Francisco Franco: A Life From Beginning to End

Francisco Franco: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History


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Francisco Franco

It has been several decades now since Francisco Franco's passing in 1975, and yet his legacy still seems very much in the air. Depending on who you talk to, Franco was a fascist and a peacemaker, a destroyer and a savior, an idiot and a genius. Even after all this time, opinions of just who Franco was and how he contributed to modern civilization are up for open debate.

Inside you will read about...

- Franco's Conquest
- Allying with Mussolini
- Ein Fuhrer and Un Caudillo
- The Last Fascist Standing
- The End of Colonial Power
- The Spanish Miracle
- The Last Days of Francisco Franco
And much more!

Franco himself believed that he was doing a great service to his people. He never tired of making grandiose statements about his perceived mission to save Spanish society. Whether this was deluded self-righteousness is for others to decide. Discover Francisco Franco's story in this book and draw your own conclusions.

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