The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables: Canning, Pickling, Fermenting, Dehydrating and Freezing Your Favorite Fresh Produce

The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables: Canning, Pickling, Fermenting, Dehydrating and Freezing Your Favorite Fresh Produce

by Angi Schneider


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Practical Methods & Recipes for Creating a Treasure Trove of Preserved Foods

When veggies are at their peak of the season, this preserving compendium covering nearly every vegetable is your one-stop source. Brimming with 100 recipes, beautiful full-page color images, step-by-step preservation methods and handy reference charts, this foolproof guide will help you master canning & pickling, fermenting, dehydrating and freezing the most common garden produce.

Angi Schneider is a master of preserving. She shares methods that emphasize simplicity yet keep the flavors exciting, and shares tips for working your preserved foods into your family’s regular meal plan so nothing goes to waste. A sampling of Angi’s everyday family-approved recipes featured in this book are:
• Canned Dilly Asparagus
• Fermented Corn Salsa
• Dried Asian Broccoli Crisps
• Frozen Carrot Top Pesto
• Dried Scalloped Potatoes
• Canned Marinara
• Dried Pumpkin Pie Roll Ups
• And so much more!

Angi guides you through the basics of each preservation method, then shares an A to Z guide to preserving common garden vegetables, from asparagus to zucchini and everything in between. Each veggie’s chapter includes Angi’s growing tips, a reference chart and at least one recipe for each preservation method starring that vegetable. Whether you want to become a more self-sufficient household, reduce food waste for a greener planet or make the most of the fresh produce you have on hand, see how easy and fun it is to fill your pantry with preserved foods your family will be excited to eat.

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ISBN-13: 9781645670094
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2020
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 281,435
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Angi Schneider has been gardening and preserving food for more than 25 years. She is the creator of SchneiderPeeps, has written for Countryside magazine and participated in the Beyond Off the Grid summit. She lives on a 1.5-acre homestead with her family on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Part 1 Preservation Methods: The Best Ways to Preserve All the Harvest 10

