Westward: The Novel

Westward: The Novel

by Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel


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Larissa (Lara) Crowell is a registered nurse with four young children. Now that her husband has made the transition from police officer to attorney, she hopes to be able to remain at home with their four young children. The sudden death of her husband causes her to have to return to work. This is the story of her adjustment and triumphs as she learns to combine both the world of being a breadwinner and a parent. It also traces her eventual meeting of the second great love of her life, and of her learning to trust him enough to blend him into her close family with her children. Sometimes the challenges you anticipate are not the ones that actually occur.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781591136439
Publisher: BookLocker.com Inc
Publication date: 08/20/2018
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel is a registered nurse and former college instructor. Her most important role has been as a wife and mother of five, who are now grown. "Westward:The Novel" is her fifth book and second novel. Her time away is spent with farm animals, traveling and songwriting.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Ferns and Lillies

Chapter Two: If There is Anything That We Can Do…

Chapter Three: It’s Like Living in a Flower Shop

Chapter Four: Wills and Practicalities

Chapter Five: The Lifting Fog

Chapter Six: More of the Waves of Widowhood

Chapter Seven: Look Ahead

Chapter Eight: Business Attire?

Chapter Nine: Interview

Chapter Ten: An Offer

Chapter Eleven: Preparations

Chapter Twelve: A Working Mother

Chapter Thirteen: Becoming an Industrial Nurse

Chapter Fourteen: Making Progress

Chapter Fifteen: Up Ended

Chapter Sixteen: Chicken Salad with Grapes and Almonds

Chapter Seventeen: Snapshots

Chapter Eighteen: A Day’s Work

Chapter Nineteen: Torrential Rain

Chapter Twenty: Lunch at The Bistro

Chapter Twenty-One: Two Types of Concealment

Chapter Twenty-Two: A Busy Season

Chapter Twenty-Three: Bartolomeo’s

Chapter Twenty-Four: While at Home

Chapter Twenty-Five: Flight to Toronto

Chapter Twenty-Six: Maelstrom

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Morning Off

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Time Together

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Proposals and Announcements

Chapter Thirty: Who is Engaged?

Chapter Thirty-One: Forget the Wedding Planner

Chapter Thirty-Two: Crack Shot

Chapter Thirty-Three: Under Praetorian Guard

Chapter Thirty-Four: Blue with White

Chapter Thirty-Five: An Attempt at a Resolution Dinner

Chapter Thirty-Six: Return to Work

Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Preacher with a Pear Tree

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Sensitive Questions

Chapter Thirty-Nine: On the Edge of a Wedding

Chapter Forty: Countdown

Chapter Forty-One: A Wedding at Norcroft Farm

Chapter Forty-Two: Maritime Paradise

Chapter Forty-Three: Delmarva

Chapter Forty-Four: Many Moving Parts

Chapter Forty-Five: New Routines

Chapter Forty-Six: A Project Stalled

Chapter Forty-Seven: A Surprise in a Brown Paper Bag

Chapter Forty-Eight: The Closing

Chapter Forty-Nine: Site Survey

Chapter Fifty: Confirmation

Chapter Fifty-One: If It’s a Promotion Then Why Are You Crying?

Chapter Fifty-Two: A Secret Shared

Chapter Fifty-Three: Mary’s Choice

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Long Haul in Homebuilding

Chapter Fifty-Five: A Home for Mary

Chapter Fifty-Six: The Joyous Days

Chapter Fifty-Seven: Getting Prepared

Chapter Fifty-Eight: A Difficult Confinement

Chapter Fifty-Nine: Post Delivery Chaos

Chapter Sixty: Coming Home

Chapter Sixty-One: A Long Hot Summer

Chapter Sixty-Two: A Diagnosis

Chapter Sixty-Three: The Great Move

Chapter Sixty-Four: Adjustments

Chapter Sixty-Five: What About our Names?

Chapter Sixty-Six: Landrum Life

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Languishing in Landrum

Chapter Sixty-Eight: Contention

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Building a Church

Chapter Seventy: To Nova Scotia


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