourself that facilitates a deep connection with what delights you. Your soul code gives you "permission" to live a life of fulfillment, joy, and emotional integrity. A journey that is purely empowered by the soul is a celebration of abundance.

Each person is wired differently. Just like every snowflake carries a unique imprint, so does every human being, every soul. Our numerology Birth Code attests to that. Your soul's Birth Code reveals the unique ways you are designed to experience, explore, and manifest fulfillment and abundance. Everyone has an independent way of expressing joy!

By taking ownership of the divine gifts in your Birth Code, you start making conscious choices that elevate your vibration higher and higher ...

Awareness of the code comes first. Action corresponding to your code follows. Then positive breakthroughs automatically appear, especially when you consistently set clear intentions that are congruent with your code.


You have many numbers in your birthday and birth-certificate name. (Every letter translates as a number too, which we will discover in chapter 2.) However, there are three numbers that impact you the most. Throughout this manual, they will be referred to as the Three Important Numbers in your Birth Code.

The first two important numbers that define your Birth Code are both derived from your birthday. The third important number is derived from your birth certificate name.

Your unique Birth Code is made up of:

1. Your Day of Birth Number — the day of the month you were born

2. Your Life Purpose Number — the total sum of your full birth date

3. Your Destiny Number — the total sum of letters in your birth-certificate name (see chapter 2)

Combined into a powerful triad, your Birth Code is a spiritual and practical formula that is totally unique to you. (Even identical twins do not share the same Birth Code, due to their different birth names.)

Your Birth Code unlocks the secrets of your birth promise — special gifts, talents, your personality, the nature of your mission, and corresponding lessons. Each of your three individual personal frequencies describes how you think, feel, act, and experience life. Your Three Important Birth Numbers form the basic building blocks that make up your divine DNA code.

You'll refer to the Three Important Numbers in your Birth Code in every part of your life. In fact, they are having an impact on you right now, whether you are aware of them or not!

Later in this guide you'll discover how to use your Birth Code to create a personal forecast map. However, in order to unlock the fortunate Personal Days, Months and Years (intensifications of your Birth Code), you will need to know your Three Important Birth Numbers first.

Now let's discover the first two important numbers in your Birth Code: your Day of Birth number and Life Purpose (full birthday) numbers. Both are derived from your birthday. Let's begin with your Day of Birth number — the easiest to calculate!


Every person and entity (like a business, book or product launch, live event, ceremony, first meeting) is born on a specific day of the month. The Day of Birth is one of Three Important Numbers in a person's Birth Code.

The Day of Birth number gives you instant insights into someone's natural disposition, their way of being and tendencies, w ho they are day-to-day, moment-to-moment — even if you do not know their age. This allows you to do a quick reading on anyone, as long as you know they were born on the 5th, 22nd, 17th, etc. — so, regardless of whether you know their year of birth or not, you can read this part of their Birth Code.


If you were born on the 1st through the 9th of any month, your Day of Birth corresponds to that number. If you are born between the 10th and the 31st of any month, you will be impacted by one additional double-digit number (sometimes two) along with the single-digit or "root number." Find the root number by adding together the digits of your Day of Birth (twice, if the result is another double-digit number). Read the descriptions in chapters 4 and 5 for your Day of Birth number and your root number(s).


Every person and entity has a birthday. Adding all the digits in a given birthday results in the Life Purpose Number, one of the Three Important Numbers in your Birth Code. No one has just one number in their Birth Code, but a combination of many.

Your Life Purpose is a powerful frequency revealing how you need to express your soul purpose. It answers the following questions: What is the main reason you are here? What is your main lesson? How are you uniquely designed to feel happily engaged with your life? What qualities will help you manifest the most success?

If you sense you're not on the right path, your Life Purpose number will point you to your natural talents and abilities. You'll get a deep sense of what makes you tick and understand why you are magnetically drawn to certain activities, people, and goals.

Once you calculate your Life Purpose Number you'll hold the keys to your unique purpose for being here on Earth in this lifetime. While there are other people with whom you will share the same double-digit or single-digit number, it is in combining all three birth numbers that you'll get the overall big picture of who you are, what you're here to do, and how you will best express your gifts.


The Life Purpose number is derived by adding each single-digit in a person's full birthday. If that sum is two digits, it must then be reduced (sometimes twice) to its single-digit "root" number. (Hint: Anyone who is born in the 1900s will automatically have a two-digit Life Purpose number). See chapter 5 to discover the meaning of all two-digit numbers (except "Master Numbers" 11, 22, 33, and 44). See chapter 3 to discover the meaning of all nine single-digit numbers.

This person has a 25/7 Life Purpose number.

If a person's Life Purpose number (full birthday) adds up to 19, 28, 29, 37, 38, 39, 46, 47, or 48, then you must add two times before you arrive at the single-digit root number. Read the descriptions of all three numbers for the full picture.

Another example:


9 + 1+6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 38 (3 + 8 = 11)


Let's look at six studies. Case Studies 5 and 6 are examples of birthdays that require two calculations and result in a Life Purpose made up of three separate numbers.


