The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity

The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity


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ISBN-13: 9781591432777
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 11/24/2016
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 564,857
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About the Author

Carl Johan Calleman is a scientist and philosopher with a Ph.D. in physical biology from the University of Stockholm. Recognized for his theory that the Mayan calendar reflects the evolution of the global mind, he is the author of several books, including The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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The Hologram of Good and Evil

The Tree of Life in Ancient Representations

The cosmology of Nine levels is, as we have seen, practically ubiquitous among the traditional cultures of our planet and the same can be said about serpents and dragons symbolizing spiritual Wave movements. Our inquiry, however, began with the recent discovery of the Cosmic Tree of Life and we have continued on to verify that the universe is created by a series of Waves emanating from this Tree of Life. Yet, only a few examples have been given of how the ancient cultures looked upon the Tree of Life. Naturally, our interest in the Tree of Life becomes greater when we know that it is not a fantasy and this is a reason to explore what additional hints about its role and function we may gain from such ancient traditions.

The Destiny Chart of Humanity

Depending on what Wave you are in resonance with, the effects of the different holograms in figure 4.2 will structure your mind and perception of reality. The different holograms for instance provide an explanation to why the worldview of the ancients (6th Wave) was not the same as our own (essentially 7th–8th Wave). Human beings understand their world based on the information they receive through the particular filter the hologram provides them with. Moreover, if we resonate with a particular Wave and a corresponding hologram, we will attract people and circumstances that are consistent with these. We then together tend to create a reality consistent with a particular hologram, and often resist everything that seems inconsistent with this. Our external reality is thus created in accordance with the principle of As Inside, So Outside.

Among many other things, these holograms also provide an explanation for how the basic social relationships have changed over the course of human history: People have projected the polarities of the holograms onto the world and then created social realities consistent with these. Figure 4.2 shows in a simple form the times of activation of the different holograms dominating the human mind as well as very broadly the social consequences of these holograms. The holograms of the 5th, 7th and 9th Waves tend to create egalitarian societies, whereas those of the 6th and 8th Waves, where reality is perceived through a left-right polarity, tend to create unequal social realities (see fig. 4.3). More broadly, all of human history can be understood from the shifts between the different polarities of the holograms in figure 4.2 and how the shifting polarities of the human mind determine history. The most fundamental shifts in the human mind take place as a result of the activation of new Waves.

In my view, figure 4.2 is the most important chart of this book as it is from this we can broadly understand how the human mind has been shifting over time as well as what holograms are available for us to resonate with at the present time. Interestingly, if we look at the sequence of holograms in this figure, we can see that in the course of the climb to higher Waves, humanity is going through a process from unity in the Fifth Wave through separation created by the introduction of the dark filters of the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Waves and then a return to unity with the Ninth Wave. This idea of a return to unity is prevalent in several religions (including all the Abrahamic) and spiritual traditions and maybe this is the first time that it has found a rational explanation.

We can furthermore see that the filters of the holograms even if they, as looked upon one by one, are polarized, in the end even out so that over the course of the climb both hemispheres, left and right brain half, will receive the same amount of light from the holograms. Some would refer to the change that this climb entails as “raising our vibrations” or “entering a higher state of consciousness.” However, I tend to think that the concept of consciousness is too vague to be useful when it comes to outlining the future of humanity. Not every state of consciousness means a step forward and what is meant by a “higher” consciousness may be hard to define. It is more precise to talk about transiting from a specific hologram to another, and in the process of doing so, increasing the frequency of our beings with the higher Waves. In line with the ancient Egyptian view of the Tree of Life, I would like to call figure 4.2 the Destiny Chart of Humanity. Climbing to the Ninth Wave, and downloading a hologram without any filters or duality in this view amounts to the fulfillment of the destiny of humanity.

