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The True Nature of Tarot: Your Path to Personal Empowerment

The True Nature of Tarot: Your Path to Personal Empowerment

by Diane Wing

Paperback(REV & Exp Ver ed.)

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Get Better Results by Increasing Your Psychic Sensitivity!
The True Nature of Tarot dispels the myths and negative connotations that surround the tarot by sharing the personal experiences of the author, Diane Wing, a tarot reader with 25 years of experience. Tarot is discussed as a tool of enlightenment and understanding. Diane Wing shares intuitive techniques for reading that take you beyond the conventional card meanings and deep into tarot as a tool to channel energy and increase psychic sensitivity:

  • Develop your own style of reading tarot, from choosing your deck to pulling information from the cards.
  • Learn how a reading is experienced from the perspectives of both the reader and the inquirer.
  • Understand the variables that impact the accuracy of your reading.
  • Discover ways to increase the amount of information pulled from the tarot.
  • Become expert at grounding and centering to maximize your energetic stability on a daily basis.
  • Learn powerful spreads that give you ways to see interactions between the cards.
  • Increase your awareness of the ethics of imparting information.

Acclaim for The True Nature of Tarot
"The True Nature of Tarot encourages readers to learn and explore the art of tarot. Wing provides readers with insight into the world of tarot in easy to understand terms. After reading this book you will have a desire to practice the tarot! Thank you Diane."
--Robin Marvel, author of Awakening Consciousness: A Girl's Guide

"The True Nature of Tarot will open the eyes of the reader on how one can utilize the knowledge obtained through the tarot in achieving higher spiritual awareness and growth."
--Tracy Griffin, human performance professional, Griffin Consulting, Toronto, Canada

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781615990214
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication date: 06/23/2010
Series: Modern Spirituality
Edition description: REV & Exp Ver ed.
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

Author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant Diane Wing, M.A. enjoys exploring the mysteries of life and the way that people experience themselves and the world around them. Wing's books create a transformational experience for the reader while incorporating a bit of the unexpected. Many say that her fiction has a sense of Karmic justice rendered within the realm of the unknown and that her non-fiction brings about a heightened awareness of the self and the world to enhance understanding of our own internal transformations. Wing sees connections between things that seem disparate to others and can help you see their significance in your life. She's an idea person who helps you shift your perspective to see yourself and your life in a whole new way and is a master at bringing magick into the everyday. She wants to live in a world where people feel inspired and motivated to evolve beyond their current way of being. As a Perspective Changer and Blockage Buster, she's a wiz at helping people find their Inner Magick to help them be happy in the present while creating their ideal future. To that end, Diane Wing created a body of work focused on knowing the self at a deep level in order to build self-trust and self-confidence. Her books, both dark fantasy fiction and enlightening non-fiction, hold lessons based in Universal and Magickal Law and energetic consciousness. Her games, Pathways and Insight Stones®, are systems of metaphysics designed to facilitate self-discovery, develop intuitive ability, and to enhance self-awareness. The emphasis of her school, Wing Academy of Unfoldment, and of her radio show, Wing Academy Radio, helps students and listeners learn ways to take metaphysical and personal development concepts and apply them to everyday life in their own distinct way. It's about going deeper and seeing the patterns of your life. According to Diane Wing, "Ever since I was little, the world felt magickal. [I use magick with a "k" to differentiate the magic of an illusionist or stage magician from the magick that includes your intuitive abilities and tapping into the flow of the Universe). The world was beautiful and mysterious, filled with things to learn and experience. The path led me to become a lifetime student of metaphysics, mysticism, magick, and spirituality and to achieve a Master's degree in psychology...and it all shows up in my writing. You never know what's waiting around the bend. "The world still feels magickal to me; every act of nature, every energetic exchange, every new discovery is perceived through the eyes of wonder. I now understand that self-knowledge is the key to all magickal operations; the discovery of our own Inner Magick is essential to living in concert with the Universe. We are the Magician, as in tarot, orchestrating and creating life in accordance with our true self." Diane is an avid reader, bibliophile, lover of trees, and a lifelong learner. She's also pet parent to a sweet little Shih Tzu. Find out more at www.DianeWing.com

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The Truth About Tarot

Hollywood movies, fear of the occult, and the actions of unethical practitioners have created a negative connotation connected to the tarot. Some critics are under the false impression that all tarot readers are worshipping or representing the devil. Admittedly, it may be the case that some readers are practitioners of the black arts. For the most part, however, the opposite is generally the case. Psychic awareness is close to impossible without a belief in Universal Energy. It is not the information itself that is evil, for it comes from a higher spiritual power; rather it is the intent of the practitioner that stains the knowledge.

