A Night by my Fire
A Night by my Fire

A Night by my Fire

by Addison Cain


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"With her signature blend of raw primal passion and emotion, Addison Cain brings us a hot read guaranteed to warm up anyone's winter night!" –Zoe Blake, USA TODAY bestselling author

Blizzards, smoldering attraction, a strong, independent woman, and a virgin male who's more animal than man...

I pulled my stranger from the river. Breathed life into his lungs.

I saved him in this arctic tundra. Yet he looks at me like a meal. Touches me like I'm his greatest temptation.

Tells me he desires my body to use in a way I've never offered myself before.

Storm raging outside my cabin, there is little to do to escape him. Little chance I might survive this encounter unscathed.

He wants life. My life. And I have no choice but to offer it.

And I don't harbor a single regret.

A Night by my Fire is a stand-alone novella previous published in a no longer available anthology. This story contains no cliffhangers, but does offer building heat that will burn you from the inside out. Need to warm up in front of a fire? Wrap yourself in a soft blanket and enjoy!

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BN ID: 2940163138791
Publisher: Addison Cain
Publication date: 12/09/2019
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 181,472
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About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author and Amazon Top 25 bestselling author, Addison Cain is best known for her dark romances, smoldering Omegaverse, and twisted alien worlds. Her antiheroes are not always redeemable, her lead females stand fierce, and nothing is ever as it seems.

Deep and sometimes heart wrenching, her books are not for the faint of heart. But they are just right for those who enjoy unapologetic bad boys, aggressive alphas, and a hint of violence in a kiss.

