Urban Legends: An Eve Hathaway's Paranormal Mystery Collection Part 4

Urban Legends: An Eve Hathaway's Paranormal Mystery Collection Part 4

by Eve Hathaway

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Splicers and now... our two stories in 1 book!

Urban Legends, real or not?

Chains of Darkness Part 4 : The Grace Bearer

Things go to hell, ironically enough. When Melinda and Gabe manage to leave hell they carried Daniel with them.

Caleb is hunting her all over the world. Left suddenly alone, Melinda has no idea where Azgaroth took Gabe and Daniel. Luck leads her to them — and to Ophelia, a woman who provides the weapon they need to stop Caleb. But Caleb is more clever than Melinda is, and her plans quickly unravel. Can she manage to stop Caleb before they all become completely undone?

Song of Teeth Part 4 : The Last Note

With Ally captured by the rival scientist Dr. Kyle Rubidio, Mark, Tatiana, and Dr. Sanders reel from the loss of their work and this new threat to their friend. After each tries and fails in their separate ways to rescue Ally and their research, the three turn to each other again for help. After exhausting all legal options, they resort to any means necessary to save Ally—and possibly her entire species—from Dr. Rubidio’s cruelty. Their secrets are in danger of being exposed, and their loyalties are severely tested. But help appears in several unexpected places….

Eventually, tensions and old fears erupt in a horrific clash between reptile and human that will leave the city of Fontel reeling, and forever change the lives of everyone involved in an instant. The human world can no longer ignore what exists beneath its feet.

In the meantime, Mark’s home life causes further strain when he learns his brother has been arrested. Faced with the enormous task of saving an entire lost civilization, and with trying to repair his relationships with his family and Tatiana, Mark must find the courage and reason to withstand the greatest challenges of his life. Everyone must decide what is worth sacrificing, and what is worth saving.

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Other titles in Eve Hathaway's Paranormal Mystery Collection:

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Urban Legends Part 2 which includes The Spawn's Blood & Pale Eyes
Urban Legends Part 3 which includes The Grace Bearer & The Last Note

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BN ID: 2940149075782
Publisher: Publications Circulations LLC
Publication date: 11/23/2013
Series: An Eve Hathaway's Paranormal Mystery Collection , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Eve Hathaway was born in Delridge, Washington where she lived for 5 years with her parents and younger sister. For better employment opportunities, the family moved to Seattle – the city they all call home.
As an older sister always expected to set be a “good role model”, Eve adapted the logical and practical perspective of an adult at a young age. At seven, she stopped hiding her loose tooth under a pillow and putting up her stocking by the window on Christmas Eve. She developed a sense of independence and responsible quickly. But she knew no world beyond reality.
In high school, Eve’s after-school routine involved dropping by the local library and waiting for half an hour for her dad’s shift to end so they could drive home together. To kill time, instinct pushes us to grab whatever is in front of us. Eve was always surrounded by books. She wasn’t much of a reader – primarily because she only owned textbooks – which she refers to as the most potent sleeping pills. But after skimming a random fiction novel, she was hooked. She would check out book after book almost daily and sneak a read at every opportunity. Her favorites were those which took her to new worlds and introduced her to different new species. She read them then but writes them now.
Eve finished an Associate Degree in Elementary Education at Seattle Community College. She now works part time at a local school as a substitute teacher. At the same time, she authors paranormal romance, fantasy, urban legend, and fantasy books – inspired by library books and the creative minds of her elementary students.

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