Canning Vegetables to Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry 13

Freezing Vegetables for Maximum Freshness 29

Dehydrating Vegetables for Long-Term Storage 39

Fermenting Vegetables to Be Good to Your Gut 47

Part 2 Preserving Seasonal Vegetables and Herbs to Enjoy All Year 54

Asparagus: Preserving the Comeback Vegetable 56

Dried Asparagus Crisps 61

Canned Asparagus Soup 63

Frozen Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Spears 64

Frozen Roasted Chipotle-Asparagus Pesto 67

Canned Dilly Asparagus 68

Fermented Garlicky Asparagus 70

Beets: Adding Color to Your Cooking 71

Frozen Beet and Horseradish Sauce 76

Canned Beet and Orange Marmalade 79

Fermented Beets and Onions 80

Dried Beet Powder Food Coloring 81

Broccoli: There's More than Just Florets 82

Canned Asian-Style Pickled Broccoli Stems 87

Frozen Creamy Broccoli Dip 89

Dried Asian Broccoli Crisps 90

Dried Broccoli and Ranch Florets 92

Cabbage: A Winter Vegetable Staple 93

Canned Sweet and Tangy Slaw 99

Fermented East-Meets-West Sauerkraut 100

Fermented Red Cabbage with Apple and Ginger 102

Frozen Cabbage Rolls 103

Carrots: Preserving the Rainbow 105

Canned Carrot-Jalapeño Jam 111

Canned Spice Carrot Soup 112

Frozen Carrot Top Pesto 115

Dried Carrot Fruit Leather 116

Dried Carrot Chai Ribbons 118

Fermented Mexican Carrots 119

Cauliflower: Not Just in White 120

Dried Cheesy Cauliflower Crisps 125

Frozen Ginger Cauliflower Rice 127

Canned Spicy Cauliflower with Turmeric 128

Fermented Cauliflower with Curry 130

Corn: The Flavor of Summer 131

Canned Corn Chowder 137

Canned Sweet and Zesty Corn Salad 138

Frozen Creamed Com 141

Canned Spicy Corn Cob jelly 142

Fermented Corn Salsa 144

Dried Chili-Lime Corn Snacks 145

Cucumbers: More Than Just Pickles 146

Canned Granny's Bread-and-Butter Pickles 151

Fermented Cucumber Relish 153

Fermented German Mustard Pickles 154

Dried Cucumber-Dill Chips 155

Canned Cucumber-Jalapeño Jam 156

Frozen Cucumber Tzatziki 158

Green Beans and Other Snap, Shell and Dry Beans 159

Canned Three Bean Salad 165

Fermented Thai Green Beans 166

Canned Lemon-Garlic Green Beans 169

Frozen Summer Garden Mix 170

Frozen Snap Beans and Tomatoes 171

Dried Parmesan Bean Crisps 172

Kale, Spinach and Other Greens: Adding Superfoods to Daily Life 174

Dried Superfood Green Powder 179

Frozen Creamy Spinach Rice 181

Canned Kale with Lemon 182

Fermented Leafy Greens and Stems 184

Onions: The Sweet and the Savory 185

Fermented Onion Bulbs 191

Canned Caramelized Maple Onions 192

Dried Seasoned Onion Crisps 193

Frozen Spicy Fajita Veggie Mix 194

Peas: In and Out of the Pod 196

Dried Asian Snap Pea Chips 201

Canned Snap Pea Pickles 203

Canned Peas and Carrots 204

Frozen Pea Pod Soup Concentrate 205

Fermented Snow Peas 206

Dried Spiced Pea Crisps 208

Peppers: Adding Spice to Your Life 209

Frozen Harissa Paste 215

Canned Banana Pepper and Mint Jam 217

Canned Hot Pepper Sauce 218

Canned Whole Pickled Peppers 220

Fermented Green Hot Sauce 221

Dried Chili Powder 222

Potatoes: Our Favorite Meal-Extender Veggie 223

Canned Potato Soup 229

Canned Potatoes with Herbs 231

Dried Scalloped Potatoes 232

Frozen Hash Brown Rallies 234

Pumpkins and Other Winter Squash: From Acorn to Spaghetti 235

Canned Butternut Squash Soup 240

Dried Pumpkin Pie Roll Ups 242

Frozen Winter Squash Butter 243

Frozen Spaghetti Squash with Pesto 245

Fermented Winter Squash Chutney 246

Dried Spiced Winter Squash Chips 247

Radishes: For Salads and Beyond 248

Frozen Radish Top Pesto 253

Dried Spiced Maple Radish Chips 254

Canned Sweet and Spicy Radishes 256

Fermented Radish Slices with Dill 257

Sweet Potatoes: Not-Your-Average Spud 258

Dried Sweet Potato and Apple Roll Ups 263

Frozen Sweet Potato Balls 265

Fermented Sweet Potatoes with Ginger 266

Canned Sweet Potatoes in Spiced Syrup 268

Tomatoes: Creative Flavors for Every or Favorite Garden Veggie 269

Canned Tomatoes, Onions and Garlic 275

Canned Marinara 277

Canned Mexican Salsa 278

Dried Cheesy Tomato Crisps 281

Canned Tomato-Basil Soup 282

Frozen Breaded Green Tomatoes 283

Fermented Green Tomato Relish 284

Fermented Cherry Tomatoes 286

Frozen Roasted Tomato and Herb Sauce 287

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto 289

Zucchini and Other Summer Squash: Making the Most of the Overachiever Veggie 290

Dried Squash Fruit Chews 295

Canned Squash and Pepper Chutney 297

Frozen Breaded Squash Fries 298

Frozen Summer Squash Soup 301

Fermented Squash Relish 302

Canned Rosemary-Squash Glaze 304

Herbs: Adding Flavor to Your Food 305

Growing and Harvesting Herbs 305

Preserving Herbs 307

Dehydrating Herbs 307

Freezing Herbs 307

Fermenting Herbs 308

Canning Herbs 309

Herbal Paste 309

Herbal Butter 309

Herbal Salt 310

Herbal Vinegar 310

Resources 311

Acknowledgments 313

About the Author 315

Index 316

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