Each single-digit number from 1 through 9 emits a unique vibration that differentiates it from the other eight numbers, giving the person who embodies it the strong characteristics and vital energy force of that number. Knowing just the three important single-digit root numbers for any person gives a powerful overall impression.

Understanding the meaning of the single-digits in your Birth Code will create a distinct picture, a pattern of energetic imprints that reflect your personal instincts and general orientation towards your life, career, health, and relationships.

The following are brief descriptions revealing the positive expression for each single-digit root number. Use this as a quick reference guide for all Life Purpose and Day of Birth Numbers.

To view the complete, in-depth definitions for all 31 Day of Birth Numbers and all 48 Life Purpose Numbers, please refer to chapter 3 (single-digit numbers 1–9), chapter 4 (double-digit "Master Numbers" 11, 22, 33, and 44), and chapter 5 (double-digit "compound" numbers 10–48).

1 If you were born on the 1st of any month–your Day of Birth Number is 1.

1 is one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 10th, 19th, or 28th in any month.

1 is one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Life Purpose Number adds up to 10, 19, 28, 37, or 46.

When you are energetically aligned, you are a natural and authentic leader, an original thinker, accomplished, active, energetic, strong willed, innovative, determined, courageous, and creative, you work best independently, have unique ideas and approaches, have definite views, and enjoy time alone and privacy.

2 If you were born on the 2nd of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 2.

2 is one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 11th, 20th, or 29th of any month.

2 is one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Life Purpose Number adds up to 11, 20, 29, 38, or 47.

When you are energetically aligned, you are a peacemaker, a diplomat, imaginative, inventive, highly sensitive, healing, have a well-developed intuition and an eye for detail are helpful, supportive, kind, romantic, psychic (though you may keep that private), patient, cooperative, quiet, and loving.

3 If you were born on the 3rd of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 3.

3 is one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month.

3 is one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Life Purpose Number adds up to 12, 21, 30, 39, or 48.

When you are energetically aligned, you are expressive, artistic, independent, uplifting, fun, optimistic, enthusiastic, witty, and highly creative. You want freedom in movement, speech and writing, enjoy traveling, are a lover of Truth, can spot a lie easily, and your smile lights up the room.

4 If you were born on the 4th of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 4.

4 is also one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month or your Life Purpose Number adds up to 13, 22, 31, or 40.

When you are energetically aligned, you are an enigma to others (and even yourself), dependable, honest, practical, organized, disciplined, grounded, productive, loyal, patient, devoted to family and home, trustworthy, grounded, and not afraid of work. You make your own rules, have unique ideas, are curious, don't believe anything is impossible, have the gift of prophecy, and enjoy an unconventional life style.

5 If you were born on the 5th of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 5.

5 is also one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 14th or 23rd of any month or your Life Purpose Number adds up to 14, 23, 32, or 41.

When you are energetically aligned, you are a seeker of freedom, adaptable, charming, a multi-tasker, witty, adventurous, resilient, fearless, and versatile. Have a great intellect, like change and movement, enjoy travel, are a good salesperson, and have an active mind.

6 If you were born on the 6th of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 6.

6 is also one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 15th or 24th of any month or your Life Purpose Number adds up to 15, 24, 33, or 42.

When you are energetically aligned, you are a nurturer, artistic, responsible, loving, creative, romantic, healing, dedicated to and loved by your family and friends. You have a magical, magnetic presence; love art and music, beauty, and tasteful surroundings; and crave harmony — you are allergic to disagreements and conflict, exhibit good manners and are fond of luxury, and must feel you are being of service in some way.

7 If you were born on the 7th of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 7.

7 is also one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 16th or 25th of any month or your Life Purpose Number adds up to 16, 25, 34, or 43.

When you are energetically aligned, you are spiritual or scientific, sensitive, dignified, wise, quiet, private, analytical, have a refined mind, are knowledge driven and wise, a truth-seeker, work best alone, don't follow the beaten path, love to read, have unique beliefs about religion and politics, are interested in mystical or rare subjects, need to be in touch with nature on a regular basis, and delve into the mysteries of the universe.

8 If you were born on the 8th of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 8.

8 is also one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 17th or 26th of any month or your Life Purpose Number adds up to 17, 26, 35, or 44.

When you are energetically aligned, you are efficient, determined, abundant, a leader, ambitious, athletic, healthy, powerful, influential, a visionary, reserved, responsible, strong and disciplined. You have good judgement, use time wisely, and excel at activities requiring dedication, patience, and intelligent deduction.

9 If you were born on the 9th of any month — your Day of Birth Number is 9.

9 is also one of your important Birth Code numbers if your Day of Birth is on the 18th or 27th of any month or your Life Purpose Number adds up to 18, 27, 36, or 45.

When you are energetically aligned, you are compassionate, wise, influential, artistic, magnetic, humanitarian, unconditionally loving, courageous, trusting, generous, creative, charitable, idealistic, and romantic. You can penetrate to the heart of a situation and want to make a difference in the world.


You now know how to calculate two of your Three Important Birth Numbers, powerful indicators of who you are at soul level. In fact, you can now "get a read" on anyone — friends, family, and strangers — quickly once they share their birthday with you. Just knowing a person's Day of Birth gives you instant insights to help you tune in to their nature and inclinations.


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