A tarot deck is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways, just as any tool, knowledge set, or talent can be used for good or evil. For example, an incredibly brilliant computer programmer can create useful applications that benefit the world, or he can develop a computer virus that causes destruction and hardship for millions of people. Is computer programming evil? Hardly! It is the intention of the person applying the skill and knowledge that has the power to determine a positive or negative outcome.

In the same way, tarot can be used for the betterment of an individual or to increase their stress and worry, all at the sole discretion of the reader and the inquirer. The information itself is neutral, but subject to interpretation by the participants. The reader's delivery of information is critical in this regard; a message can be brought forth shrouded in darkness and dire warning, or it can be framed in the bright light of hope and positive change. Care should be taken when imparting sensitive information.

At the same time, the inquirer's reaction to the message is determined by the way the information is delivered and the emotional attachment to the subject matter. If you have avoided getting a reading due to fear of what may be revealed, remember that how the information is perceived is up to you. Many messages can have dual meanings, holding both positive and negative aspects within them. Information that contains elements that can be perceived as unfavorable can also hold valuable lessons. Messages containing detrimental components can also be taken as a warning, serving to help the inquirer avoid or prevent a problem. Within every circumstance, there is an opportunity for growth.

Keep in mind that in order for a psychic to read you, she must connect to your energy field. Open yourself to sense whether the reader is of the light or practicing in shadows. If the energy does not feel right, find another reader.

A tarot reading cuts through the drama of a situation and enables one to tune in to what's important. Issues will surface regarding personal and spiritual development. Much of what comes through reveals the inquirer's fears, hopes, and ambitions. It can be startling to reveal underlying causes for what is being manifested in one's life.

The information gained through a tarot reading should be used as a guide rather than a decision-maker. The tarot is a tool of enlightenment and understanding. Life decisions should be based on what is appropriate to one's growth, not on the prediction of a psychic.

Let's talk about how that information comes through ...

Psychic Sensations

What it means to be psychic: A psychic is a person who has trained herself to tap into the Universal Energy and to open to the available information that lies within the energy field (also known as the aura or auric that surrounds all people and things. By perceiving this energy, the psychic has the ability to pick up information about the inquirer, as well as people and situations around her.

There are seven major energy points on the body, known as chakras, through which information can be perceived. When I read, the information flows in through the crown chakra at the top of the head, which is the center of divine connection allowing me to maximize the flow of energy received from the Universal Energy. Some readers pull energy into their solar plexus. It is important to be aware of where the energy enters and where it is released.

The ability to channel the energy during a reading is essential to the accuracy and the effect of the reading. It is also a factor of endurance (how many consecutive hours you are able to read before experiencing fatigue). To allow the information to flow in through the crown chakra takes much less effort than pulling information into the solar plexus. Creating a connection with the client through the solar plexus maximizes the connection between the inquirer and the reader, which serves to heighten the experience for both.

Opening to the energy: All people are born with psychic ability; yet, it is a skill that needs development. Some may refer to the potential to display psychic ability as intuition or a gut feeling. Most people have experienced knowing what someone will say next or that the phone will ring in a moment. It is up to the individual to open to the power available to all of us. Accessing this energy is possible when barriers and obstacles are removed, such as fear, jealousy, and self-doubt. These characteristics limit the ability to tap into The Universal Energy. Learning to move energy requires that the person be willing to open without feeling vulnerable. Most people have too much fear harbored within them to allow such an opening.

Getting a gut feeling and trusting it are very different. Differentiating between an intuitive message and a regular thought takes practice. It actually feels different. It's important to track the intuitive impressions you get. Generally, when that "little voice" comes through to provide guidance and you don't follow it, things don't go particularly well. I'm sure you've had this happen. On the other hand, if you follow the guidance, even if it's against all logic, things tend to work out for the best.

Jot down the times when you get a psychic impression and the outcome — whether it's for guidance or a premonition. In that way, you'll begin to feel the difference between a regular thought and your intuition. An intuitive message feels like knowing; it already feels true. A thought may feel more "filmy" and not so solid. Pay attention to those thoughts that "take you by surprise" so that you can use the information right away and begin to trust the accuracy of the message. Many people experience sudden glimmers of psychic awareness but are unable to bring it forth at will. Using a tool such as tarot increases consistency in pulling accurate information and provides a way to readily tap into your abilities. With practice using a tool, over time, you'll be able to pull information at will, many times without using the tool itself.

