Democracies against Hitler: Myth, Reality and Prologue

Democracies against Hitler: Myth, Reality and Prologue

by Alexander J. Groth




This book examines the response of political democracies to the phenomenon of Hitlerism, beginning with democracy in Germany itsef in the 1920s and 30s, and ending up with Britain and the US in the 40s. Contrary to mythology, this response was far more a failure than a success. The alleged capabilities of democracy, advocated from the time of John Stuart Mill to that of Gabriel Almond, have been greatly 'oversold!' Self-indulgent escapism dominated the democracies' behaviour. Free discussion was not much help.

Until the mistake of Barbarossa, victory was in Hitler's grasp. Democracies were very slow learners and mediocre battlefield performers. The Jews of Europe were abandoned by the democracies to their fate and exorbitant territorial and political concessions were made to Russia in order to shift the military burden from the democracies in the 1940s. While the author identifies with democracy's moral values of human freedom, dignity, and the rule of law, he sees deplorable past tendencies as all but certainly affecting the course of world future.

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ISBN-13: 9781840144659
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/01/1999
Pages: 365
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Hitler and the Democratic Myth1
Chapter 2Hitler Against Weimar Democracy: The Conquest of Power18
Chapter 3Hitler Against World Democracies: Preparing For The Kill55
Chapter 4Democracies in Defeat: Hitler Ascendant, 1939-1941101
Chapter 5Hitler and American Democracy164
Chapter 6Hitler's War in the East198
Chapter 7Democracies and the Final Solution231
Chapter 8Democracies at War, 1942-1944277
Chapter 9Democracies at War, 1944-1945318
Chapter 10Conclusion and Prologue341

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