The Wind from Heaven's Window: Poetry for the Mystic Soul

The Wind from Heaven's Window: Poetry for the Mystic Soul

by Pat Mitchell


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ISBN-13: 9781452579313
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/05/2013
Pages: 172
Sales rank: 560,735
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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The Wind from Heaven's Window

Poetry for the Mystic Soul

By Pat Mitchell

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Pat Mitchell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7931-3


The Wind from Heaven's Window

A distant drum beats slowly its rhyme.
The dance of the waves falling in time
And the depth of the sea moves closer to me
And I, in return, turn inward.

And the stirring, it brings the most beautiful things
On a soft pillowed cloud, there were angels with wings.
The wind on the shore whispered its
for all who have ears, all who would listen
To the sound of the wind from heaven's window.

Though many still cling to the chill of the night
Away from the love and the warmth of its light.
Their hearts turned cold, their passion on hold.
Their caution more dear than their valor.

From what they hold dear, they've chosen their fear
And doubt reigns supreme in their kingdom.
But all is not lost, with time on their side.
Upward and homeward at last they'll all ride
Carried on by the wind from heaven's window.

And the wind will bring all my love to you.
Its gentle breeze will stir the whole night through.
All my love to you.
All my love to you.
Only you.


And the stirring, it brings the most beautiful things
More precious than gold, most sacred.
And the wind on the shore whispered it's for
For all who have ears, all who would listen
To the sound of the wind from heaven's window.

And the wind will bring all my love to you.
Its gentle breeze will stir the whole night through.
All my love to you.
All my love to you.
Only you.

Twilight Transitions

Candlelight in the moonlight
Settle soft and low,
Revealing thoughts of a young girl's heart
Only she should know.

The vision of your dreams abound.
Your quest denied once more,
of graduation from this land,
you've passed this way before.

And in the mist my eyes can see
The shadows that are haunting me.
But could this be just a mirage to me?
Another illusion that I can't see?

Ah yes, says the wind, as it calls to me-
You'd better get straight your reality.
Perplexed, confused, you've questioned long
the melody of that midnight song.

But the rhythm of it's rhyme
Will come to you in time.
For only the heart knows the way
to turn the darkness into day.

The Winter Breeze

The winter breeze blows bristly by
And sings to me a lullaby
Of days forgot again renewed
The evening song prepared the mood.

But what was the song as it ran quickly by
As it spoke to me it's lullaby.
A time of joy, a time of cheer.
As we usher in a brand new year.

And yet I seem to recall a time
When man forgot God's pantomime
The heartless know no jubilee
For it's shrouded in a mystery

In the cloak he wore a powder's kid
His name we know was Ahura-Mid
An evil deed, did cast a spell
Into the local wishing well.

Then man would drink and poison mind
And turn from all he knew was kind
But this day at last man sins no more
For a traveler has made the water pure.


Tread softly in the night my dear
Tread softly through the trees
Go quietly amongst the birds
Who whistle in the breeze.

Recalling as we often have
The days of future past
We'd bring forth from within our minds
The dreams we dreamt of last.

Where serenity is stability
And all things there are calm
We'd perpetuate our happiness
And echo forth this psalm.

The eternal search to nowhere
Always winds up here
Because this place is within yourself
And only the wise appear

Fade through the depths
Of both energy and space
Past time's imposition
To find this placid place.

Oh how tenderly did I love you
On that fateful day
When the angels stood before you
And took my love away.

It's Love

It's in a look, it's in a smile
It's in the feeling, I'm feeling now.
It's in the touch, a warm embrace
It's in the glow within your face.

It's all around, and at times I feel
It really could, become real.
A gentle sigh, a soft caress
It's the feeling when we bless.

A fresh bouquet the falling rain
It's in the feeling, of a lover's pain.
A child's laugh, a robin's cry
It's in man's search to understand just why.

