The Norman Conquest: William the Conqueror's Subjugation of England

The Norman Conquest: William the Conqueror's Subjugation of England

by Teresa Cole


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1066 saw three kings of England, the last of whom was William, Duke of Normandy. Tradition tells us the conquest of England by the powerful Normans was inescapable, and suggests England benefited almost at once from closer links with Europe. But new discoveries have thrown doubt on these long accepted beliefs. The Battle of Hastings itself must be re-assessed, as must the whereabouts of the mortal remains of the defeated King Harold. Nine and a half centuries later it is appropriate to look again at the course and outcomes of the Norman Conquest of England, the genocide committed in northern England, the wholesale transfer of lands to Norman lords, and the Domesday Book designed to enable every last drop of riches to be extracted from a subdued kingdom.

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ISBN-13: 9781445682877
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2019
Pages: 304
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About the Author

Teresa Cole is the author of Henry V: The Life of the Warrior King & the Battle of Agincourt 1415.

Table of Contents

Author's Note on Names 7

Maps and Genealogical Tables 8

1 Edward and the Vikings, 1003-1017 15

2 Edward and the Normans, 1017-1042 39

3 Edward and the English, 1042-1066 61

4 A Disputed Throne, January 1066 89

5 Harold: An Uneasy Peace, January - September 1066 110

6 Harold: The First Challenge, 8-25 September 1066 132

7 William the Bastard, 1028-1066 151

8 The Battle of Hastings, October 1066 174

9 Consolidation, October 1066-1072 195

10 A Conquered Land 216

11 The Last Years of the Conqueror, 1072-1087 231

12 Winners and Losers of 1066: A Personal View 249

Appendix 1 Did Harold Die at Hastings? The Legend of the Hermit of Chester 261

Appendix 2 Where Was the Battle of Hastings Fought? 271

Appendix 3 A Note on Sources 276

Select Bibliography 282

Index 284

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