True Ghost Stories: Real Haunted Woods and Forests

True Ghost Stories: Real Haunted Woods and Forests

by Zachery Knowles


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Looking for a Scare? Then Read These 17 Spine-chilling Stories

If you like real ghost stories and are ready for something besides haunted buildings, this book is definitely for you. Within these pages are the stories of true hauntings occurring in forests to this very day across the world. Some of these eyewitness accounts go back hundreds of years and, in some cases, the ghosts involved may go back even further.

Imagine going for a calm, peaceful hike in the woods when a cloud of pitch black smoke appears before you, swirling and rising until it takes the form of a person and then disappears just as quickly. Or walking along a forested path when you feel a powerful, yet invisible, hand grip your ankle and throw you to the ground violently. Do not ignore the nightmarish, gurgling cry of a long-dead little girl still seeking her mother from deep within swampy waters. Maybe you will pay a visit to one particularly infamous forest only to find yourself lost and your electronic devices malfunctioning while a sense of despair and hopelessness begins to drive you almost to the point of suicide.

Think of what it would be like seeing someone leap off from the edge of a cliff, but when you rush to look over the cliff to help, the "person" disappeared-without a footprint left behind. How would you respond to a woman's horrific cries for help, only to discover a clearing where the surrounding trees are covered in so much blood you could smell it?

These true stories are about forests in places as diverse as India, England, Canada, and the United States. Some of the ghosts were murder victims, others fell in battle or were criminals of vigilante justice, and many are still mourning the dead. Some spirits will not even be aware of your presence; while others are so intent you can sense their presence even when they cannot be seen.

In many of these forests you will hear blood-curdling sounds, such as the slaughtering of nonexistent animals, the drums of ancient warriors still marching into battle, the pounding hooves of powerful, yet dead, horses, and many, many unusual types of screams and cries.

The next time you pay a visit to the woods for a hike or perhaps a pleasant walk, just remember things may not be as quiet and peaceful as they seem for there are ghosts within the forests.

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