A lost friend, a forgotten dream
It's in the meadow beside the stream.
It's in the field and the forest too
It's in the chill, of the morning dew.

It's in the colors of the rainbow hue
And it's in the feeling, I feel for you.
It's love.

What is that thing that
Runs through time and reaches
in and stirs, it's love.

Forever My Darling

Forever my darling is how long I'll love you
Forever my darling it will always be you.
As you kiss me goodnight,
may the Angels, hold you tight
You're the women I married for the rest of my life.

There's a golden glow around you as
I lie here, next to you
As you entertain the Angels while you
sleep the whole night through.
The warm caress, from your
loving hand is like honey dew
Tingling through my body with love, from me, to you.

From the moment that I saw you it was like déjà vu
My very special Angel appeared to me, as you.
If I could choose a girl forever
I'd choose one just like you
If I had the chance to make that choice
Yours would be the only voice I'd ever want to hear.

Our love could last a lifetime
and way beyond that too
Because I don't see a time to come when
I would not cherish you.
As the final days come around
I'll still be there for you.

The Fawn in the Forest

Down stream laden hillsides
she forever seems to wander.
Through winded brooks to tomorrow's dreams
going ever yonder.
Searching for some happiness
to find herself completion
To forget about the emptiness
and her energy depletion.

Crystalized by sadness,
immobilized by fear.
Stoic in expression
but no one seems to hear.
Defeated it would seem
by a love long since past.
To ever bear the sorrow
of her only love, her last

Frequently she reflects
upon what was that time
And the burden of her memory
echoes forth their rhyme.
Divorce from reality
is always self inflicted.
Causing you to separate from your soul,
which becomes restricted.

Shadows are illusions
which always seek to blind.
By trying to make you see
by using finite mind.
But the light will cure all infirmities,
disease, and sadness too.
For it connects you to the Heart.
that lives inside of you.

One Tear

Standing in the darkness, I seemed to call your name.
Asking if our love my dear, could ever be the same
Of all the times you comforted me
and tenderly held me near
So at this time I think of you
and shed for you one tear.

Just one tear is all I have to give
Without your love I don't want to live.
Just one tear of loneliness to soothe my restless soul
For the times we spent together,
it was I who played the fool.

The foolish one oh yes my love I say with deep regret.
Your chemistry, my mystery, of the love I can't forget
So within the shadows of yesterday,
beneath the forlorn sky
I sit in contemplation, to understand just why

You left me with no warning
When I saw your note that morning.

Kansas Morning Star

She's the one, whose always fun,
who makes you laugh and sing
And gives to you the warmth you need,
that only she can bring.

She's carried on a midnight star
that sparkles like the morning dew.
And brings the love inside her heart,
especially for you.

Can't you smell the fragrance,
that blossoms from her hair?
And what about that gentle touch,
that you just want to share.

That golden moment when she said, "Hello,"
Doesn't seem so long ago.
In fact, it seems like yesterday,
when you listened to her softly say,

"You're the one I've been looking for,
please be mine forevermore.
And give to me the love I've given
through all the years that I've been living.

For you made me remember the love I knew,
you made me remember it was always you."

More Than Ever

An eternity together,
a day spent with you.
A love song just for lover's
especially for you.
A serenade from the plans we've made
I dedicate to you.
A crimson rose from our love that
grows like a love song just for two.

And if by chance you do enhance
just what I'm looking for.
Then I'll know that you're the one
for then I'll love you more.
More than ever I want you to share
with me my life.
More that ever I need you
beside me, as my wife.

So travel far and travel fast
till you find your dream at last.
And if by chance I do enhance
just what you're looking for
Then you'll know that I'm the one
for then you'll love me more.


The little boys hurry over the snow
covered grass.
They can't be late
to the first day of class.

As I look out the window
at the snow gently falling.
I thought I heard your voice
as if a whisper calling.

Remember the days when we talked
as we strolled
Down the same winding path
and our hands we would hold.

