Travel Contacts: 7 ET Contacts

Travel Contacts: 7 ET Contacts

by Tom Shaffer


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I was born in 1948 and grew up in Connecticut with no inkling of extraterrestrial involvement in my life. 1970 witnessed the beginning of my interest in ET contact cases, but I never suspected my being one of the "taken" until when attending Dr. Leo Sprinkle’s hidden contactee workshop in July of 1987. This beginning opened hidden memories of a lifetime of abduction and contact experiences. Since then the adventure has continued in a series of consciously recalled meetings with otherworld beings that have become a regular and rewarding part of my life.

I have enjoyed travel throughout my adult life--to Europe and Australia, on sea cruises, and all around the United States. But I have taken trips of another sort as well, journeys to worlds beyond the earth in the company of extraterrestrial visitors. These experiences, of a sort usually identified as UFO abductions, have gone far beyond the typical missing time and examination. I have met with otherworldly beings, visited their places of origin, witnessed their civilizations, conversed with them, and even formed friendships. I do not know the ultimate nature of these encounters, or why I was chosen for them, but I can say that these experiences are as real to me as any trip to a foreign country, only more colorful and amazing. This book offers a sample of these otherworld encounters that occurred while I engaged in conventional travels around this planet.

Locarno (Switzerland), Athens (Greece), Sarnia area (Australia), St Moritz (Switzerland), Cambridge and Washington D.C. (USA) plus the at-sea Carnival Triumph constitute the locations where I began/ended the experiences described in this book. Besides the master table of contents that covers the ET contact experiences described in this volume, Travel Contacts features a table of contents at the beginning of each section for the chapters contained therein. Travel Contacts is written by an author who has a cliffhanger style for ending chapters. Travel Contacts pictures this experiencer’s interactions with gray humanoids, people like us, reptoids and rarely reported six-limbed sophonts (evolved biological intelligences) from a heavy gravity world.

In the St Moritz, Cambridge, Washington DC and Triumph experiences the contact operative could be positively identified. Senjaise constitutes the name the human-appearing Pleiadians designated the woman who was the contact operative in the 1992 St Moritz event. Senjaise accompanied me on an excursion to a heavy gravity world populated by oviparous sophonts. My escort in the Cambridge, Washington DC and Triumph experiences was a woman from a more junior civilization called Iradua. While 72% of Iraduans can blend seamlessly into an Earthly environment Ramine is one of the 28% who refer to themselves as the fourhanded people because of a four-armed physique. During the Washington DC event Ramine took me to a location in southern Brazil where there was a subterranean base presently staffed by reptoids. By the time of the 2004 Cambridge event Ramine and I were entering into a relationship in which the two of us cherished each other’s company.

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