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War Strategy: Lessons From Alexander 2nd Edition

War Strategy: Lessons From Alexander 2nd Edition

by Daniel Covany


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(2nd edition fully enhanced by professional editing and design team)In modern warfare we no longer see decisive victories which leave no doubt as to who the victor was. Instead we see wars which drag on and on with no clear victor or future. Did you ever wonder why? Or what can be done about it? This book answers those questions. Teaching military strategy by following the campaigns of one of the most successful military commanders to ever live as they unfolded, In many of the same places that wars are currently being fought. Including Africa, Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Drawing out the principles and foundations of his success in the science and practice of war.Simple and easy so that anyone can understand why modern conflicts drag on and what changes in military strategy need to occur to end these seemingly endless conflicts.If you want to know how to win a war this is the book. Reviews: I want to congratulate you on the excellent book you have written. I just finished and really enjoyed it. It is a historic doctrine and lesson book for the military and security industry, best I ever read. You wrote it in a special way, and because of this I remember a lot of it after the very first read. I kept notes.-Former Director of Intelligence Albania-Just before he left TMA, he had started to write a book on war strategy in which you can see many of his profound and penetrating insights on the matter. -Department Commander Turkish Military Academy-Additionally Daniel Covany's articles on military strategy in modern warfare have been published multiple times on sites like Real Clear Defense and Forbes. Look them up for additional reading or as an appetizer to War Strategy Lessons from Alexander.

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ISBN-13: 9781981714650
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/29/2017
Series: War Strategy , #1
Pages: 78
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About the Author

Daniel Covany was an American instructor at the Turkish Military Academy "Kara Harp Okulu" which literally translates as Land Warfare School. It is the premier university and military academy of the Turkish Armed Forces. He taught classes in military strategy, fighting, survival, and other military skills, as part of their English language training department. He was working there during the 2016 coup attempt when factions of the Turkish military tried to take over the country and has conducted work alone through hostile places like Afghanistan.

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