Vamparazzi (Esther Diamond Series #4)

Vamparazzi (Esther Diamond Series #4)

by Laura Resnick

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ISBN-13: 9781101547625
Publisher: DAW
Publication date: 10/04/2011
Series: Esther Diamond Novel , #4
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 349,224
File size: 611 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Laura Resnick was born in Chicago, and when she was a teenager her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up in a family of writers, daughter of SF writer Mike Resnick, she never thought she would end up in a writing career, herself. A cum laude  graduate of Georgetown University, where she studied languages and linguistics. Laura can speak French and Italian. After college, she moved overseas for a few years, where she studed acting at London Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Laura Resnick can be found at

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"Light-hearted, zany, suspenseful, surprising, and romanticVamparazzi is all of that and more. Don’t miss this fantastic new release." —SciFiChick

"This humorous mystery pokes more than a bit of fun at the vampire craze and Esther is a witty and charming heroine to follow. For anyone who enjoys a bit of paranormal with more than a dash of humor and a great mystery, check this book out and Esther's previous adventures." —Parkersburg News and Sentinel

"This is an unforgettable book. If you love vampires, humorous situations, and intrigue, go out and read it!" —Night Owl Reviews, Reviewer Top Pick

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Vamparazzi 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Struggling actress Esther Diamond dreams of making it big on Broadway, but also knows that mythological and supernatural creatures exist (see Unsympathetic Magic and Doppelgangster). For instance one of her closest friends is bookstore owner Max, a three hundred and fifty years old retired vampire slayer who drank an alchemist elixir that does not make him immortal but he ages very slowly makes him look a normal middle aged man. Esther performs as the love interest in the off Broadway production of The Vampire starring Daemon Ravel as a man who believes he is a bloodsucker. She dislikes the narcissistic phony Daemon. One of his groupies Jane dresses up like his love interest and attacks Esther. The police find the corpse of Jane drained of blood. Esther's sort of boyfriend warns her she could be in danger as Jane is not the first victim. Concerned and frightened Esther Consults with Max as she believes a real Undead is the serial killing predator. Vamparazzi is a laugh out loud urban fantasy satire that lampoons the excesses of fandom, paparazzi and the sub-genre. Intrepid Esther is fearless as she chooses fight rather than flight by facing danger. The support cast adds humor or peril while anchoring a New York City where vamps, slayers and retirees reside. Laura Resnick writes an entertaining "bloodless" serial killer thriller starring a delightful kick butt (and other bodily parts) heroine. Harriet Klausner
TheLibraryhag on LibraryThing 28 days ago
In this 4th book in the series, Esther has snagged a part in an off-Broadway show about vampires. The star of the show claims to be an actual vampire and has caused quite a stir around the production. When when bodies that have been drained of blood start showing up, Esther starts wondering if his claims could possibly be true.I really enjoy this series. This book is a bit of a departure. We find out more about Max, but he is not very involved in actually solving the mystery. Lopez, Esther's almost boyfriend, is around but not as much as in the past. So Esther is front and center with a cast of crazy actors, frenzied fans, nosey reporters and, oh yes, vampires. Much fun to be had. Can't wait for the next one.
BookyVT on LibraryThing 28 days ago
I figured out part of the mystery fairly early, and loved the humor.
readinggeek451 on LibraryThing 28 days ago
Esther Diamond has a role in a play based on a classic vampire novel. A bad novel. The star likes to pretend he's a vampire, and his rabid fans believe it. Then one of them turns up dead--drained of blood. Suddenly Esther is learning more about real vampires than she ever wanted to know.Fun and not too horrific.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bravewarrior More than 1 year ago
PB/Urban Fantasy: This is book four in the series and my last. I gave it one more chance after the last book. Granted, this book is better, but Lopez needs to go. In my argument of the last book, it's time that Lopez believed what Max & Esther are telling the truth about all things paranormal. It's getting old and Lopez needs a replacement. I really wanted to like this book, but I figured who was the vampire by the second or third chapter. There were no surprises in the plot or Esther's love life. Again, she is a doormat and still not speaking up for herself. As for my biggest peeve of the book: continuity. It took me an hour to read the first scene that involved Esther and Lopez. Now, I'm not the fastest reader, but I'm not the slowest either. According to Esther, the conversation was only 20 minutes! There are a lot of time continuity problems in this book. Conversations take FOREVER(and while a dog is suffering, in this book and the last.) There is none of the witty banter that the first two books had. The middle of the book was okay, but the whole "three different kinds of vampires" was stupid. SPOILERS: The question of why Max doesn't like Lithuanians was still not answered which really made me mad. It tells how he knows them, but I being of Lithuanian decent would like to know. The end of the book was inconceivable. The secret vampire hunters show up with crossbows, in front of people in a public place, when showing up at three in the morning at a private residence would make so much more sense. Lopez has been undercover in a sewer all day and smells like poop. Esther cuts her hand and is bleeding. Lopez gives her his sweaty/poopy bandana (how sterile) to wrap around her hand; then Mr Smelly starts to lick her wound. It is not sexy thinking of a fictional character getting a staph infection. Yes, I understand that this book is supposed to be a comedy, but it was empty. I wanted more. Not only were there not many questions answered, there were no new questions that make me want to proceed with the next book. I wish I hadn't read past the first two books Disappearing Nightly and Doppelgangster.