God, Creation, and Tools for Life (Journey of the Soul Series #1)

God, Creation, and Tools for Life (Journey of the Soul Series #1)

by Sylvia Browne, Francine


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The best-selling author of Adventures of a Psychic discusses such topics as reincarnation, healing and nutrition, one's relationship to God, soulmates, and meditation, in the first volume of her new series on the journey of the spirit.

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ISBN-13: 9781561707225
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2000
Series: Journey of the Soul Series , #1
Pages: 229
Sales rank: 204,075
Product dimensions: 6.31(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

The #1 New York Times best-selling author Sylvia Browne (1936–2013) was a spiritual teacher and world-renowned psychic who appeared regularly on The Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live, as well as making countless other media and public appearances. With her down-to-earth personality and great sense of humor, Sylvia thrilled audiences on her lecture tours. She also wrote numerous immensely popular books, 22 of which appeared on the New York Times bestsellers list. Please visit www.sylviabrowne.com or call (408) 379-7070 for further information about her work.

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Chapter One

The Nature of God

Francine: There is a spirituality that goes beyond any religious dogma, and that is the love of the perfect God. The word Gnostic just means that you are a seeker of truth and knowledge about God; you are not a seeker of dogma. Dogma is man-made and filled with "cannot, should not, better not; it is terrible if you do; it is awful," and so on. God has no authorship of this. There is no place for that. The only good it does is to make people continually reincarnate until they finally come upon the pure God. The truth after which you seek is that God is simple. It is so uncomplicated and beautiful—God loves you, and you love God! Everything that gets in the way of that is superfluous.

    The only thing we will take back home with us is our knowledge. That is the only thing we have to garner. Through knowledge, we love. Without knowledge, no one can love. People think they love someone or something on sight, but they do not. They feel this way because their soul knows it to be so. There is a knowledge of the other soul or a feeling of simpatico.

    Without knowledge there cannot be love, discernment, fulfillment, or spiritual advancement. You may say that knowledge seems to be totally intellectual. No! It is also emotional. Along with knowledge, along the way, a burning love and desire appears. What is that called? Emotion! Emotion begins to drive you on. That is the very beating heart of where Gnosticism or Gnosis ("sacred truth") resides.

    It does not matter whether Jesus is the Son of God,because you all are. You all are the sons and daughters of God—no greater, no less—aspiring perhaps for a different level of spiritual growth, but that is all. Only you aspire to it; God does not demand it. God's love is omnipotently there. Some people are not ready to expand their mind to God's greatness and all-forgiveness; instead, they like to live with horror and the fear of a condemning God. Why that gives them comfort is beyond anything that we on the Other Side know. It seems to be a failing of human beings who are not spiritually advanced: They need to be afraid.

    True Gnostics are not afraid, because they know that they stand before God with all their beauty and their soul, and they know that God is nothing but love and knowledge. God cannot have any aggravation, nit-picking, or critical judgment. If there is, if it is introduced even once, then the God we know and love is lost. But your God is the true God, which is why in the Bible He says, "Do not have false gods before me."

    True religion should be exquisite. True religion and spirituality should be beautiful, blessed, loving, and filled with all goodness and love. Once you touch the hem of this, you will never go backwards! Nothing will ever be so good. Nothing will ever take the place of what you know to be the Truth. No one will ever sway you from the path of what God truly is and the blessings that He has brought upon you. You see how blessed you are in coming upon this knowledge? In coming upon it, you make God's love run freer because you are not clogged by ignorance. You have put no rocks in the path of the Love that flows toward you, and that is what ignorance does—it puts rocks in the stream. God's love is continually flowing. People put rocks in the channel so that it does not run free.

    You can speak to God and be with Him anytime you choose. There are no particular hours of the day or night when God is too tired for you to approach Him. He is at your beck and call, because He not only resides in you, but outside you. Be free of what you call sin and guilt, and totally neutralized in your own beauty.

    He does not care about big cathedrals. Who said that God the Father could just reside in a church? Doesn't that sound silly to you? He is out on the street. He is everywhere. He is in this room, in the lamp, in the pipes. He is much more interested in places where people can go and be together and love each other than any big golden altar. That money should be broken down and used for the poor, the homeless street people.

