Amphorae in the Eastern Mediterranean

Amphorae in the Eastern Mediterranean

by Hakan Oniz



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ISBN-13: 9781784915162
Publisher: Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication date: 04/30/2017
Pages: 204

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What is Amphora?
3. The Entrance of Terracotta in People’s Lives
4. The Potter’s Wheel and Early Amphora Examples
5. Traditional Ceramic Production and Trade: Cyprus and Anatolia
6. Contents Carried Inside Amphorae
7. Graffiti, Dipinti and Pictures on Amphorae
8. Amphora Stamps
9. Wine-Making and Amphorae
10. Standardization of Amphora Forms and Imitation Amphorae
11. Sealing Techniques for Amphorae
12. Amphora Bases and Transportation
13. Amphora Kilns
14. Amphora Production in Lycia, Pamphylia and Cilicia (Map 1)
15. Amphora Kilns in the North Levant-Hatay Region
16. Underwater Research on the Coasts of Lycia, Pamphylia and Cilicia
17 . Amphorae Found around the Coasts of Lycia, Pamphylia and Cilicia between 2011 and 2015
18. Amphorae Kept in Storage at Antalya Museum
19. Aydın Aytuğ Collection
20. Examples of Mediterranean Commercial Amphorae

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