The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

by Liz Dean
The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

by Liz Dean


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The Ultimate Guide to Tarot is an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive reference that introduces the tarot, providing steps on how to begin reading and options for card layouts, followed by a detailed survey of every card of the major and minor arcana.

Uncover the facts, myth, history, and mystery of the spiritual art of tarot reading. Whether you want to learn to read the cards or deepen your tarot interpretation skills, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot honors the deep heritage of tarot, while guiding you through practical techniques.

Tarot expert Liz Dean offers an overview to all of the important elements of each card, from interpreting their symbols to their links with astrology, kabbala,and numerology. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot also includes all the classic tarot spreads—Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Star, and Astrological Year Ahead—plus, a mini-layout to try for each of the 22 major arcana cards.

Learn how to combine the three essential ingredients of a great tarot reading: knowing the meaning of the cards, how to lay them out, and trusting the intuitive messages the images often spark within us during a reading. This synthesis is the true magic of tarot.

With the authority and confidence this book offers, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot is the must-have companion for beginner readers and tarot aficionados alike.

The Ultimate Guide to… series offers comprehensive beginner’s guides to discovering a range of mind, body, spirit topics, including divination, crystal grids, numerology, witchcraft, chakras, aromatherapy, and more. Filled with beautiful illustrations and designed to give easy access to the information you’re looking for, each of these references provides simple-to-follow expert guidance as you learn and master your practice.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592336579
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Series: Ultimate Guide to... Series , #1
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 80,581
Product dimensions: 8.05(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Liz Dean (London, England) is a professional tarot reader and Angelic Reiki™ Healer at Psychic Sisters in Selfridges, London. A best-selling tarot author, Liz had studied divination for over 20 years. Liz is the author of The Golden Tarot (over 300,000 sold worldwide), The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads, The Victorian Steampunk Tarot, Fairy Tale Fortune Cards, 44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels, The Tarot Companion, The Divination Handbook, and Tarot Made Simple. Liz is also one of the “Tarot Masters” included in Kim Arnold’s eponymous collection of 38 essays. In addition, she is a former co-editor of the UK’s leading spiritual magazine, Kindred Spirit (2011–2013), and an award-winning poet.

Table of Contents

How to Work with This Book
How Reading Tarot Benefits You
A Note on the Rider Waite Tarot
Early Cards: Court and Clergy
Hidden Knowledge: Astrology and Kabbala
Evolution of the Tarot: Influential Decks Through History
Exploring the Deck: The Major and Minor Arcanas
Your Cards, Your Energies: Card Attunement, Cleansing, and Protection
Using the Card Interpretations
Six Easy Ways to Begin Your Tarot Reading
The One-card Daily Reading
Past, Present, Future
Ask Three Times: Yes or No?
The Celtic Cross
The Week Ahead
The Month Ahead
The Year Ahead
The Tree of Life
Quick-Reference Meanings
0, The Fool
I, The Magician
II, The High Priestess
III, The Empress
IV, The Emperor
V, The Hierophant
VI, The Lovers
VII, The Chariot
VIII, Strength
IX, The Hermit
X, The Wheel of Fortune
XI, Justice
XII, The Hanged Man
XIII, Death
XIV, Temperance
XV, The Devil
XVI, The Tower
XVII, The Star
XVIII, The Moon
XIX, The Sun
XX, Judgment
XXI, The World
Quick-Reference meanings
The Suit of Cups
The Suit of Wands
The Suit of Swords
The Suit of Pentacles
Astrology, Kabbala, and the Major Arcana: The Golden Dawn System
Kabbala: The Tree of Life Pathways and the Major Arcana
Astrology, Kabbala, and the Minor Arcana
Chakras, Crystals, and the Major Arcana
Tarot, Chakra and Crystal Correspondences
About the Author
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