    There is a lingering homesickness in each person for what Father and Mother God have prepared for us on the Other Side. But while you are here, you must suffer those homesick pangs. You must go through this life. You must learn, and you must enjoy it and do it without fear, guilt, or occultism.

    If there is a loving God, then He made nothing evil. Life makes evil; God does not. Never let anyone tell you that you are diminished by another. All men and women are equal in the eyes of God.

    I am going to talk to you in great, extensive quantity about God. First, let us start out with the question of who or what God is. In theological studies, humans with finite minds have tried to plumb the depths of their souls to figure this out. Every religion has addressed it—every possible concept has been developed—but it is still a mystery on your plane. We have also, at certain periods of your history, noted that you thought God was dead! This is only humankind's fragile way of trying to interpret something that they feel is larger than their comprehension. What they have missed is the simplicity of what God is, always was, and continues to be!

Mother and Father God

    There have always been both a Mother and a Father God, so it is very hard to talk about one without the other. Now when I say to you that they always existed, it is a very difficult concept. In other words, no beginning is always more difficult than no end. This is because in your finite lifetimes, you have beginnings, but you do not want to think that there is an end. And of course there is not.

    Mother and Father God always were, and that is where we get into the problem of wondering, "When did it all begin?" Did it begin with a "big bang" or simply at some incipient moment in time? No! Everything within this life or on the Other Side, which you sometimes call Heaven, makes circles. Everything is infinite, which means "without end or without any sharp edges to it." I think you should know that the magnitude of Creation is far beyond most finite minds' wildest dreams or concepts.

    Let us start by keeping in mind that both always were. God the Father, known as the Prima Mobilae or the Unmoved Mover, is the Uncreated Force that has always been with us. As the male persona, He is pure intellect. He has been known, at given times, to take a form, but cannot hold it for any length of time because of the magnificence of His force.

    You have been taught that there is a God, and of course there is—eternal, omnipresent, and a real entity. It is not just a force or feeling; it is not nebulous. Father God cannot and will not interfere in your life, yet His love is constant and all-encompassing. He is constantly channeling knowledge about His magnificent and meticulous nature, wonderful sense of humor, and splendid creative genius. It is almost as if God took a very broad canvas, and began to paint all the things He would love. And when He painted them, so they were, and they came into being. The majesty of God is truly wondrous!

    This entity, Father God, pervades all of life and holds it steady. All of life is held by His thought processes. By being held in the mind and hands of God, as it were, our continuation and our "alwaysness" is assured.

    In the "beginning" of you, if you want to think of it that way, you first existed in the mind of God. Every single eternal soul—uniquely different, characteristically sound, perfect in every detail of what each was to become and evolve to—existed in this thought process, each knowing that they were unique.

    You are in life for a very short, transient period of time in order to perfect and do whatever mission God sent you on, which you agreed to; you contracted for it in order to evolve and also to give data back to God for His experiencing. Also, it was decided that you would have a "life theme" and would go out and perfect your soul. You notice that earlier, I said "for His experiencing," not for Hers—She is elevated to the point of total experience.

    God in His knowingness does not have the experience of His knowledge, so He had to have messengers through which he could experience. And each one of you carries divine genetics! Those divine genes experience all that you experience and "fax" back all your information. God is gaining information by experiencing through your cells. So if you do not think you are part of God, think again! In the deepest form of definition, you are God, and you are part of God. Even though it might be a small part, that part unto itself is perfect! That perfectness, regardless of the overlays of behavior, keeps on perfecting.

    Are you saying that we on this planet are Divine in essence?

    You are a pure energy force made by God, sent by God; within you is imbued all aspects of Mother and Father God. As it has been said, you are made in the image and likeness of God. Some of you are made in the image and likeness of Mother God, whom we call Azna, and the rest of you are of the Father, who is Om.

    Om splintered His creations into many divinities, which are all of us. You are a divinity! Of course, you must know that, do you not? I hope that you know you are a shard of the divine, a part of God. I hope you know that you are God. Conglomerately, you make up the feminine side of Om. In His aloneness and unselfishness, He created all of these splinterings or shards of Creation—the other part of Him—to experience.

    That is the sum total of what we know God to be—pure intelligence combined with our experiences. To gain total knowledge, He must experience, because knowledge without experience is incomplete.

