Fuel to the Fire

Fuel to the Fire

by David Staniforth

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BN ID: 2940044530966
Publisher: David Staniforth
Publication date: 05/03/2013
Series: fuel to the fire , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 535,092
File size: 252 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I guess I’ve been inventing stories as far back as I can remember (mostly to keep me out of trouble), but began writing seriously after finishing an English studies BA as a mature student. My writing is influenced by everything from a love of reading all genres; films; music; raising my two daughters; hill walking; and much, much more. I tend to take all I know, throw it into a fantasy setting and see what comes out.

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Fuel to the Fire 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. Wish it was longer.
ToddSimpson More than 1 year ago
Another exceptional book by this talented Author. I’ve read a number of David Staniforth’s books recently and I’ve loved every one of them. ‘Fuel to the Fire’ has an amazing range of interesting and diverse characters. From massive Razor Hounds to fire breathing dragons, this story is full of adventure and intrigue. Davran spent the first 15 years of her life pretending to be a boy. She certainly didn’t want to be seen as a female and be chosen as a handmaid, and her father didn’t want this for her either. He wanted her to grow up, and hopefully one day be able see rainbows. At the age of 15 her father took her to the arena and she saw the absolute savagery of the razor hounds. One of the handlers was unlucky enough to get tangled when releasing one of the hounds, and for this he was ripped to shreds by them. Saurian their ruler chose this moment to step in and show his power to the spectators by killing two of the razor hounds. The man exerted a power like no other, and you had to wonder why he would starve his own people. Khalil was only tiny and he only required a 14-inch dragon for transport, to track down Hesperus and ask him about the light phenomenon that they had all seen. They think it might be a traveller from another world. The villagers aren’t happy that there is a black dragon that destroyed some of their homes and crops. They were probably lucky that the dragon hadn’t done more damage and killed a few of them. Hesperus promised the villagers that he would take care of the dragon. Davran was hungry and chased the bunyip into the cave, but it was the unusual light that took her interest. She didn’t realise that the light was going to be the result of taking her to another world. A world where there was night and day, green grass and plenty of food. Brant the miller, previously a dragon tamer found her and took her back to his house as she seemed lost. It was here that she first saw Brant’s son Ronyn, and she was certainly taken by how good looking he was. Hesperus comes to Brant to ask him to train and tame the black dragon, and Ronyn want’s more than anything to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a dragon tamer, instead of a miller. Of course Davran wants to stay in this world to help train the dragon and stay close to Ronyn. This Author has certainly found his calling in life, and he is a true story-teller in every sense of the word. If you haven’t read one of his books yet, then I would definitely recommend you do.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Davran. Shes a young girl who is just trying to get by in the hateful world she was brought up in. Unfortunately for her, when a girl reaches the magic age, she's taken from her home and forced into being a slave for the evil ruler Saurian. You really feel for her from the very beginning of the book. From the very start she's an extremely three-dimensional character which i find lacking in a lot of young adult novels these days. The author really brings Davran and her father to life, letting you share in their daily struggle. So, Saurian... what a bum. I so wanted something bad to happen to him, seriously, there are loads awful things i would like to call him *shakes fist*. He's an unbelievable tyrant, in fact I don't think I've ever met such a mean villain before!!! Snake faced miscreants eat your heart out! I think the disturbing scenes were laid out very well, it didn't overwhelm you with information simply to shock and appall you. It was tastefully done with the right amount of violence to get across the severe brutality of it all. I have to say, I loved Davran's first impression of the world on the otherside and her innocent point of view. I also loved the moment when she decided to chase the rainbows, beautiful acts of nature through an innocent and unknowing mind. It was also incredibly sweet when she unknowingly gained feelings for Ronyn who is Brant (the dragon trainers) son. Brant quickly became one of my favourite characters when he quoted a line from my favourite film, Labyrinth. Dont take anything for granted.. how right he is! Extremely fitting for this tale. There was a real sense of family all the way through the story which was extremely wonderful. You could see the bond Davran had with her father and then also later on with Brant and his family. The story never grew stale and was told from the eyes from various characters, it was wonderful and refreshing. I couldn't put this down till the very end, i just wish it could have been longer. Luckily for me i already have book 2 to read which im very excited about!! I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers and people who like something a little different. David Staniforth is a wonderful creator of characters and i can never see myself getting tired of what his imagination puts to print. A really well deserved 5 stars from me.
Rebecca_Cullen More than 1 year ago
I received this book in return for my honest review. Thanks David! :) This book has a premise that dances on the edge of, well, disturbing. In the world in which Davran, the main character lives in, girls are sold into sexual slavery when they reach puberty. If this wasn't bad enough, they are ruled by a cruel, sadistic ruler named Saurian. Thus far, Davran has escaped that fate by disguising herself as a boy. But when she finds herself transported into a world that is entirely different from her own, she finds that she must rely on her own skills as a person to not only survive...but thrive. David Staniforth completely won me over with his novel, Alloria. I fell in love with his lush, descriptive writing style and the way he uses description to pull the reader in and push the story forward, rather than drag it down into a level of boring tediousness. So I was not surprised in the least to fall n love with this book as well! Once again, David has spun a golden fantasy tale full of adventure, danger, feisty heroines and dragons! Did I mention dragons? ;) The writing itself was seamless and flowed nicely. The pacing was perfect and didn't trip me up at all, the only thing I would have liked would be for it to have been longer. I didn't want the story to end! Although the storyline is a bit brutal, I never felt like I was being overwhelmed with violence or aggression. Yes, there are some disturbing scenes, but they are done tastefully, with just enough description to make you feel abhorrence for Saurian's cruelty yet not be drowned in it. It really put things in perspective, because unless there is great danger for the protagonist, you really don't feel that sense of overwhelming fear that everything will turn out okay in the end, which was definitely the case in this book! For me, if I'm on the edge of my seat ready to stop breathing because I'm so worried about the character...well, that to me signifies that I'm reading a good book! And speaking of the characters...I adored them I think Davran was my favorite, because she was just so headstrong and brave yet had a pure sense of innocence about her that made her truly a delight to read. She didn't feel flat like many of the protagonists tend to be in this type of genre. She was strong and definitely someone to look up to, in my opinion. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend this book to anyone who loves really well written fantasy books. Although it's technically a young adult book, I feel that it branches out with its content and would be a pleasure to read by someone of any age who enjoys fantasy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting read, a little slow getting into the story, but once it picked up, it took off in a big way, a nice cliffhanger at the end makes you want to dive right into the second book. I highly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed, I know I wasn't. I was given a copy from the author for my honest review.