by David P Perlmutter

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#1 Best Seller in TRUE CRIME in USA, Australia, India, Spain and #3 in UK! Also #2 in DRAMA in UK and #3 in Australia! Also top 50 across Amazon in BIOGRAPHY! 

The following story is based on true events about my trip to Marbella, Spain, where having lost everything, which was all self inflicted, including my job, apartment and self respect, I leave memories of a London police cell behind me and head for Spain with its promise of adventure and fun. Little do I know that I'm about to be thrust into the most terrifying time of my life. 

WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is a gripping true-life story of an unimaginable nightmare and how my ticket to a new life turns out to be a one way ticket to hell. 

Over 450 reviews across Amazon with 295 x 5*****

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BN ID: 2940153189543
Publisher: David P Perlmutter
Publication date: 04/15/2016
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

From wrongly imprisoned life-saver to self-published Amazon No 1 best-selling author 
Falsely accused of arson and manslaughter and thrown in a Spanish jail, David P Perlmutter turned real life drama into a full-time writing career following the success of his debut novel 'Wrong Place Wrong Time' 
In 1991 North London estate agent David found himself at odds with the law and out of a job following an unfortunate and naïve episode. Desiring a change of scenery he decided to move to Spain to start afresh but misfortune, circumstance and a degree of stupidity soon landed him in more trouble than that from which he had fled back home. 

One night after a few too many drinks and armed with more Dutch courage than common sense, he rescued two people from a burning hotel, but in the process became embroiled in a nightmare from which, for a while, he thought he may not escape. 'Aided' by a UK tabloid journalist whose sole purpose and ulterior motive was merely creating shock headlines, David's real life account of nail-biting events leading up to and following the fire have had readers leaving reviews (295+ 5*****) 

For further information, please contact: Julie Tucker, Editor & PR - 07961 399665, David P Perlmutter - 07415 696440 www.davidpperlmutter.com