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A Night by my Fire 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 59 reviews.
lvobrien 4 months ago
Addison Cain has treated us to a holiday story. If by holiday story, I mean a story about a woman saving an ungrateful man’s life, and then the two of them are forced into confinement in a teeny-tiny abode to wait out a storm, then Merry Christmas to me, and you, and you, and yes, you too. This is a fun story. Yes, there’s life and death and threats and all sorts of things going on, but it’s also exactly how I would picture a scenario like that going down. Truly. River is amazing and strong and I really want to know her backstory. Stephen is all sorts of a hot mess, which is quite the opposite of what we’re used to with stories like these. And I loved that she never got his name. If you’re looking for a satisfying read that isn’t all chocolate and roses, then grab your copy of “A Night by my Fire.”
MHRN06 4 months ago
I am a HUGE fan of this author and once again she did not disappoint. This was A short exciting story about River that stumbled across an injured Stephen. River was living in the wilderness and Stephen had a dark mysterious past. The more I read the more excited I became. These two were at each others throats from the beginning until the end. The book ends with you asking yourself what did I just read? I'm looking forward to reading more about them in the future, I have so many questions. Great read.
marycanas 4 months ago
I love this short story, is like all of Addisson works, the story grabs you and you don't want to finish so soon. River is a strong and very unique woman, she very intiguin, and you want to know more about her and her story. She saves this monstruos man from drowning and that is how the meet. The interaction between this two is really funny and enterteing. He is letal but also innocent in others aspects. The only bad thing is that end so soon and you want to know much more. I hope that Addison writes a full book of this story because I want more.
Lauren Royal-Woods 4 months ago
I got an advanced copy due to being in Addison Cain's ARC team, but don't let that fool you as one is absorbed into the story from the opening sentence. River finds a half-dead man in a river and from there starts a very unlikely relationship between two people who are like oil and water, or possibly more like gasoline and the perfect amount of oxygen just waiting for the match to spark. I love how these two aren't your typical run of the mill romance couple, one is a brutal, dangerous man just realizing he can now discover who he is, another is a recluse that is fighting to be alone and we really never discover what her backstory is. In this case, it doesn't matter as when a blizzard hits and traps them indoors things heat up. Once more the usual tropes are completely avoided as there is no insta-love between these two (thank goodness!) as you're not sure if they're gonna kill each other or find another way to vent their frustrations. When they do find another way to vent their frustrations... holy cow! The build up was worth it as dear reader, you are *primed* for this combustion to happen. Wonderful, burning desire as only Addison Cain can write. Certainly made this reader melt. My only complaint is that it cut off too abruptly at the end. There was so much build up, and then you were on a reading high when River and Stephen finally came together... and then it felt like you hit a brick wall full force with the short ending. Made me have whiplash and go back and re-read the last chapter to see if I had missed something. In reflection, it makes perfect sense as these are two people that cannot survive a 'happily ever' ending with each other, River even points this out. Still, it was extremely jarring, yet certainly an ending one should expect from our dark mistress Addison Cain.
Bookmum 3 months ago
Let's start out by saying this is not your typical Addison book this is.,.... sweet. River is a young woman who lives by herself in the mountains. ... . by a you guessed it river. She she has a heart of gold but is definitely used to taking care of herself and not giving into womenly ways. Stephen is a military man who has been betrayed. He is not quick to trust nor is he quick to take help unless he absolutely needs it. He believes women are supposed to be pretty and quiet things that definitely don't describe River. They are unlikely pair that you root happiness for. It starts with river saving Stephen, and well the heat is there but when will the fire ignite? For me this was a good slow burner, but definitely worth rereading. Once again this is not your normal Addison book definitely not, a little too sweet for our diabolical author. Oh did I mention Stephen is a virgin??!
Kasey_Marie 3 months ago
Having read everything by Addison Cain I was super thrilled to see that she was re-releasing her very first story I had not gotten my hands on yet. I was not disappointed. A Night by my Fire starts off as a complete gender switch that we don’t normally see in romance novels. A woman finds a helpless man on the verge of death in the lake and reluctantly takes him back to her secluded house and nurses him back to health. What I loved about the story was it wasn’t an instant romance. It takes a lot for the two characters to get along at the beginning and finally concluding with a hot steamy night by the fire. Definitely worth a quick read. The ending left me speechless.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book like all books Addison Cain writes is awesomely creative. How many of us have read the trope where the anti-hero falls into the lap of the heroine forcing her to take care of the manly man while injured? She put her own spin on it like she does everything else and it came out awesome! This is a shorter novel so not technically a full novel. That said as exasperatingly usual she leaves us wanting more. More resolution, more contact (wink, wink) and more story. The heroine is straight from one of those Alaskan bush reality TV shows. She independent, strong and wily. The "hero" is a straight up conscienceless killer. Like usual. But also, like usual, she makes you ache inexplicably for the journey that got them there. The heroine at one point said that this wasn't a fairy tale with some happy ending and I guess I suppose it isn't. With more of HEAFN than anything. That said I do hope we see them crash together again. Knocked it out of the park like usual Ms. Cain.
Nahanea 3 months ago
A Night by my Fire by author Addison Cain. From zero to sixty in heat and gritty deliciousness. This author sure knows how to keep you captivated- willingly!! Like a wondrous puzzle the pieces just fit. You might not know the whole of it yet it doesn’t even matter the bit of what you have is enough- always enough. If she would give us more I think our world would be blown. But what a way to go!! Enjoy!! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Lunalibra 3 months ago
Anything with addisons name I’ve come to have high expectations! And to learn she’s been holding this one back is painful. It’s a quick hot read to distract and tantalize.
ShellyE-LG 3 months ago