    All these myriad souls emanated from the Divine Sparkler. These little sparks, which are you and I, very quickly began to realize that we were programmed to go out and experience. The only way to do this was to come down into bodies and lives. In a perfect environment, such as here where I live on the Other Side, you cannot experience any hardship, because my side is perfect. Even though we are evolving for God toward a point of perfection, we have none of the nuances of what your life contains on Earth, or any other planet for that matter. Most other planets do not have anything compared to what this planet holds.

    Psalms 23:4 mentions walking "through the valley of the shadow of death." Here, death actually refers to this life. The minute you descend out of the light of the Other Side, you descend into the valley of death. It is awful to come down and have to learn. It is very much like your Bible's book of Genesis, which is probably the most valid book in the Bible, aside from some parts of the New Testament. Once you want to gain knowledge, you must be thrown out of the Other Side to come down and experience. You see, all that is factual. Everybody read it as metaphorical, allegorical, and symbolic. Yet it was actually true! The minute you need knowledge, you must now come down here.

    Can you explain more about how Father God experiences? Is there anything on this planet that He does not experience?

    Father God, in His equality and magnanimity, knows the end result. How it is experienced, even though it is known at the very end, is still data that is acquired. For example, if two people both have a life theme of Tolerance, each will experience it entirely differently. Everyone's frame of reference is different, just as with childbirth, death, or tooth extraction. You yourself made the contract that during all your lifetimes, you would also experience and perfect your theme as best you could. You, with the help of God and certain entities on the Other Side, made the choice to come down.

    Not everyone can be a nun, minister, social worker, teacher, or nurse. But in your own way, you are perfecting for God. If everyone was the same, there would be no multiple levels of experiencing. Every tiny bit of experience, every tiny thought that you have, every decision you make, is part of God the Father. All of it is knowledge that He acquires. In the same way that your children have your genes, God's genes are within you.

    Even the way a plant grows is God experiencing. God is learning from every single part of how you fix your house, how you drive your car, what you wear, how you decorate, and all such trivia. All of that is data. Every part of the natural world—from ants making anthills to Einstein developing his theories—forms a giant data stream. Everything that is experienced makes up the fabric of God, the conglomerate God. So you see, we can never talk about God as totally singular for any length of time without incorporating ourselves.

    God the Father is patriarchal and male. He is pure maleness, not only in disposition but patriarchal rule. Please do not get the idea that in patriarchal rule there is no feeling. You must realize that the knowledge you send back has feeling, emotion, pain, hurt, and all the other millions of derivative faces of emotion. But remember this! When this emotion is fed back, it still forms pure knowledge with just the tail of experiencing.

    Mother God, on the other hand, was always the counterpart, the emotional part. Now do not think that Father God's intellect does not include emotion; it is merely diminished. Similarly, in Azna, emotion is stronger and intellect is diminished. So you see, Father God has both male and female aspects within Himself, and Mother God also has both aspects. They are the archetypal figures of the feminine and masculine principles.

    She, being more pure emotion, is called the Great Interceptor. When all of this Creation was started, She not only had a hand, but was the Mother of all of it. In fact, She is more of a Primary Motivator than He, only because emotion can motivate more than intellect can. Intellect is nothing but a storehouse, more like a library.

    Can we go to God and protest something?

    We do not get into arguments with God, but we do have arbitration sessions. God is intellect and all-knowing, so for our own knowledge, we can get into an "argument" session with God. He is totally unbiased, not argumentative. That does not mean that the part of God that is within you cannot argue back to Him. Have you not ever had an argument with yourself, with each side of the brain saying a different thing?

    You see, we are all God. The part of you that is God could argue with yourself, trying to establish intellect versus emotion or the opposite. Ultimately, God, which is us, always wins, of course. The "I Am," or the true ego, argues with the "I Am"—again, for knowledge. How many times have we argued with ourselves and put ourselves through all kinds of horrors only to find out that ultimately, regardless of what pain we went through, we learned. That is what the true Gnostic finds out.

    Is Mother God complete in Her knowledge?

    She is complete, but She is in the process of learning through us, just as He is. But that has already been completed. God is complete with us. He needs us as the emotional side of Himself, which makes Him complete. Emotion has to have imperfections, perfections, darkness, lightness—everything for total knowledge.

    Is Father God complete in His emotion?