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Wrong Place Wrong Time 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
SmithFamilyInEngland More than 1 year ago
"It was unsettling, the knowledge that a split second decision can completely change the course of someone's life........" This was certainly a statement that represented David P. Perlmutter's true life account in "Wrong Place Wrong Time". So many wrongly made split second decisions that impacted on the rest of his life, especially when in the wrong place at the wrong time!! This book is brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, I would highly recommend you try and read this in one sitting as it's very addictive. All the way through this compelling read you feel you are with David every step of the way - from his everyday job in an estate agency to the unfortunate events that followed - feeling all his emotions from fear and guilt to shame and relief. There was so much build up of anticipation throughout, the fear and terror was palpable. As a parent of three teenage sons I'm now going to be dreading them taking their first holiday abroad with their mates! Lots of varied characters make up this story some nice some not so nice, I particularly liked 'Son of Elvis' - what a great character he was. The harrowing account of the filthy, dark and dank police cells were very descriptive and I can't imagine the true horror David went through during those days with only orange peel to keep him company! "Wrong Place Wrong Time" is a very exciting book with some cliffhanger moments leaving you wondering what will happen next and at times screaming at him 'don't do it!' I would highly recommend you put this book on your to read list but perhaps best not read if you're on holiday in Spain.......
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MRCROCCO More than 1 year ago
The Walk from Hell Such a harrowing experience, it took David P Perlmutter twenty years to be able to put pen to paper and tell his true story, or nightmare may be a better word. We all make foolish mistakes, but David’s mistake turned his life upside down. After a night out drinking in London, David got behind the wheel. If that wasn’t stupid enough, he made a nuisance of himself by driving like an idiot and neighbors justifiably called the police. He was thrown in jail overnight, and the next day he was fired. David had a great career as a realtor making great money. He not only lived in a luxury apartment but drove a BMW to boot. Soon after being fired he appeared in court and his license was suspended for a year and he was ordered to pay a considerable fine. This resulted in having to move back with mom and dad giving up his life of luxury. When all this really hit David, it hit him hard. He became depressed, reclusive, and a couch potato. He knew he couldn’t continue on this path so he decided to escape to some fun in the sun, Marbella, Spain. David is the first to admit he blew it. He spent money he didn’t have and partied way too much. Eventually this took its toll. He did get a job of sorts, but that ended up badly with a busted up face. Of course a beautiful woman was involved, one usually is. So David was jobless again. Having just a few bucks left and a bruised face David tries to find an out of the way bar to have a drink. Here he meets a couple, Peter and Rosa, who befriends him and he gets drunk with them. The guy is a loser, but the woman, Rosa, is a knock out. She flirts with David and again he gets himself in trouble. When he leaves the bar it’s with Rosa. She takes him to her place and they have an incredible night of steamy hot sex. Of course David gets to eat and is back to feeling human again. They say their good-byes. Again David loses his living quarters, an inexpensive hostel he was renting still owing back rent. Back to being penniless and jobless David spends his days and nights at the beach. He meets a crazy guy and they smoke weed together. He knows he’s got to pull himself together. But how when all you own are the clothes you are wearing and look like hell? Starving, stoned, filthy, and tired David finds himself in a nice hotel waiting room and falls asleep on the couch. When he is found, he is physically thrown out in the street. Guess who he runs into? The gorgeous Rosa. She takes him under her wings and after shower, sex, and clean clothes, they go to a party where David can eat free. Guess who they run into at the party? Peter. David doesn’t want yet another bar scene, so he excuses himself politely and takes a walk. This is David’s walk from hell. So far you’ve seen David be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this walk from hell takes his life to a whole new level. I’ve been spoon feeding you leading up to the core of the story. This is where the nightmare really begins. Now just try to remember, David really is a nice guy. He was young and foolish, yes, but didn’t deserve what happened to him while taking this walk. I’m going to leave out a lot of details because you really have to read David P Perlmutter’s account yourself to get the gist of what happened. You have to read David’s words to feel what he experienced. On his walk he sees a building on fire. Let’s remember David is once again drunk, he’s out of shape from doing nothing and he’s suffering from malnutrition. He can’t believe the intensity of the fire. As he stares at the fire trucks arriving he hears a woman screaming for help. This is why you must read David’s account. He writes what happened with such intensity. All I will say is he saved two lives on this day. Did he get recognized? Oh yeah, but not in a good way. David made another foolish mistake and stole two credit cards while looking for other victims in the building. His dad had told him Spain’s police were the worst. David experiences this in the worst possible way. He is arrested and treated like a true foreigner and a piece of garbage. A journalist with his own personal agenda takes David under his wing. Understandably, David is too vulnerable at this time to realize he’s getting screwed. Does he get out of the pig sty of a jail? Does he go to court and have a trial? Is he found guilty or innocent? Does he spend the rest of his life in Spain in prison? Wrong Place Wrong Time is a must read. It’s hard to believe it’s a true story. How is David today? Where does he live? One can only imagine the nightmares he must still endure. He shares with his readers what he goes through on a daily basis even twenty three years later. It took David three years to complete his book. David P Perlmutter claims he is not an author. This is his first piece of writing. He was encouraged to get it out of his system by those who love him. This should give you a clue as to the intensity of the story. I disagree with David’s perception of himself as a writer. Wrong Place Wrong Time is written beautifully. It is a heartfelt and amazing story of courage and stamina. I’m not sure how many people would be able to live through this and then write about it. Thank you for sharing your story David. I wish you the best.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just received this comment on twitter from a reader in the States who bought my book and to say the least I'm rather chuffed. Thanks David, the best I've read in '12 so far, such gripping & pacy but like the sincere & intriguing way of your writing.
iAnima More than 1 year ago
I don't normally read true stories but this one grabbed my attention and kept me hooked the entire way through. We all make mistakes in our lives, but for Dave his mistakes will never be forgotten. His mistakes also led to acts of Heroism which most of us could never dream of achieving. This is an incredible, honest account of one man's journey which changed his life forever. The book is written in a fast-paced and gripping style that is so real that you will feel your heart beating just like Dave's was. Incredible story, thanks for sharing your book with us Dave.
Dawson59 More than 1 year ago
Summer vacation gone wrong.  Overall, this is a well written story of adversity and survival. We, in the states have heard the horror stories of life for those who were unfortunate to be arrested in foreign countries for drug smuggling or either unsavory deeds. If you ever watched “Midnight Cowboy,” you know what I’m talking about. Apparently, Mr. Pultmutter lived the true nightmare of being (in this case) unjustly charged with arson and manslaughter, yet correctly charged with theft, in Spain.  The story, in a sense could rival a James Bond movie as Bond runs the full gamut of success, failure, and escape in a relatively short time span. Something like two months. Hey, that’s pretty impressive.  I am not one to question an authors work, but in this case, if David was charged with manslaughter and arson, why would the Spanish government not pursue a fleeing fugitive? I did a few searches for fires in Marabella during the early nineties with no results. Odd. Perhaps the Spanish authorities were a bit embarrassed that a foreigner escaped with such ease. That aside, the writing style will keep your attention as you attempt to figure out how in the world he is going to get out of his predicament. How would we react to being imprisoned in a foreign country with no money and no way to contact the outside world? Too say the least, that’s a scary premise all on its own. When David sees an opportunity to elude his captors, he chooses the only option available: escape. Should he have stayed and faced the music (as his father suggests) or should he bolt for freedom knowing he could be captured at anytime which will only result in additional charges being levied against him and a possible life sentence? Glad I didn’t have to make that choice.    Unlike many of the other reviews discussing his depths of drunkenness, let us remember, he is in his late twenties and enjoying the fruits of his labors. I know people well into their thirties and forties who were still living that lifestyle. This is an age where we considered ourselves being indestructible and the hangovers are easily discarded the next day. I don’t condemn him for his lifestyle choices at that age. He was after all, having fun.  Overall, a quick entertaining and engaging read.  A solid 4