Angels and Awakening: A Guide to Raise Your Vibration and Hear Your Angels

Angels and Awakening: A Guide to Raise Your Vibration and Hear Your Angels

by Julie Jancius
Angels and Awakening: A Guide to Raise Your Vibration and Hear Your Angels

Angels and Awakening: A Guide to Raise Your Vibration and Hear Your Angels

by Julie Jancius


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"I got messages from my angels! When I let go of pressuring myself to 'know' I found it, right there. I wasn't seeing the forest for the trees! Julie, I can't thank you enough! I am excited, grateful, energized and I have a skip in my step!" -Jo Cassidy

"My dad passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58. This book allowed me to find peace and understanding with his passing and allowed me to see the amazing signs he sends me from the Other Side. Highly recommend!" -Nicole Bedinghaus

"The way Julie words things has changed my life in a way that no other spiritual work or religious upbringing has done for me in the past. I went on to take Julie's Angel Reiki School and was able to begin transitioning out of working as an RN to working as an Angel Reiki Master Teacher full time!" -Jennifer Odom

"If you've been searching for answers about angels, then this book is the treasure you have been seeking. Reading Julie's words is like talking to a best friend about one of the most inspiring topics around. In the book, she provides in-depth information about everything related to angels and your spiritual awakening. You will find helpful meditations, easy to implement strategies,journaling response sheets, and so much more. I devoured this book from cover to cover and am now reading it again!

"I first connected with Julie through her podcast and a personal angel reading. I learned so much about angels and life in general through Julie's guidance. She brings in such love through her words. After reading this book, I reached a much deeper level of understanding of angels and how to connect with them. I feel empowered knowing I have all the tools I need to connect with my angels. I can't recommend this book enough!" -Michelle Willis

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ISBN-13: 9781956996005
Publisher: Chicago Energy Healing
Publication date: 11/09/2021
Pages: 234
Sales rank: 322,489
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About the Author

Julie Jancius is The Angel Medium™ and host of "Angels and Awakening", rated one of the country's Top 10 spiritual podcasts, receiving 1.3+ million downloads a year in 70+ countries around the world.She is the founder of Angel Reiki Energy Healing, and is a world-renowned angel expert on a mission to teach others how to connect with their angels and loved ones on the Other Side in order to make this life "Heaven on Earth."In 2015, Julie thought she was going crazy when she suddenly began hearing her intuition clearly and seeing visions. To her shock and surprise, her estranged father had passed away on the same day she started seeing visions-her dad had been communicating with her from the Other Side, the entire time! To understand how this was happening, Julie left her corporate career to study with world-renowned, God-based healers. Each time she works with a client, their Spirit Team (angels, guides and loved ones) is right there waiting to deliver positive, uplifting messages. Her life's work is about teaching others how to make that connection for themselves.In "Angels and Awakening," Julie expertly breaks down complex spiritual topics, making them easy to incorporate into everyday life. Through her inspirational talks, books, podcast, courses, and possible upcoming TV show, Julie will help you understand who you truly are, your soul's purpose, and how to deepen your connection with the Other Side.

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