    No. He knows emotion, but He cannot perform it. Think of Him as static, as a rock of strength. Think of Her as moving through this rock—cutting through to create cities, lands, people. You might say that She is pulling from His mind the embryos of His thoughts and putting them into being. Of course, She has intellect. He has intellect, but He cannot move. We are the emotional part of His brain, the other side of it. The main source of what we are attached to is Him, because we are the feminine side of Him.

    God is perfect, but do we, as His emotion, complete the mix?

    Absolutely. So we are truly a triumvirate. We are the emotion of God. She is the Mover, pure emotion with intellect. He is the Unmoved Mover. Each has emotion and intellect, though. He has none contained within Himself, but She does.

    Earlier, you mentioned that we were always in God's mind, and then we each came forth as individual personae. Are you now saying that Mother God was an active participant in that?

    Yes. It was more like a merging than any kind of mating or copulation. They dually gave birth to Creation. The combination of Om and Azna created all that you know. The best of what they thought and wished for and wanted was made flesh. They are co-equal; they co-exist in different planes. Her dominion is physical life.

    Mother God instilled in you emotion, but He, as it were, created you. You see, there are couplings all over the place. For instance, both Azna and Om have male and female aspects—and so do each of you, in your genes. So in their coupling or merging—and all of you can merge in this way on the Other Side—a birth of sorts was given to all entities. Her genes and His, still with the same identical purpose, feed data back to the Divine. Now data is not necessarily fed back to Her, although She can merge with Him at any time and receive this data. It is not as important to emotion as it is to intellect.

    So She is the feeling, sensing Mother. She works out of the heart, you might say. She listens to petitions. She will intercept and move things around, where He does not necessarily have the desire or the same ability. Why should He, if the part of Himself that is Her is there to activate?

    In a smaller degree, on Earth, men and women mirror Father and Mother God. Usually, men are more linear and work more out of intellect; hopefully, they also bring in emotion. Women, on the other hand, work more from emotion. Magnify that millions of times, and you can have some vague concept of how it works in pure intellect and pure emotion.

    What part did Azna have in Creation?

    That is a very good question. Think of the bond between parent and child—you are part and parcel of those two entities. You may not like to believe that you are part of one more than the other, but you still take on the genetic predisposition for your father's eyes, your mother's hair, whatever. In the merging of the male and female God, the genetic strain was made perfect. God had the thought in His mind, and the emotional part was actually breathed in by Azna. You could say, in a sense, that She was the "thought-birthing mother."

    She was not pregnant with it, even though the ancient Gnostics believed that Sophie gave birth to humankind, but in a way, She breathed life into Itself. One had the thought, and the other gave birth. It was no different from a man wanting a child and a woman giving birth to it. She certainly would breathe Her genetic impulse in because She was all emotion. You are carrying, from the male side, the intellect or the linear thinking. She had to breathe in the emotion. It certainly is the first Creative Force.

    What is the Trinity—is it the Father, Mother, and Holy Spirit?

    That is right. The Holy Spirit is nothing more than the love between Father and Mother God, and between every human being—between our Gods, us, and each other. You see, when you really embrace this perspective, you begin to know that every time you face another entity, especially a spiritually good one, you are experiencing a part of the Holy Spirit. You are experiencing a part, another reflection of Mother and Father God within each and every one of you.

    Pure love, or the Holy Spirit, is between Mother and Father God; the love exuded from both of them, being companionable Gods. Their love became the Holy Spirit as humankind began to incarnate, with, as Sylvia says, "your scroll in hand."

    The Holy Spirit becomes so real that it descends upon you as love, directly from God to you. By calling on this energy force, it actually becomes a reality.

    What does Father God do with all this data He is collecting?

    What is the long-term goal? It is to constantly keep receiving data—ferociously receiving. It is gaining knowledge, for knowledge is growth and spirituality. So we might say, although it is so harsh when put into words, that God, also in His own genre, is perfecting.

    Now for whom is He perfecting? The same as you are—hopefully not only for God, but for yourself, gaining wisdom and knowledge, expanding your soul.

    Why do we have to perfect for God?

    Because He is not all experience. Never enough. Experience goes on, even on the Other Side. Knowledge is constantly growing. If God got to the point that His experiencing part became static, He would not be in the process of growth, nor would we. That is why we choose to keep growing. Some stop, don't get me wrong. But most of us keep on, if we want to, perhaps by becoming guides or incarnating into life, because we want to keep learning and experiencing for God. It becomes an addiction, believe me!

