Hathor's Alchemy: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of the Hermetic Art

Hathor's Alchemy: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of the Hermetic Art

by Alison M. Roberts




Ever since alchemy first emerged in Graeco-Roman Egypt, alchemists have said their wisdom came from the pharaonic temples. Yet though the West has had unprecedented access to this hidden knowledge since the decipherment of hieroglyphs, ancient Egypt's connection with alchemy still remains obscure, doubted even by many. Focussing on the beautiful temples at Abu Simbel and Dendara, dedicated to the fiery serpent-eye goddess Hathor, this groundbreaking book explores for the first time the legacy left to alchemists by the pharaohs. It also goes deep into Ramesses VI's extraordinary tomb at Thebes to discover the secrets of growth and renewal guarded by Osiris and vivified by Hathor's copper love. Both metallurgical and mystical, these sacred secrets laid the foundations for the Hermetic art. The transmission initially came through Graeco-Egyptian and Jewish alchemists, then Islamic adepts, many of whom were Sufis belonging to an Akhmim alchemical lineage, until eventually Hathor's alchemy reached medieval Europe to inspire the 'rising dawn' tradition. And with a spiritual vision grounded in nature, it still has vital relevance for our world today.

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ISBN-13: 9780952423331
Publisher: Northgate Publishers
Publication date: 05/01/2019
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

^BDr. Alison M Roberts^b studied ancient Egyptian and Akkadian at Oxford University, where she received her doctorate in 1984. Since then she has written and lectured on ancient Egypt, and 'Hathor's Alchemy' completes her quartet of books on Hathor, the Feminine and ancient Egyptian transformation.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS Acknowledgements Dedication Contents Preface Chronological Outline Map Introduction PART 1: LIVING THE HOURS: THE BOOK OF LIFE 1. Raising Beauty: Mysticism of Light 2. Midheaven Mountain: Making the Red 3. Hall of Awakening: Heaven in the Palace 4. Chamber of the Mothers: Eternal Creation 5. Kindred Temples: Solstice Reversal PART 2: DENDARA'S MYSTERIES: ABU SIMBEL RESONANCES 6. Temple of Time: Four Faces of Hathor 7. Serpent in the Stone: The Secret Palace 8. Rooftop Rites: The Khoiak Festival 9. Rebuilding Osiris: Following the Sun 10. Phoenix Rising: Black Earth Regeneration 11. Hathor's Turning: Moving Light 12. Astrologer Priests: Osiris's Zodiac PART 3: COPPER IN THE CRUCIBLE: METALLURGICAL MYSTERIES 13. Hathor's Treasure: Heaven of Copper 14. Horus's Wings: Copper's Remedy 15. Solve et Coagula: Egypt's Way PART 4: ALCHEMY'S MIRROR: EGYPTIAN REFLECTIONS 16. Alchemical Temples: Egypt's Legacy 17. Alchemy of Colour: Work of a Day 18. Movement Alchemy: Copper Matters 19. Two Suns Alchemy: The Copper Woman PART 5: ALCHEMY'S QUEEN: THE WESTERN TRADITION 20. The Secret Epistle: A Missing Link 21. Diving Deep: The Fisher King 22. Seeking the Stone: The Soul's Code 23. The Fire-Tried Stone: Quicksilver Red 24. Akhmim's Builders: Sacred Science Abbreviations Notes Bibliography Index Sources of the Illustrations

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