Life was so rich
and meaningful then.
I can only wish
that we were together again.

Yes my dear
I softy replied.

And what of the ferry
we often would ride.
And how about the time
you fell in the snow.

As I was pulling you
up your cheeks were aglow.

But they're all memories now,
for they belong to the past.
Just like the time
that I saw you last.

Susan's Tenth Symphony

I was captured by your smile
that first day that we met.
And captivated by your grace
so elegantly set.

The lights were bright and the crowd roared on
as I looked into your eyes.
But they all just seemed to disappear
As I looked through your disguise.

You caught my cues so cleverly,
you responded with your heart.
And tantalized me with that smile
you seemed to know your part.

Something seemed to happen
someone seemed to say
There's a whole lot of love inside
this girl just waiting to come your way.

You took your place among the crowd
and yet you returned to me.
But now you're gone and so is my heart
and only you are free.

The Awakening

My troubles have past
because I've come to the end of the road at last.
But oh how long it has been
since I've let the light of truth shine in.

Only too long have I tortured myself
with yesterday's broken dreams.
Living in a land of shattered hope
and a love that never was.

Caressing my scars
so I might reminisce the pain
And embracing my sorrow
so I might feel the sadness once more.

Perpetually pursuing loneliness
by isolating myself.
And frequently reviewing unfaithfulness,
by my own unreasonable demands of loyalty.

So those were the conflicts of a man
only too well acquainted with sorrow.
By complicating the simple
Until it became complex.

I misinterpreted the beauty
I found wherever I went.

So loyalty to others
which was a misdirection of my affection
Kept me from being true
to my own self.

So if you take care of your own house
your neighborhood will be fine.
Because man is to have joy
and have it more abundantly.

The Visitor

The evening is late, my excitement swells
Approaching is my expected friend
My only companion has finally arrived.

Others I mistrust, they don't possess my faith.
Nature constantly disappoints me,
nations play games at my expense
Should I fight for a country that won't fight for me.

Ah, but the time is ripe he is here again.
But who is my long awaited visitor?
My secret will no longer be concealed.

He is my teacher, my guide of my dreams.
I know not his name only of his mission
His rank and title are both unclear
yet at his side I am not last.

Your world confuses me, it mocks my sincerity.
It's logic I do not understand,
indecision will be my epitaph
I perpetually perpetuate sadness.

I forecast no end to this dilemma,
the events are foreshadowed
But your eyes are weak
So onward I will sail, a traveler of the cosmic sea.

The Death of Sorrow

One evening as sorrow beckoned me
from my bedroom door.
Seeking entrance into my mind
like so many times before.
I decided this that day
of ill forgotten lore
Would be my time of exodus
and vanquish sorrow forever more.

But I could see that sorrow
just like a faithful friend.
Would not relinquish me its prey
until the very end.
So struggling with all its might
it sought to keep me down
With its morbid forms of ugliness
so my happiness would drown.

Despairingly I wondered if
again I'd be denied
Of the peace that was promised me
on the day my sorrow died.
I caught a glimpse of happiness
as my eyes began to gleam.
As once again I pondered
that blissful perfect dream.

He seemed to come from nowhere
but he certainly did appear.
He touched my face to comfort me
and released me of my fear.
Attacking sorrow with a strength
so strong he surely made me see
That in not so very long a time
from my sorrow I'd be free.

And so it was that time
and until this very day.
The people who come in quest of me
often hear me say.
There are those of you among us
who have conquered promised lands.
But you really don't have a thing
my friend if you don't rest in God's hands.

The Velvet Cloud

She slips through the night
on a velvet cloud.
Collecting her thoughts,
she cries aloud.

Call to the wind,
when you need a friend.
You can always be sure,
who it will send.

Someone who will take you
where you need to go.
Someone who will teach you
what you need to know.

The wind is like the spirit,
it embraces all.
Pushing you to see yourself,
yet cushioning your fall.