    If I could tell you everything that you possibly wanted to know, such as what it is like to be an astronaut, then I would sit and speak to you for hours on end. I would explain at great length about the gravitational field, and so on—but you still haven't done it, have you? Each person, being individually a spark of God, experiences entirely differently. Your self-referencing makes it all different.

    It is like all of you watching an accident. Every one of you will experience that accident in a different way. Some of you will get sick to your stomach; others will self-reference back to when they almost had an accident, or have empathy for the victim, or blame the other person. A million variations of a theme! It all becomes a gigantic daily chain of reactions.

    Has God had enough? There is not enough, and there will never be. That is infinity! That is eternity! If there was a cut-off, then all would end—but God cannot end. From the very beginning of time, there have been layers upon layers of experiencing. It is like saying to the scientists, "Are you ever going to be done?" No! The true scientist would say, "If I had ten lifetimes, I would still do experiments to search and investigate the universe."

    Mother and Father God are melded and welded together as a dual entity. He could not activate totally on His own any more than She could. They are truly, you might say for your understanding, soulmates. They are the other halves of each other.

    Could you explain more about our life themes?

    God, having all knowledge, had no experience. Knowledge without experience is not complete knowledge. So God realized, with the Goddess, that to be able to experience and know at the same time, there had to be every facet of thought that would be made incarnate and experienced. So each person then chose a theme, took it on, and began to perfect it for God. A "last lifer" takes on smatterings of all the themes. But you, conglomerately with the thought of God, decided from the very beginning that you would take themes to perfect, such as Rejection, Spirituality, Emotion, Artist, Law, and many more.

    Does our past influence our current life theme?

    Yes. That is why some people will say that they always wanted to be a nurse or a car mechanic, or to be able to sing or perform. It resides in a deep part of their mind. Let us say they are perfecting Tolerance—so a performer would tolerate being very much in the spotlight, as well as having to tolerate not being in the spotlight. The theme overrides everything else and perfects on its own; it is the primary motivator in our life's chart.

    You can take 100 very different people who all have the same theme. Each entity will perfect differently within that theme, so every aspect and every way, shape, or form in which it can be experienced, will be experienced. The data will be fed back to the Godhead so that God in His magnanimousness will be able to know every facet of that theme. Mother God, then, is the interfering force, so if one takes on too much, She can create miracles when things have gone too far. She knows that this planet is so random. It is like having a soldier help you out of a foxhole. She arrives and gives you a morphine shot to help the pain. She is the warrior of the planet.

    Why is the Mother God concept not more widely known?

    Gnostics needed to hide their knowledge of Mother and Father God due to persecution by the patriarchal power structure. It was garnered by Jesus from the Essenes and the Gnostics, and was later taken by scroll to France, hidden away.

    Will we ever have a true translation of the scrolls?

    I do not think you need to have a "true" translation of the scrolls.

    What does God think of Himself? He said "I am who am" in the Old Testament.

    He would not even speak with such bad grammar.

    God is truly a God of Love. Out of love, God sent people down to Earth! Some decided not to come down, and God did not condemn them, even those whose souls became dark because they separated from Him. Even those, He will not condemn. Eventually, if they do not see the Light, He will absorb them back into His mind, and they will be rinsed clean. That shows you how merciful, good, and loving God is!

    Yet, too often, groups of people have been led to worship the wrong god. Even today, many worship a god of vengeance, terror, and fright. That is a false god, not our God of endless love and continuous forgiveness. The minute you give God one human trait—such as avarice, greed, or pettiness—you have created a false god. God is nothing but pure, unadulterated, unsullied, constant, eternal love. Love comes with unconditional guarantees of its continuance!

    Humankind has created the idolatrous god, the one of pettiness and cruelty—but a Gnostic walks with the true God. You always hear that strange word salvation, whose root is salve, which means "a balm that is soothing" to the soul. In soothing the soul, the God of love—not of might, but of love—sustains this salve, this balm, this healing ointment. That truth has been obscured by all the supposedly knowledgeable theologians who try to make God into some kind of complex, convoluted entity. It makes us laugh.

