by Rebecca Seiferle


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ISBN-13: 9781556591686
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
Publication date: 10/01/2001
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Rebecca Seiferle is the author of four books of poems and two volumes of translations of Cesar Vallejo. She is Lannan Fellow, editor of the online magazine The Drunken Boat, and recently taught at Brown University. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Table of Contents

Face of the Leviathan
Comparative Religion8
Parable of Snakes and Stones11
The Mythology of Heavenly Messengers13
Saint John of the Cross14
The Making of Saints15
"A lonely man in his greatness"16
Ishmael Remembers Abraham18
The Face in the Depths of the Desert19
Signs and Wonders20
If the Shroud of Turin Is a Fake22
God, the Gardener23
The Writing on the Wall25
Bitter Herb26
Law of Inertia28
The Relic29
Face of the Leviathan31
Voice in the Whirlwind
The City of Brotherly Love Is Neither37
Biosphere 239
Galileo Was Finally Buried in the Body of the Church42
Widow's Mite43
Modus Operandi45
Every Consecrated Head46
Bitter Fruit48
My Spanish Children49
The Laws of Patrimony53
The Custom54
The Housewarming Gift58
In the Village Where You Were Born62
The Mortgage63
"Animal People"64
Voice in the Whirlwind65
Between the Imagined and the Real69
The Argument70
My Mother's Hip
My Mother's Hip75
The Sacrifice Tree
At the Beginning87
Archaeological Record88
The Excavation90
Field School91
The Discovery93
Ceremonial Trash95
Room of Dust96
The Sacrifice Tree97
Heart of the Sky100
The Blue Mustard102
Daphne: or how the soul falls in love with what it will become104
Galileo in the Year 2000105
Poete Maudit
A History of Romanticism109
Poete Maudit113
The Lesson117
The Worst Form of Ambition118
The Dead Are Translated into Another World119
"Let us go then, you and I"120
Xena in Philadelphia: Isaiah's House122
The Price of Books127
The Artist of Willendorf129
The Gift
The Foundling133
Angel Fire134
A Dram of Bitters135
On a Winter's Night137
Gordian Knot138
What We Need Words For139
The Inheritance140
Internal Clock141
Voice of the Sphinx143
The Gift145
Caught in the Nets of Illumination146
Autochthonic Song148
About the Author157

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