Avatars of Wizardry: Poetry Inspired by George Sterling's

Avatars of Wizardry: Poetry Inspired by George Sterling's "A Wine of Wizardry" and Clark Ashton Smith's "The Hashish-Eater"

Paperback(Reprint ed.)

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Poetry readers and fantasy connoisseurs the world over have treasured "A Wine of Wizardry" and "The Hashish-Eater" for almost a century. Written by George Sterling in 1904 and Clark Ashton Smith in 1920 respectively, these poems have been the supporting lintel and threshold to a fantastic doorway of the imagination for generations of enthralled readers.

Now at last there is a contemporary response to these masterworks from poets as diverse and distinguished as Richard L. Tierney, Bruce Boston, Alan Gullette, Leigh Blackmore, Michael Fantina, Wade German, Earl Livings, and Kyla Lee Ward. Their magnificent poems evoke the enduring, timeless qualities of Sterling's and Smith's masterpieces and rework the spell to enthral a new generation.

"We seem to be in the midst of a renaissance of fantastic poetry, as the present volume attests. The poets in this book have found in their work the inspiration to weave a tapestry of weirdness that stands as a substantial contribution to the fantastic verse of our own time. Connoisseurs of poetry know what aesthetic pleasures are in store for them when they read vivid, meticulously crafted work such as is contained in this book."
S. T. Joshi (author Supernatural Literature of the World, I Am Providence,
H. P. Lovecraft: A Comprehensive Bibliography)

"Inspired by George Sterling and Clark Ashton Smith, yet fueled by the twenty-first century talents of celebrated poets from both hemispheres, this collection of vintages has something for every rarefied taste. From hashish dreams to psychic expeditions through deep space-time, here are experiences not to be found elsewhere. Sip slowly, and revel in the flight."
Ann K. Schwader (author Twisted in Dream, In the Yaddith Time, Wild Hunt of the Stars, Dark Energies)

"A feast of fantastic verse, a special delight for Klarkash-tonians who need no further reassurance that the stately, cosmic tradition represented by such masterpieces as 'The Star-Treader' and 'The Hashish-Eater' is alive and well."
Darrell Schweitzer (author Pathways to Elfland, Windows of the Imagination, Exploring Fantasy Worlds)

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Publisher: P'rea Press
Publication date: 02/08/2016
Edition description: Reprint ed.
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