    However, the female counterpart of God does have an understanding of human qualities, only because She has had to descend to the human level and be the Ruler of the World. Still and all, in essence, She is also pure Love. But because She has to interfere in our lives, She takes on some of the human qualities. Her essence, though, includes none of the human failings. When She is no longer needed to interfere, as we say, She resumes again the anonymity of total unconditional love.

    God loves you! If you know nothing else in this life, that is what you must know. Never, ever, will God turn from you. You may turn from God, but God will not turn from you. Keep that channel of loving open and pure; keep it unblocked. Too often you block it up with words, dogma, and rules. Just enjoy loving God and feeling God's love for you.

    Does God feel pain? Does He ever need rest?

    He does not have to take a rest; a pure energy force contains all the energy it needs. It is literally atoms, you might say, rejuvenating themselves forever—whereas the atoms in your body deteriorate.

    His created forces are pure, just as you are pure energy on the Other Side. You are the genetic offspring, so you too are pure energy. On the Other Side, you do not have to go to the bathroom; you do not have to eat, although you could if you wished; and you never get tired or need to rest, although you could if you wanted to.

    What if God blinked his eyes?

    Here we go again. This is where people go so askew. You start putting human touches onto God. If God sneezes, does he lose 500 people? Of course not!

    Does Azna appear to you a lot?

    Oh, absolutely! We see Her all the time. She is always present. We are aware of Their actual beings. He cannot hold a form long. We hold our form and stay the same. They have what They call a form, to which we attend all the time and in which, for a short span of time, They may talk to us, love us, hold us, and be part of our lives. We get to see Her what you might call daily; then They go about Their work. But we are actually admitted to Their presence.

    How do you view Father God?

    I have seen Him in, I guess you might say, my eternal life span, twice. It is a light and a figure, magnificently beautiful. We actually have seen the figure of God standing. What is the feeling? I could never explain it to you.

    Let me try to create a visual for you. We had a Festival of Lights a few weeks ago, which in your time was about 50 years ago. We were all centered at the big auditorium, which seats millions—now, it is hard for you to understand our space. We do not occupy the same amount of space as you do. I do not want to get into that debate about how many angels could sit on the head of a pin, but our dimensions are not the same as yours. When we say "millions," it never seems like that much.

    As we were chanting, singing, and talking, all of a sudden the air got very still. We live in an atmosphere similar to your dusk light; you know how it is in your summertime right at that dusk period? That is what our lights look like all the time. Except this one time we could tell the sky started to streak, like gigantic fingers of purple and parts of red blending into orange, and we knew! Out of that gorgeous cloud mass, this figure began to appear larger than any life you could imagine! Hands outstretched, white robe, and what else can you say? It was the Face of God.

    And as He appeared, He was so gigantic, and we understood why. His essence, His energy could not be contained in a small structure, except for this one and only time. Some of the elders, who had vast experience all over the Other Side or who had seen Him, said that this was the only time that they knew of in their recorded time that He actually condensed himself for a few minutes. He held the shape, though very tall, of an ordinary man. During that time, the light shot from Him and entered every one of our hearts. The eyes and the smile and the face were absolutely beautiful! A face that I could never, ever begin to describe to you and a feeling that I could never, ever be able to transmit to you. But it could not be held for very long.

    The one thing that is so magnificent, which we hear all the time, is the laugh. We can hear Him laugh! We can hear His mirth! When He laughs, He rumbles and thrills and sears with such gigantic joy through our souls!

    Would you describe being held by God?

    Absolutely! I will tell you of my experience because we can only speak from our self-referencing. I said to our Father, "I would like to touch you." He said, "Come to me." As I did, He put His arms around me and held me close to Him, and my heart filled with such joy! It is like rejuvenation of our battery. We can do this as many times as we wish. He enfolds us in His arms, holds us, and loves us, and everything then becomes complete to us.

    On the Other Side, not being the total God, we are only sparks, and we need to be rejuvenated once in a while just like everyone else. So, we surmise that He thought we all needed a shot in our hearts and our souls. So He came to us.

    For Azna, however, all you have to do is touch the hem of Her garment, and She is there. She is much faster than He is. It's hard to explain; I think it's because She is a dynamic force, where He is static. He is constantly present and loving and perfectly beautiful. She is full of more fire and fury. She knows all the emotions. If you call Her, and you really seriously call Her, She is there. There is no one to whom She has not attended. She comes in many forms—some think of Her as the Blessed Mother. She will come by any form, but it is always Her. She can get rid of grief very fast. She can heal quickly. She can get rid of terrible illnesses as well as minor ones.