How information comes through: Psychic impressions come through in a variety of ways. Sometimes imagery occurs that is difficult to translate for the client. For example, I was reading a person who was asking about her potential for a serious romantic involvement. I saw a dog around the situation, but it didn't feel like a flesh-and-blood type of dog. I wasn't sure if the beau was a man who owned a pet shop, or had a dog, or just liked dogs, or what it could mean. A few weeks later, she met the man she ultimately married, while wearing her Scooby Doo(tm) T-shirt. It had been a cartoon dog that I was picking up on. I had been unable to wrap my mind around the exact nature of the dog and so was unsure of what it had to do with the subject's question. There have been many times when an image came through that was difficult to describe. This is what can happen when the psychic attempts to apply context to the impression. It has tainted some accurate readings in that the image was misinterpreted and incorrectly imparted to the client. Suspend personal framework and communicate the images you see without attempting to make sense of it. Many times, the client will know exactly what it is.

Personal feelings can really get in the way of providing an accurate, objective reading. An example of this occurred when a client asked me if his son's basketball team would win that evening. The five of cups came up, showing three spilled goblets of liquid and two goblets standing upright behind the person in the picture. I was not sure how to interpret this and the subject was putting pressure on me to prove my abilities. I felt that the son's team would lose, and felt bad having to tell him that. I was also concerned that I would put negative energy around the situation by voicing that prediction, thereby reducing the team's chances for winning. I was doubtful the team would win, yet optimistic that there could be a slight chance of winning in my response to the client. He took this as being unable to read the outcome. It turned out that the team lost by three points, hence the three spilled goblets.

Many times, what you are not feeling or not seeing in the cards is just as valid as other types of impressions that may come to you. To clarify what is coming through, be aware of what is missing around the client. A void or an absence of a person or energy within the reading can be very informative. For example, it might indicate that a particular person will no longer be a part of the inquirer's life. Also, share any emotions that may surface as you are reading the subject. It may provide clarification around how she perceives a situation or what another person in her life is feeling.

I have noticed that no matter what the subject's question is, the message will be similar with each hand that is pulled from the deck. It seems to come down to a central topic that the subject is overlooking or ignoring in her life. When the same cards are pulled repeatedly during the course of a reading, that is, in different hands the same cards appear, the message is trying to come through in a most insistent way. With 78 cards in the deck, the odds are against the repeated appearance of one or more cards. When a message comes through repeatedly, take special heed of that information.

For this reason, the overview in the beginning of the session, foregoing any specific question, give the Universe the opportunity to provide the message and then demonstrate it throughout the rest of the session in the context of the various questions posed by the inquirer.

Know the meanings of the cards in the deck, but look beyond the standardized interpretations and notice the details in the pictures on each card. There may be clues that will allow intuitive messages to surface. Say what comes to your mind even if it doesn't seem to make sense to you. If it is accurate, the client will know what it means.

Because what the psychic is seeing is not meant for her, but rather, for the client, the psychic will most likely forget what is said. There have been many times when former clients have asked me, "Do you remember when you told me ...? Well, it came true." The fact is, I didn't remember, nor should I. Client confidentiality includes not mulling over information meant for someone else.

Types of Information: The type of information a psychic is able to access varies in accordance with her knowledge base. The information that comes through is reflective of the reader's scope of knowledge and level of understanding. The psychic picks up on information that she is familiar with. As growth and learning take place and the depth of understanding expands, there is a greater potential for profound insights when using the cards. As a result, it is essential to be self-aware and to expand your knowledge at every opportunity.

Generally, my readings focus on psychological and emotional issues that create blocks to progress. I can pick up factors that may be preventing the subject from moving forward or beyond a situation or set of beliefs. This coincides with my training in clinical psychology. As a result of my energy work, I am able to sense the energetic states of the client on both physical and spiritual levels and identify energy blockages.

Many clients want to know what the future holds. What is revealed is based on the person's current path. The ultimate outcome will be transient, given the nature of free will. The subject could leave my presence and then make one decision that could change the course of her destiny.

Blocking: I have been involved in private readings where it felt like the client had put up a wall and would not let me see past it. In one case, I was invited to do a private reading party at someone's home. One of the guests came into the room where I was set up. She sat down, handed me some money, and we began. With each statement I made, she emphatically denied the validity of what I was saying. We pulled another hand. The same information came through and her reaction was the same. Sitting with her arms folded across her chest, she informed me that I was totally wrong about everything. I could feel extreme resistance around her and knew that it would be a waste of energy to attempt to continue.

I handed back the money and told her that I couldn't take it as the reading did not help her or provide her with a valuable experience. I thanked her for the opportunity to read her and asked her to send up the next guest. Her jaw dropped. She reluctantly took back the money and quietly left the room. When the others had all been read, she came back, handed me the money, and asked if we could try again. She wanted me to keep the money, regardless of whether or not the reading was valid. This time, the subject seemed more open and more able to accept the message being imparted to her (it was the same message as the first time). She thanked me and left.