Could it be that wisdom,
were bought without a price.
Why then is there struggle,
or even sacrifice.

Oh yes my love, I've heard you now,
and I can see it's true.
That it really is the love in me.
that is the love in you.

The God Game

Religion is geographical ethnocentricity;
it's about where you live.
Nine times out of ten, it's to the local church you give.
It's the most alluring, and the most
dangerous game in town.
If you get involved in the God Game,
it's gonna bring you down.

Everybody's got an opinion that they think is right.
If you don't agree with their point of view,
you're gonna get a fight.
Fighting in the name of God, how completely absurd.
As if someone cornered the market,
on His Holy Word.

The Christians and the Muslims,
and the Buddhists too,
All hate the "beanie wearing guy"
just 'cause he's a Jew.
And, what about that beanie hat?
Obviously, he thinks he is where it's at.

Don't forget the Mormons,
on their bicycles built for two.
If you don't tithe to their church,
it's straight to hell for you.
Wake up Saturday morning, to a knock on your door.
It's your local Jehovah's witness
selling you the score.

The "Born Agains," my favorite, clearly got the clout.
They've got the moral majority,
to tell you what it's all about.
Then you've got the rebels, atheists to you.
They'll tell you of all that crap you read,
none of it is true.

Self-righteousness seems to be, the coin of the realm.
And everybody's got their guy sitting at the helm.
Whatever happened to humility,
the gateway to the spirit?
It's been drowned out by all the hate,
so no one can hear it.

The Saddest Eyes in Heaven

The saddest eyes in heaven
must belong to you tonight.
Because the saddest eyes living here on earth,
Are missing you tonight.

I'm missing you, missing you. I'm missing you.
Missing you and all the love we knew.

If I sit still for a moment,
I can hear you call my name.
As you whisper softly to me,
I caress your picture in its frame.
I can't go on without you, though I know I have to try.
It's so hard living all alone,
since the day you said goodbye.

But it's only in your arms that I can live,
And it's only to your heart that I can give.
All my love to you. All my love to you, yes, only you.

I was living with an angel,
there was magic in your eyes,
And every day that you woke up,
that's when the sun would rise.
Now time stands still before me,
that's the way it seems.
So, I'll see you tonight my darling,
but only in my dreams.

I'm missing you, missing you. I'm missing you,
Missing you and all the love we knew.

My Very Special Friend

Just before I met you
I really felt quite strange.
Something deep within me said
"My life was about to change."
Just before I met you
I really felt quite sad
Because everything I experienced
seemed to turn out bad.

Happiness to me was but a
long forgotten memory
Hopelessly lost down
the corridors of time.
Then I heard about a man
they said could show the way
To be truly, truly happy,
every single day.

For they said you came from eternity
and this I cannot doubt
For you're the one I know quite sure
who's helping me work my problems out.
So may God always bless you
my very special friend
And one thing you can be sure of
my love for you will never end.

Soon to be a Traveler

Soon to be a traveler
to explore a distant shore.
And visit another realm of light
that you've never seen before.

Through each dream that you cross
may your love prepare the way
Speaking only with kindness
in every word you say.

But I wonder if I'll wander
with you at night so time
And hear that sweet, sweet music
unraveling its rhyme.

But can I bring along my hang-ups,
I'll ask you with a smile?
Even if I'm careful
if but only for awhile.

But maybe I'll drop them all off
and leave them all behind
And I'm sure I could do it
if I could drop the focus of my mind.

That Special Feeling

There's an angel in my life
and she looks a lot like you.
And she comes to me in her gentle way,
just like the way you do.

I can hear her sweet laughter,
as her perfume fills the air.
As the wind blows softly to me,
the fragrance from her hair.

Oh what a joy you bring,
for now my heart can truly sing.
And I sing a song of love to you,
and I thank you dear for all you do.