    Azna appears young, vital, and brilliant. She can hold a form longer than Him, because emotion can, for some reason. Maybe it is because She is the original Creator, and Her strength is so magnificent! She can hold a form for a very long time. She can come in any size She wishes, perhaps dressed in Her mantle of gold, purple, and white, or perhaps in the form of "Mary" who stands atop bushes and talks to children. She gives messages out all over the world.

    Our God does not seem to have a mate. From the beginning of time, He does not choose to have one that is partnered with Him. So He is the solitary God who is experiencing through all of us, whether on my side or yours. I hate to say "my side" because it is your side, too, but I reside there now and you do not. At any rate, we are the counterpart, the feminine side of Him.

    When we are on the Earth plane, it is so much easier to have Her open the door, and let the love of the Mother Goddess rush in, than it is even for Father God to do so. When you once let that door open to the Mother Goddess, your whole life changes; all ancient religions had total homage to Her. It does not matter by what name She is called.

    What do you feel on the Other Side?

    Love! A pure energy of love! Love is the only thing that rejuvenates itself. Negativity eats itself. By hating, you could eat yourself alive, but you can love yourself well.

    Earlier, you said that it was as if God painted all the things he would love, and that he holds this in His consciousness statically. Would you characterize this as an active job?

    Once the artist creates the painting and hangs it up, He remembers the brushstrokes, but they are not constantly being brushed. However, it would be inaccurate to say that He created it and then put it away, completely out of His mind. It is really more that He knows it is there by His constancy, by His keeping it on the wall. He is aware of it and will not let it drop.

    Azna can make the colors brighter, and She can certainly change the dimensions of the buildings or whatever might be in the picture. She can "improve" on the picture. Without seeming to be harsh, She carries with Her emotion, which, as you well know, carries with it love, vengeance, and a retributive quality. She can intercept events on your behalf.

    On this planet, She is the dealer of karma. She can deal karma as She sees fit. She has been put to sleep for many years, although She was always walking through the earth. But once She has been awakened—as She always was by the Gnostic movement—people began to bring Her more to life, so to speak, in their world. Then She had absolute power to come in.

    Through all the billions of people who have come through this earth, is not some of their experience a little repetitious?

    I know what you are saying, and that is a very valid question. But you see, when you were made, you were made uniquely. From the very moment you came from God, you had your particular temperament, disposition, sense of humor, and every other aspect of your personality. How you view each and every tiny particle is totally unique. You did not just acquire your likes, dislikes, and temperament because you lived many lifetimes, although that has flavored you. God, in His magnificent wisdom, wanted to know every tiny nuance, even as slight as the shading of the painting may be. Even the differences between off-white, gray, and lighter gray always give off different beams of light.

    Can we gain power by being together?

    Yes, that is why Sylvia is always saying that when Gnostics gather together, they add to the overall strength. That is why Jesus talked about coming together in His name. Your collective Lights make more of God than if you were alone. You have more Light! Guess what happens if you have a brighter light—guess who listens and pays attention? Azna!

    Which religion has the truth?

    To find out who has the truth, I can only tell you to speak to your own heart. You will find out that you have it. Not from any so-called religious norm or a whole book of dogma, but just from coming together and aspiring to increase your knowledge.

    You see, church teaching should have given knowledge, not just blind faith. This is because the greater your understanding is of God and the Goddess, the greater your love will be. Why should that have been a mystery?

    Gnostics had it in the beginning. They carried it from one generation to the other until the patriarchal rule changed the rules, because emotion was dangerous to them. The truth is that you should have no fear whether or not to go to church on Sunday, or to festivals! You have nothing that guides you except knowing that you want to gain knowledge. You want to learn, not because otherwise you will be damned to hell, but only because you ought to gather together to recharge your battery and learn! That is what the early Gnostics did.

    The church leaders said, "We are not getting enough members. We have to do something." Thus, hell was created! The vengeful God was brought out more. "Scare people to death! We will get more people to come!" In many ways, this Earth is fair game for that, being filled with anxiety, fear, and superstition. They used ideas taken right from the primal fear of humankind: "It's possible that God does not love me. Maybe I am alienated from God, and I will be damned." All the money in the world would then come in to build cathedrals, higher and higher, larger and larger. People were hoping that God would pay attention to these cathedrals standing around.

