by Lori R. Lopez

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A Thin Man wanders into a world of trouble after the Carnival that was his home goes bust. Adrift and alone, missing his friends, things get pretty freaky when he accepts a job for a doctor who isn't as nice as he seems. The oddities out in the barn may bite! Losing his job in a Sideshow, Darius Exavier feels even thinner than usual. How long before he disappears? He thinks he has found a solution to his woes when a kind rural physician hires him as an assistant. But the doctor turns out to be more of the mad scientist variety, and his barn hosts some pretty strange experiments. Darius finds himself drawn into a crazy situation that he cannot resist. It's almost like falling in love . . . This strange tale is also available in THE MACABRE MIND OF LORI R. LOPEZ collection.

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BN ID: 2940014969024
Publisher: Fairy Fly Entertainment
Publication date: 07/18/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 929 KB

About the Author

Being a bit of an oddity herself, Lori R. Lopez has been drawn to the Circus and Carnival atmosphere most of her life. Each Summer, the Carnival would come to town and she would thrill to the sights and sounds of the Midway like any kid from a small American community. At least way back when, a long long time ago. In an age of Modernization, as such attractions become even rarer and uncommon, there are fewer places in the world for the unusual to fit in or make a living by standing out from the crowd. And they aren’t alone; many jobs are being replaced. Everyone is encouraged to be alike . . . to act and think the same, with little room for individuality as they stand in the Unemployment Line, because everyone can’t be special can they? Through much of Lori’s work, the Square Pegs and Loners roam while she attempts to record their stories. It isn’t easy. They tend to ignore her as if she’s weird or something and just keep going. So she is forced to make up stories about them. Which could be misconstrued as rumors and gossip. Lori will assure you this isn’t the case. It is pure fabrication and fiction. There’s a difference. Often sporting a Tophat, Lori could be considered a Ringmaster presenting fables of the absurd, the bizarre, the contrary. Shining a lamp at a parade of nonsense and frivolity — not to mention high-wired flights of whimsy and subliminal depths of darkness: the arcane, occult, unnatural, abnormal, curious and peculiar. Step forward into the spotlight. Prance and dance along to the warped Calliope theme music that only she can hear! This is the world in Lori’s head, the whirlwind of her mind’s spinning Carousel Creatures, the frolicsome capers of the wild and untamed beasts who inhabit the space between her ears. Listen, you may detect a faint roar, a gnarly growl, a low rumble of amusement as they cavort. You could almost hear the slight scratch of her pen, scribble-scrawling day and night to keep up with the wonders and mayhem. If you do, heed well the signs not to disturb this sacrosanct reverie . . . this inspired trance-state of erratic, artistic, frantic, hyperbolic frenzy. Otherwise, her noggin will probably crack open from the tremendous pressure like a split coconut. She would have to tape it back together the way you patch a jigsaw puzzle, or mend a broken heart. It wouldn’t be very pretty, but it would be practical.

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