The tenderness you brought me,
the subtle ways you taught me.
There's so many ways you show me,
how to lift my heart.
Away from the hurt and fear,
that once tore it apart.

And each day is a new day
and in it will be a new way.
To make each moment holy,
to live my life more fully.

And so, I thank you my dear angel
And I know that I'm always blessed.
Cause when the Lord sent you to me,
he sent his very best.

That special feeling that you have for me,
will be returned to you eternally.
And now I hope you can clearly see,
that love is returned most gratefully.


Excerpted from The Wind from Heaven's Window by Pat Mitchell. Copyright © 2013 Pat Mitchell. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Section 1: The Poetry,
• The Wind from Heaven's Window, 1,
• Twilight Transitions, 4,
• The Winter Breeze, 5,
• Somewhere, 7,
• It's Love, 8,
• Forever My Darling, 10,
• The Fawn in the Forest, 11,
• One Tear, 14,
• Kansas Morning Star, 15,
• More Than Ever, 17,
• Memories, 18,
• Susan's Tenth Symphony, 20,
• The Awakening, 21,
• The Visitor, 23,
• The Death of Sorrow, 24,
• The Velvet Cloud, 27,
• The God Game, 28,
• The Saddest Eyes in Heaven, 30,
• My Very Special Friend, 31,
• Soon to be a Traveler, 32,
• That Special Feeling, 33,
• Goodbye to Love, 35,
• The Waco Wacko, 37,
• Just One Wish, 39,
• Questions, 41,
• Lost Romance, 42,
• The Awakening Butterfly, 43,
• Packin' My Heart, 45,
• Please Use Words, 48,
• The Young Soldier, 49,
• No Time for Tomorrow, 50,
• Another Day, 51,
• Why Should I?, 52,
• She's a Product of Our Love, 53,
• The One True God, 55,
• Carry On My Love, 57,
• The Goddess Extraordinaire, 58,
• I'll Write You a Song, 60,
• Black Moon Over New Orleans, 62,
• "Oh My Heart" Parody of Achy Breaky Heart, 64,
• Define Yourself, 66,
• I Remember When, 67,
• The Fairy Song, 69,
• The Pied Piper, 71,
Section 2: The Stories Behind The Poems,
• "It's Love", 77,
• "The Goddess Extraordinaire", 78,
• "I'll Write You A Song", 79,
• "The Winter Breeze", 80,
• "Twilight Transitions", 81,
• "Somewhere", 83,
• "Forever My Darling", 84,
• "The Saddest Eyes in Heaven", 85,
• "Lost Romance", 86,
• "The Visitor", 87,
• "The Death of Sorrow", 89,
• "Susan's Tenth Symphony", 90,
• "One Tear", 91,
• "Memories", 92,
• "The Awakening Butterfly", 94,
• "I Remember When", 95,
• "Define Yourself", 97,
• "Oh My Heart Parody of Achy Breaky Heart", 98,
• "Black Moon Over New Orleans", 99,
• "Packin My Heart", 100,
• "Please Use Words", 103,
• "The Young Soldier", 104,
• "The Awakening", 105,
• "The Pied Piper", 107,
• "Just One Wish", 109,
• "The God Game", 111,
• "The Waco Wacko", 116,
Section 3: Musings on Life,
• Portable Paradise, Living In A State Of Freedom, 123,
• How Emotions Work, 131,
• Suggestions for an Effective Life, 132,
• You'll Feel Good About Yourself According To, 133,
• Ways to Remain Calm, 134,
• Acronym on Paradise, 135,
• Philosophical Insights, 136,
• "Musings on Life", 137,
• "Word Games", 142,
• "In Case You Would Like to Know", 144,
• "You Have the Right to Remain Stupid", 146,
• "The Sand Paper Brigade", 149,
• "The Kid Inside of You", 151,
• "The Letter and the Spirit of the Law", 153,
• "A Look at Humor", 155,
• "Forgiveness", 156,

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