    Then the church hierarchy got further and further away from the people, telling them that they were stupid, that they could not know, and that the mysteries were shrouded and hidden. They forgot to learn!

Intellect and Emotion

    Mother God is elevated to the point of total experience. She is the totality of emotion, and this totality contains within itself the totality of experience. Does She have to experience? No! She is experience. The same goes for the question of whether He had to acquire intelligence. No! He is intellect.

    The totality of our experience is for Father God, but She intercepts it all. She has Her own line to experience intellect, which She does through the Father God. He must experience His emotionalism from us; She already contains it. In the same way that He was all intellect from the very beginning, She was all emotion. He is still experiencing, but She is experience with knowledge. She already has all the emotion intact. So now, having both sides of herself intact, She can intercept.

    But you must keep in your finite mind that all Creation was made by God. When we say "God," we do not necessarily mean plural, because both are One. Just because One has a different duty or is more interfering, One is not above the other. If you have two partners in a company, one may be delineated to do one thing, and the other may do something else. Are they both powerful? Yes!

    He is the hand that holds everything stable, but He cannot move. But by His very hand, everything stays stable. She is the other hand that moves within the stable hand.

    He is the one who stabilized Creation and had it in His mind. She is the one who put it into motion, as emotion always does. Intellect thinks it, but the hands and eyes that move are Azna's; emotion is the mover. She is the one who actively created. His thoughts and His intellect hold us solid. That is what holds the mass together. She, however, moves and is the Creative Force.

About Knowledge

    I am convinced that, to elevate yourself to any spiritual level, you must have total knowledge.

    Love is constantly given to you by all of us guides and by God. It is constant, unbending, unyielding, and forever present for you. If by any means you feel that God does not love you, that is because you have shut down. God's love is a constant outpouring—nonrestrictive, nonjudgmental, ongoing, and forever present. Any god who is vengeful, mean, hateful, or nasty is, of course, an imposter. God does not play favorites, and He does not ever take small children—the innocents, the babies—and slay them. That kind of god is an evil created by man, not the true God.

* * *

"God is Love, my friends—nothing more, nothing less."

— Sylvia

"Each soul is equal to the grace of God."

— Francine

* * *

Table of Contents

Part 1: God
Chapter 1: The Nature of God3
Chapter 2: Father and Mother God25
Chapter 3: Feminine Repression41
Chapter 4: Our Relationship to God45
Chapter 5: Stories53
Part II: Creation
Chapter 6: The Nature of Creation61
Chapter 7: Seven Schematics67
Chapter 8: Twelve Levels of the Soul79
Chapter 9: Soulmates107
Chapter 10: Physical Universe115
Chapter 11: Metaphysical Universe141
Part III: Tools for Life
Chapter 12: Transforming Negative Energy179
Chapter 13: Lights and Colors187
Chapter 14: Protection Against Psychic Attack199
Chapter 15:Theory of Mind217
The Tenets of Novus Spiritus225
About the Author229

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Kevin Aucoin

My mother and I both believed Sylvia saved her life. I can't recommend her new book, God, Creation, and Tools for Life enough. It could change your life too.

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This book was very inspiring to me, if you have read many books of Sylvia Browne this book is much more easier to understand. Yet beginners are recommended to read this if you are open to anything and none judgemental. This book answered so many questions for me about how we were all created and how everything came to place. Ways that we can protect ourselves from negative entities and so so much more interesting things. Its so hard to put this book down. Hope you enjoy it!
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This book is very interesting to say the least. I read Sylvia's 'The Other Side and Back' and found it enlightening and entertaining. I recommend it over this one. In this book Francine, Sylvia's Spirit Guide, narrates. Her matter-of-fact tone leaves all voice behind. I struggled to keep up my interest. There are some very good psycologial ideas in this book that everyone should take to heart. On the other hand, some of the ideas 'Francine' has are hard to believe, ex. Fairies, Dragons, and Unicorns really exist. Take it with a grain of salt. Get out of it what you can to improve your life and be happier while you are on this planet.
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Book helps you get rid of fear and guilt by understanding God better.