Uncertain Near Future: Likely Disruption; Logical Precautions; Help From A Distant Civilization

Uncertain Near Future: Likely Disruption; Logical Precautions; Help From A Distant Civilization

by Alan Detwiler

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Uncertain Future describes the changes coming in an uncertain future and what we do to live as best we can. Those that best prepare will be those that best live through the coming challenges.

The characters in Uncertain Future adopt a positive, can-do attitude. Prepping for the future is interesting and enjoyable. They know their preparations will make their lives a whole lot more pleasant if and when things get bad.

Claude and the group of eight set up a remote homestead and become self sufficient enough to live well. The rest of the world suffers through food shortages and an epidemic. Claude and his companions discover that their independent, alternative lifestyle is rewarding and gratifying. They have prepared well, accomplished much, and thrive.

As the people of earth are adapting to environmental changes, a message comes from a far off solar system. The message contains information that is of monumental importance. We do our best to use that information to improve the human condition.

Scientists say that in the extreme distant future our sun will no longer sustain us. For humanity to survive we must leave this earth. In the twenty-first century, as our technology progresses and our understanding of genetics improves we see the opportunity for humanity to establish itself beyond the bounds seemly imposed by the laws of physics. There is another way for humanity to go to the stars.

Claude works in a government facility monitoring the signals from a large radio antenna. The dish is aimed out into the stars. One day signals begin to come in. A far off civilization on a planet orbiting a nearby star sends us the DNA code of their race. Our scientists and technicians create an embryo using the code and grow the embryo to maturity.

This scenario creates new, far-reaching prospects for humanity. Today, this situation may not be so far off. Our abilities to master the powers of DNA manipulation are advancing rapidily.

There are many things that could happen to delay mankind's overall progress. There are potential catastrophes that could reverse progress and force us to go back to the ways of yesterday.

Be aware of what it could take to deal well with an uncertain future. In the future, you may find yourself using the tools and methods of the homesteader and/or the production methods of centuries past. To provide for your basic needs, you may have to barter or otherwise exchange what you can produce for what it is that others produce. You may have to use a hodgepodge of past, present, and future technologies. Uncertain Future is a story of both progress and of how the old ways of living become useful again.

When situations change, the ones that thrive are those that adapt well. Pay attention to the possibilities. Develop skills to give yourself resilience. Be among the ones who thrive.

Review by the publisher:
Uncertain Future has what makes science fiction good. The story demonstrates that attitude and perseverance bring changes to improve our future. Science and the human spirit are the elements that drive progress. We can expect setbacks and difficult times, but the human parade will march gallantly onward far into the future. And along the way there will be wonders to amaze us and propel our expectations of a bright future. That is the basic premise of Uncertain Future. It is a realistic portrayal of how some of the challenges we face might play out.

The tone of the story is more personal and intellectual than dramatic. There are no detailed descriptions of beam weapons, faster than light spaceships, inter galactic warfare, or parasitic body invaders. There are personable characters with admirable strengths and forgivable flaws who interact with each other in ways that are at times endearing and always human. Mixed in is the wonder of some twenty-first century technology that is now just out of our reach.

The main themes are preparing for change, becoming resilient, and enjoying the process. The leading character deals with changing conditions using self sufficiency and in-advance preparation. The alien being, Lucy, becomes part of Claude's life. There is much that Claude wants to learn from Lucy. And there is much that humanity should learn from Lucy and the far off civilization in which Lucy's race evolved.

Genetics is a fast evolving science. It has a central roll in the story, and it will very likely have a central roll in humanity's future. Humanity's command of genetics seems likely to determine our civilization's fate.

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About the Author

I have a website to give people ideas for how to enjoy themselves. The site describes a variety of activities and reality-based amusements. Visitors to the site are encouraged to use their imaginations and whatever happens to be available to discover new ways to enjoy themselves.

I like solitude, enjoy reflection and am health conscious. I'm very frugal and prefer conserving personal resources instead of pursuing earning power in order to consume and possess. I like the unique and new but also look to the past for wisdom and perspective.

I write to explore ideas and to discover ways to more enjoy life. My method is to use the ideas of others and add anything my own experiences and observations can contribute. Emphasizing what is good and using imagination to add new ideas are the keys to appreciating all that is good.

I grew up on a small farm. The natural world is very much a part of living on a farm. On a farm, everyday observations demonstrate how plants and animals grow and develop and how weather and climate interact with living things. Anyone growing up on a farm knows that we are very much dependent on how much it rains, when it rains, and how warm or cold it is.

Genetics and disease are topics of special concern to anyone living on a farm. Farm crops and farm animals are not the plants and animals of the wild. They have been genetically altered by human intervention. Farmers are especially aware of those differences and how genetics produce those differences.

Farm living, plus an interest in science inspired me to write Uncertain Future, a science fiction novel about climate, resource scarcity, epidemic, genetics, and future science. Drought, resource scarcity, and pandemic are threats that are very serious and are perhaps likely to drastically affect our lives. The consequences of any of those calamities are bound to be unpleasant, but why react with anxiety? Wouldn't a better reaction be to take action to be prepared and feel good that you have done so?

Science fiction uses science to describe what is around us. We are warned of dangers and informed of possibilities. We are exposed to what is extraordinary and unexpected. And in the process we are entertained.

Science fiction can be a wonderous experience that inspires us to regard our real world with awe. Good science fiction rouses the spirit, encouraging us to improve our lot using reverence, imagination, and perseverance.

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Uncertain Near Future: Likely Disruption; Logical Precautions; Help From A Distant Civilization 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Earth's Edge tells what happens to people in the first part of this century because of global warming and disease. It also describes how advances in genetics can make dramatic things happen - like alien contact. The story could play out in our lifetimes, so it is especially interesting.
C_Dercoli More than 1 year ago
The Earth's Edge is more than a fictitious story, the author has written about himself and his view of a society. That society has all the means necessary to thrive, but fails to see the real solutions to it's problems. He has found some interesting ideas to counter global warming, ex. "ditch gardening". His research and perspective on how things work is amazing. The description of the learning process in the human brain and the reason it starts to break down in adults really caught my attention. I look forward to the author's next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Story is very thought provoking. It raises many questions about what we do as humans and where the human race will be in the future.