You can get burned by Fire!! I wasn’t sitting by the fire when I was reading this story but it sure did feel like it from all the heat that was coming off the pages!! My most favorite thing about Addison Cain as an author is, she knows how to give us, the readers, true depth to her characters. It is like the layers continually opening on a rose, and just when you think the character has reached its bloom, she shows us another level of emotion. But be careful, her characters always come with extremely sharp, abundant thorns. In this story, Mrs. Cain shakes up what for so long has become an almost cliché, predictable formula. In A Night By My Fire, it is the Male Lead that is the left for dead virgin, but by no means is he an innocent. Stephen is saved from sure death by the Female Lead, River. A competent, non-simpering, strong woman with her own demons haunting her. This complete role reversal of the “norm” is refreshing, captivating, and had me hooked all the way to the bittersweet end.
dbxmom 3 months ago
This one sucked me in from the very beginning and, since it's a shorter read, I didn't put it down until I had read the last word. I've been a fan of Addison Cain's for a while now, and she writes wonderful stories with characters that stick with you. This one is no different. It's intense, sexy, and I can't decide if I wish there had been more or if one of the reasons I love it so much was the vagueness of the whole thing. I love that I'm left with so many unknowns and my imagination went crazy trying to fill in all the answers. It didn't go where I thought it was going to go, but I can't imagine it having a better ending.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Absolutely incredible! A short, hot read that leaves you wanting for your own cabin hidden in the wilderness. I loved the switch to the inexperienced male that still dominated without detracting from the strong female role. My only complaint.... I want more! An absolute must read from Addison Cain.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This is a short and sweet novella. Addison Cain's stories never let you down but please note, this is a novella so it is a quick read. Don't get your hope up for a full story on this one. If short stories are not your favorite then pass on this one.
Jenny_B_AZ 3 months ago
This book is a little different from the author's typical books and I found it quite enjoyable. This is a short quick read between two people - one of which left in the wild the other surviving in the wild. I loved her character as she was strong, independent and completely capable. Stephen was an interesting character - the broody alpha for sure. I really enjoyed reading about how these two came together and then seeing the dynamics change between the two. I wish I could give it five stars but I feel like I need a little more from these characters and this story
Anonymous 3 months ago
It's the type of love story you only ever hear about. It may have a bittersweet ending but doesn't mean you don't enjoy the ride along the way. Who else could write something that captures you into the story and makes you never want to leave but Cain. Wonderful story fantastic characters and a great read. Love it!!
Rebecca_0149 3 months ago
I love Addison Cain's work. She's unapologetic and fierce in her writing. In A Night by my Fire, she turns the classic damsel in distress nonsense on its head for a refreshing change of pace. River and Stephen are great characters. The plot is masterful in its simplicity. It's an all-around great guilty pleasure read.
Ginka-1 3 months ago
Dark and dangerous nights Addison Cain weaves her magic again! Not as dark as her other work yet still gripping and unique. River and Stephen met under dire circumstances and were at each others throats, maybe because both have pasts that are hidden that have formed them into the people they are today. Both strong in their own ways they find a common ground in lust. But their futures lie in different directions, or will they collide once again? More please! Erotic, enthralling and entertaining! Edit Delete
WaantonSoup 3 months ago
It pulls you in from the start and keeps you there for every page-turning moment. I quickly grew to like both characters and enjoyed their chemistry and interactions. Super realistic and very well done. It warms you up for sure! If Addison smiles favorably on us mere mortals, maybe she will bless us with a follow up in a few years.
clara-b 3 months ago
This is not one of Addison Cain's darker stories, but that doesn't mean that it's nice and light and sweet either. It's gritty and dirty and feels very real. River lives in the woods of Alaska and is very happy living alone, in the way that she wants. Then she pulls up a stranger out of the freezing water and drags him back to her cabin. I really like River. She is a take no bull kind of person. She doesn't sugar coat anything. She isn't going to politely lie to anyone to make them feel better. She's going to lay it out straight to anyone, including the stranger. She tells him that no matter what he thinks he knows, he's a babe in the woods to her. He points out that she's not all that lady, she's dirty and she cusses. She points out that the only reason he's eating anything is because she went out to hunt it, kill it, and bring it back. The Stranger, AKA Stephen, seems like he's kind of a blank at the beginning. Of course, he's just been through a trauma, and he's been trained in a particular way, so it takes a minute to get his personality. But once it comes through, we find out a lot more about him.
ShelliRae 3 months ago
This was something completely different from what Addison Cain usually writes, but no less a treat! This is not really a dark story, and that's what I normally expect from this author! Its short, but still intense, and will still pull you into the world she's created. It's definitely worth the read!
kidkitten 3 months ago
Originally read in the boxset this was written for, and liked it then and still do so now. Of course the issues I did have with it then being left wanting are still outstanding here and I guess that as a reader I could imagine my own ending or continuation for these two strangers in the night, but i don't particularly want to. It feels open and if the author ever feels the need to revisit these characters ( i hope she does) then it would carry on, but that would negate the whole Standalone thing though. All in all the writing was good, the story engrossing but again just left wanting a more satisfying conclusion, and really that's my beef not the authors'.
Jordan21435 3 months ago
Loved it! Stephen is crazy in the best way and I love the way he talks. River is a no nonsense boss living in the wilds taking care of herself. She finds Stephen in the frozen waters and helps him recover but this wasn't anything at all like I expected! Talk about entertainment! I'm dying for the next one!
Jordan21435 3 months ago
Loved it! Stephen is crazy in the best way and I love the way he talks. River is a no nonsense boss living in the wilds taking care of herself. She finds Stephen in the frozen waters and helps him recover but this wasn't anything at all like I expected! Talk about entertainment! I'm dying for the next one!
Anonymous 3 months ago
A self-sufficient woman and a dominant alpha male in a little wooden box… WOW! Addison Cain’s fertile mind has done it again. Though it is a departure from the dark romances she normally writes this is a great book. You get two strong willed characters stuck in a small cabin, as you can imagine this creates a whole lot of heat. When I grow up I want to be like River, except I want to would want better cooking skills. It’s a cliffhanger folks! I hope we will get to read more about River and Stephen relationship in the future. I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Well written, filled with enough mystery to keep you reading and wanting more. The ending was a smidge upsetting, simply because I needed more! I'm hoping we see a part two ;)