Since there is a correspondence between the holograms in figure 4.2, and their frequencies, we can now begin to understand the origin of everyday expressions such as “being on the same wave-length” or “resonating with someone,” to denote getting along well. Frequencies talked about in such expressions obviously do not refer to visible light or sounds, but by the much more profound similarities between two persons who download the same hologram. In general, people whose minds are shaped by the same holograms are “on the same wavelength” and “resonate” with each other as they see the world through the same filter (see fig. 4.4). Such resonances with the same Wave are what generate synchronicities, involving people downloading the same hologram. Quite unbeknownst to themselves, different people may be involved in the same processes and experience synchronicities if they are in resonance with the same Wave, or specific interference patterns between different Waves.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Barbara Hand Clow Acknowledgments 1 The Origin of the Universe Our Current World Situation The Birth of the Universe Emerging Problems with the Standard Model of the Big Bang Theory The Tree of Life Hypothesis for the Origin of the Universe The Cover-Up of the Existence of the Tree of Life The Origin of Yin and Yang The Fractal-Holographic Model of the Universe God 2 The Nine Waves of Creation Quantum Theory—Everything Is Waves Wave Interference and Holography The Universal Frequency Range The First Wave of Creation The Holy Number Nine The Mayan Calendar Waves The Nine Frequencies of Change The Interference of Sensory Information with the Creation Waves 3 Waves and Serpents Universal Evolution and Creation The Cosmic Wave Generator and the First Wave The Second Wave and Biological Evolution Sexual Polarity at Different Levels of the Universe The Third Wave and Erect Primates The Fourth Wave and the First Humans The Fifth Wave and Symbolic Expression The Sixth Wave and the Rational Mind Serpents in Ancient Cultures Interference Patterns between Waves 4 The Hologram of Good and Evil The Tree of Life in Ancient Representations The Destiny Chart of Humanity The Planetary Round of Light Polarity Shifts of the Mind Symbols of Duality The Sacred Geometry of the Sixth Wave Mind Transiting to Civilization The Origin of Dominance and Subjugation in the Hologram of Good and Evil What Is the Origin of Authoritarian Rule? 5 Ashur, Yahweh, the Church, and the Ultimate Transcendence of Duality Women and the Hologram of Good and Evil The Assyrian Tree of Life The Chaldean-Jewish-Christian Tradition The Garden of Eden Story in Genesis Yahweh The Rise of Religions The Monotheism of the Jews Monotheism in the Days and Nights of the Sixth Wave From Jesus to the Roman Catholic Church Toward a Multilevel Theology The One That Has Nothing Above It 6 The Seventh Wave The Human Predicament The Context of the Seventh Wave An Era of Novelty: Globalization An Era of Novelty: Atheism and Enlightenment An Era of Novelty: Science An Era of Novelty: Materialism and Industrialism An Era of Novelty: Equality The Global Economic Cycles of the Seventh Wave The Speedup of Time and the Craving for Novelty 7 Approaching Our Present Time The Eighth Wave and the Digital Revolution The Eighth Wave Hologram and Its Effects on the Brain Moore’s Law and Increasing Economic Inequality The Common Evolutionary Pattern of the Creation Waves The Rise of the Right/East Hemisphere The Return of Spirituality Up to the Ninth Wave October 28, 2011 A Change in Thinking about the Shift 8 The Deactivation of the Hologram of Good and Evil The New Stage for Life Moving into the Future The Declining Power of the West The Decline of the Nation-State The Movements from the East ISIL and the Violence in the Middle East The World Economy after the Shift Balancing the Hemispheres with the Eighth Wave 9 Manifesting the Destiny of Humanity through the Ninth Wave The Era of Fulfillment Ancient Concepts about the Current Shift Manifesting the Destiny of Humanity or Following Identically Repeated Cycles The Ego and Its Transcendence by the Ninth Wave Becoming an Embodiment of Unity Consciousness Practical Tools for Developing Resonance with the Ninth Wave Opening to the Divine The Purpose of the Universe Notes Bibliography Index About the Author

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