After the guests had gone home, the hostess told me that the woman shared what I had said with the group, and that I had correctly hit everything about the woman, but that the information was not what she wanted to hear. I thanked her for sharing that with me.

If the client is not open to receiving the messages she is meant to hear, do not force the reading or try to convince her of the value in the message. All that can be done is to ask the Universal Energy for information that is in the highest good of the client and those around her, create a relaxed atmosphere, and establish good rapport with the client. After that, it is up to her.

Validity: Validity has always been important to me as a reader. The client must feel that the reading is valid, but also, I want to be accurate. I want to be able to determine when the information is accurate and when it is not. When I'm on target, it feels different in the way it comes through. When impressions are muddy or feel slow in coming, I tend to question the accuracy of what I'm getting. It can also indicate how the client has been feeling and the way her thoughts have been flowing. I let the client know how the information feels as it comes through and, many times; the person will tell me that lately she has been feeling sluggish or foggy.

To keep the reading objective, I ask the subjects not to tell me anything about themselves or their situations. This is one way that I attempt to differentiate between what I know, what I surmise, and what I am psychically pulling in. Many times, I don't even ask what aspect of their lives they are questioning. Over the years, it has become apparent that when there is a message for a person, the cards portray the same answer no matter what the question is. I ask the client not to provide information or context during the reading, but to just confirm or deny what I tell them. In this way, I can avoid filling in the blanks with my own frame of reference.

When the reading is accurate, a sense of time is lost. I tend to speak more quickly and lose track of how long I've been reading the individual. I can see nothing else except the impressions that are coming through for the inquirer. It feels as though there is a pipeline of energy flowing between us. I am able to see interactions the client has experienced and to feel the emotions that she has gone through.

Psychic Peaks: A psychic peak is when you feel the most energized. It is a time during which the frequency of psychically obtained information is at its highest. Try to be aware of when your psychic cycles escalate.

At the beginning of my psychic development, mine occurred mostly in October. As I was born in early December, October is a time in my incubation that I was preparing to emerge. Each year, the scenario replayed, with my awareness increasing throughout the month of October. For me, autumn is a time of cosmic intensity.

Intuitive skills can be enhanced through Reiki exercises and grounding and centering techniques. In addition, using tarot as a tool evens out the peaks and allows my psychic abilities to flow more consistently. The cards help to move energy to pull information regardless of the season.

Adequate sleep, stress reduction, nutritious diet, and environment all contribute to the intensity and duration of a psychic peak.


Excerpted from "The True Nature of Tarot"
by .
Copyright © 2010 Diane Wing.
Excerpted by permission of Loving Healing Press, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Table of Figures iii
Introduction v
Chapter 1 - The Truth About Tarot 1
Psychic Sensations 2
Chapter 2 - Grounding 11
Grounding Techniques 12
Chapter 3 - How to Read the Tarot 15
Choosing A Tarot Deck 15
Before the Reading Begins 17
Setting up the reading 17
Chapter 4 - Seeing Patterns in the Cards 21
Chapter 5 - Interpreting the Cards 27
Deck Overview 27
0 - The Fool 31
Chapter 6 - The Major Arcana 31
I - The Magician 33
II - The High Priestess 35
III - The Empress 37
IV - The Emperor 39
V - The Hierophant 41
VI - The Lovers 43
VII - The Chariot 45
VIII - Strength 47
IX - The Hermit 49
X - The Wheel of Fortune 51
XI - Justice 53
XII - The Hanged Man 55
XIII - Death 57
XIV - Temperance 59
XV - The Devil 61
XVI - The Tower 63
XVII - The Star 65
XVIII - The Moon 67
XIX - The Sun 69
XX - Judgement 71
XXI - The World 73
Aces 75
Chapter 7 - The Minor Arcana 75
Two (II) 82
Three (III) 90
Five (V) 105
Nine (IX) 129
Ten (X) 135
Pages 141
Chapter 8 - The Court Cards 141
Knights 146
Queens 151
Kings 158
Chapter 9 - Ethical Considerations for Psychics 167
Chapter 10 - Choosing a Practitioner (for clients) 169
Chapter 10 - The Psychology of Tarot 173
Epilogue 175
Appendix: A Sample Reading 177
About the Author 179
Bibliography 181
Index 183

Table of Figures
Example 1: Free-Form Spread 19
Example 2: Vertical Half-Section Spread 22
Example 3: Quick Answer Spread 23
Example 4: Main Issue Spread 23
Example 5: The Journey Spread 25
Associated Attributes & Elemental Correspondences of Suits 28
Personality and Physical Attributes by Suit 29
Sample Reading 177

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